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Using BankMyCell, you can sell your old device for cash in 3 simple steps. You'll get all the top quotes from trusted buyback stores in one place, earning you more and saving you time! This means you'll not only get paid the best price online in as little as 2 days, but also receive with FREE shipping & zero hassle returns if you change your mind!

Unlike other trade-in platforms, our buyback partners pay you in cash instead of store credit or gift cards. We're talking higher payouts, with no strings attached, so you can spend a larger sum of money on what you want!

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Compare prices and payment options from pre-qualified buyback stores, all are real businesses with 1,000's of 4-5 star customer reviews.
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Choose a buyer based on price, reviews, and payment options. Then follow the steps for your pre-paid shipping label. Pack and ship!
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In 24-48 hours, the buyback store checks the device and sends your cash via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check, Cash App, or Zelle.

Why Use BankMyCell?

More CASH, No Store Credit
BankMyCell's tablet trade-in comparison service gets you what your old device is actually worth - paid in cash! No low-ball store credit traps here my friends!
Verified, Trusted Stores
Every buyback service listed is approved and verified. These sites are the most trusted brands, all with 1,000’s of customer reviews from Trustpilot, BBB & more.
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That's right, once you fill in the form to accept the quote, your price gets frozen for up to 30 days. With prices dropping every day, lock in today’s quote, and sell later.
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All stores offer a ZERO obligation sale. Get FREE shipping from thousands of locations AND get your device sent back for FREE if you got anything wrong to make the quote change!

How to Sell Your Apple Watch for the Most Money

Popular Apple Watch Trade-in FAQs

Are you planning to do an Apple Watch trade-in to upgrade your phone or get more cash? BankMyCell compares prices from trusted buyback stores for you to know which of them offers the highest price for used devices. These stores offer free shipping and pay cash via PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, Cash App, or Zelle.

The following factors define the prices for Apple Watches:

  • Connectivity: GPS or GPS + Cellular.
  • Watch Size: 40mm, 44mm, etc.
  • Style: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, etc.
  • Working Condition: Flawless, Good/Used, Cracked, Broken or Faulty

Check out our guide on how much these series are worth.

Unlike other stores, BankMyCell's Apple Watch trade-in offers aren't limited to gift cards/store credit as payment. It means you can get more cash that you can use for a future Apple purchase, such as a new Apple Watch.

Select the condition of your item, select a store, ship it for free, and you will get paid immediately. Here are more reasons why selling on BankMyCell's partner stores is the best option compared to other Apple Watch buyers:

  • Convenient shipping: Stores such as Apple, Walmart, and Target require you to visit their stores and have your device appraised before paying you an Apple gift card / Walmart gift card / Target gift card, or store credit. BankMyCell provides free shipping.
  • Straightforward and guaranteed process: Facebook Marketplace and eBay require you to post your own listings. You're expected to handle everything from posting photos of the Apple Watch models you're selling to communicating with potential buyers. A sale with BankMyCell is guaranteed.
  • No need to meet up with strangers: You may be required to meet strangers on Facebook Marketplaces and eBay, which can be dangerous if you are vulnerable or doing the sale exchange at your home. You only need to deal with an online buyback company with BankMyCell.
  • No sale fees:: You will be charged a high sale fee of up to over 15% if you are a "below-standard seller" on eBay. Because BankMyCell's partners provide free shipping, you will receive your profit without any deductions from the store.

BankMyCell compares prices for a variety of trusted stores, including their payment options, ratings, and information on free shipping and returns. Compared to other used Apple Watch buyers, all these stores offer high cash payouts.

These stores provide cash payments via Direct Deposit, PayPal, Check, Cash App, and Zelle.

Another store that pays cash via PayPal (subject to 4% fees) for a used Apple Watch is eBay. However, it requires a rigorous trade-in process:

  • You have to create a listing, upload photos, communicate with potential buyers, and possibly meet a stranger if a buyer wants to meet in person.
  • It also charges up to a 15% sale fee, which further reduces your profit.

As a result, doing an Apple Watch trade-in on buyback websites is a much better option. Simply visit BankMyCell, use our filters, and determine which store offers the best trade-in value for your device.

Buyback stores:

BankMyCell shows a list of buyback stores willing to buy a used Apple Watch. These stores offer the most cash for your device because they don't charge any sale fees and offer free shipping at UPS drop-off points.

  • Insider Tip: You can get the best trade-in value when you sell online because no sale fees will reduce your profit. You will also receive cash instead of low-value instant credit.


You can sell your device on Facebook Marketplace and eBay and find buyers near you. Expect a high trade-in price for your device but selling on this site requires a lengthy process that includes creating your listing. You may also meet strangers in an unknown location or feel vulnerable doing the sale exchange at your home.

