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    How Much Is My Phone Worth?

    How to Sell Your Cell Phone & What it's Worth

    We’ve got you covered! Why? Because below you can use our calculator to compare prices and find out exactly how much your old phone is worth as a trade in to multiple buyback stores in one place. Select your cell phone's manufacturer below and find out how much your cell phone is worth whether it's unlocked or on all major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile.

    The best part is, you get quotes from trusted phone selling sites, depending on its condition or damage. You can ship it FREE & get FREE returns if you change your mind - giving you ZERO risk and a few hundred dollars in your pocket!

    iPhone BuyBack Devices
    What’s my iPhone worth today? Compare prices here:
    Cell Phone BuyBack Devices
    What’s my phone worth today? Compare prices here:

    There's a big market for mobile phone recycling and resale in the US, so we'll help you determine trade-in values from multiple buyback stores in one place.

    60 Second Guide: How To Sell Phones For More!


    5-Minute Value My Phone Guide

    Sell in 3 Simple Steps

    Do you want to know how to recycle cell phones like a pro? Here we go…

    Icon image of getting a trade-in offer

    Get an offer

    Quotes are instant
    Simply use the search box at the top of this page to find your phone or device. You will then get to choose from the best trade-in prices and services inclusive in the deal from all leading recyclers in the US.
    Icon image of sending your phone

    Send your phone

    Ship the device for free
    The buyback company you selected will pay all the shipping to let you send the phone or gadget to them for inspection. In most cases, they will send you a fully paid shipping envelope to make this as easy as possible.
    Icon image of getting paid cash

    Get your cash

    You’ll be paid fast
    After the recycler checks the condition of your phone and verifies the condition/information you give them to validate the quote. Once this process is complete, they'll ship your check or instantly release it through PayPal or direct deposit.

    How to Sell Old Phones

    When you want to know how much your cell phone is worth, millions of people across the US benefit from getting cash for their old phones using our comparison process. It's so simple - compare prices by using our tool so we can give you an instant quote. We know who buys cell phones for the most money and where to sell your cell phone safely.
    Icon image of FREE shipping
    Free and fast shipping
    In most cases, you’ll get a pre-paid shipping envelope so shipping is free, otherwise, you will have pre-paid shipping so you just print the label and send yourself.
    Icon image of device condition checks
    Accurate condition check
    We only work with trustworthy providers who check cosmetic/functional damage and IMEI of every phone they receive to identify devices that are stolen or lost.
    Icon image of phone data wiping
    Private data is wiped
    Even if you wipe your own data before selling your phone, every store securely removes your data including destroying SIM or memory cards left in the device.
    Icon image of recycling phones
    Refurbished and resold
    We know how to recycle old cell phones. In fact, most recycled devices are refurbished and resold, often to people in developing countries who need them most.
    What Is My Phone Worth

    Why Choose BankMyCell?

    There's such thing as unwanted devices. Our partners know how to recycle old cell phones so they will accept almost any gadget. In fact, most recycled devices are refurbished and resold, often to people in developing countries who need them most. What's my phone worth? There are lots of trade-in/buyback companies who will buy your cell phone. How do you know you’re getting the right price, though, and which recyclers offer the most efficient and honest service? BankMyCell will give you these answers.
    BankMyCell VS eBay VS Craigslist
    Get Your Cash Fast
    The recyclers we work with pay cash quickly for the phones they buy. If you’re getting paid by PayPal, you can even get the money on the same day the recycler checks the phone!
    Get the Right Price
    Want to know much you can sell your phone for? Compare your options and get higher trade-in offers than instore and picking the first option you find, ZERO hassle.
    No Hidden Fees
    Are you wondering where to sell handsets but don’t want to pay hidden fees? Come to us as we’re upfront with all the service information and hide nothing.
    Only Sell to Trustworthy Recyclers
    Stop wondering where can you sell your phone for a good price? We have checked all the recyclers on our website and they are 100 percent trustworthy.
    Free Shipping
    At BankMyCell, it’s important that the process of selling your phone is as easy as possible. That’s why we only list recyclers who offer easy shipping options.
    Collecting from Your House
    It’s often difficult to ship large or expensive gadgets, check the shipping options as some buyback programs we work with will send UPS to your home to collect.
    What Is My Phone Worth