  • Insider Tip: You will get 3.6% less money if you do an Apple Watch trade-in on eBay due to PayPal fees.
  • Insider Tip: You will also have to pay up to a 15% sale fee.

Retail Stores:

If you want to sell an Apple watch near you, shops such as Apple or Walmart accept trade-ins for used Apple Watches but only offer store trade-in credit or an Apple Store gift card / Walmart gift card. These are typically low market value and may not be helpful if you need cash.

  • Insider Tip: You will get 48% less money if you trade in your Apple Watch on Walmart compared to online buyback sites on BankMyCell.

You can trade in Apple Watch series units or models even if they're broken. Finding a store that to sell your broken Apple Watch can be difficult. Retail stores like Best Buy, GameStop, and the mobile carrier Sprint do not accept such items.

Meanwhile, BankMyCell has partners that buy broken or faulty devices. Here are some of the conditions accepted by BankMyCell's retailers:

  • Port failure
  • Software issues
  • Faulty battery
  • Water or liquid damage
  • Sell Apple Watches with a cracked screen
  • Malfunctioning touch screen
  • Faulty speaker and microphone
  • Unresponsive button and keys
  • Inability to power on

Online Buyback Sites: Selling your Apple Watch online is the best way to make money from it. Can you trade in Apple Watch that's broken but at a high price? Online buyback sites offer a high trade-in value and pay in cash, even for faulty devices.

Apple Trade-in: You can do an Apple Watch trade-in for a low-value store credit, which means it's only an option if you want to upgrade to a new device from their store. They also have a recycling program where you can return your old device to have it recycled*.

  • *Select this option if you don't expect to be compensated for your Apple Watch Series and just want to get rid of it immediately.

Need Help? Discover How Selling Your Apple Watch Works

Popular Customer Questions Answered

You'll need to know what the model or series of your Apple Watch is to ensure you get an accurate quote when doing a trade-in. Below are ways how to determine your device model.

Step 1: Using the Apple Watch App

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone > Choose My Watch > Tap General > Choose About > Tap Model > Tap the number > The four-digit number with the letter A will show your device's model number.

Step 2: Using BankMyCell

Go to BankMyCell's website and enter your device's model. Or from the Homepage > click More Electronics > choose Sell Apple Watch > Choose your device.

You may also read our guide, 'What Apple Watch Do I Have?' to learn how to determine the generation or model of your Apple Watch.

Before initiating an Apple Watch trade-in, you will need to delete your data by unpairing it from your phone. To unpair:

Bring the watch and iPhone close to each other > open the Watch app > choose My Watch > select All Watches > tap the Info button > tap Unpair Watch and confirm.

Follow these steps to learn how to clear and prepare an Apple Watch to sell it profitably:

  • Unpair the watch from your iPhone.
  • Back up your data using your iCloud Account or Windows PC
  • Reset your device to its factory settings
  • Disable the device's Activation Lock.
  • Remove the screen protector and all of your device's accessories.
  • Take pictures of your device before sending it.
  • Turn off your device and prepare it for shipping.

Before shipping, your chosen store will remind you to remove all your data via email. Because our trusted partners never have access to personal data, they are the best options for selling a used Apple Watch.

Want to Sell a Locked/Contract Apple Watch?

How to Get Paid For a Locked/Blacklisted/Financed Apple Watch

If you can't remember your iCloud password or lock screen passcode, you can still unlock your device with repair shops. You can trade in your device for a higher price after it has been unlocked. If unlocking your device is difficult, you can still sell it through one of BankMyCell's partner stores.

Follow these steps to sell your Apple Watch series (iCloud locked):

  • Find your device's model on our website.
  • Select 'Locked' from the filters.
  • Examine the most recent trade-in values for your Apple Watch Series.

Yes, you can sell your device even if it hasn't been paid off yet. When you purchased the device and signed up for the monthly subscription, your credit line automatically made you the device's legal owner.

Regardless of your carrier, you can sell a financed device with bills owed as long as you complete your payments. Just follow these steps:

  • Find the model of your Apple Watch Series on BankMyCell's website.
  • Select 'Financed' from the filters on the quote screen.
  • You'll see the trade-in values from various online buyback sites.

If you unlock your blacklisted device first, you'll get paid more. However, you can still sell your device to BankMyCell's buyback partners if it remains blacklisted or has a bad ESN (electronic serial number). You need to be the rightful owner of the device.

Follow these steps:

  • Look for the model of your device.
  • Choose 'Blacklisted' from the quote screen's filters.
  • The most recent resale prices from various online buyback sites are displayed.

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