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    How to sell my phone for cash today, risk-free!

    Where can I sell my phone for a good price?

    With what seems to be a constant flow of awesome new smartphones launching every year, you can be very tempted to upgrade. So the two questions we get asked all the time is "where can I sell my phone for a good price" and "how do I sell my phone."

    The where: We know from doing this since 2009, you want the best price. We cut out all the nonsense of searching around and compare all the top, trusted buyback programs prices right here. Where can I sell my phone for cash near me?" No problem, we're so confident that our prices are the best online and instore that we price match the most popular cell phone resale values from high street shops, kiosks and even your carriers. More prices to compare equals more cash for you!

    The how: A recent poll by GSMArena gives evidence that 73% of people hang onto their phones for over two years, it's no surprise with the prices of smartphones always going up. It's now more critical than ever to make sure you find out how to sell your phone for a good price; we're here to not only find you a good deal for your old phone but the best price online! Just make sure you're not trying to sell a cell phone that's still under contract, e.g., still has payments left on it, as these aren't accepted!

    How to sell my phone today for a good price:

    The whole trade-in process is probably the easiest way to get quick cash for your phone, just follow these five steps:

    • Search: Use the cell phone brand list above or use the search box to find your phone.
    • Quote: Get an instant quote based on your carrier, device storage capacity, and condition.
    • Price Lock: Fill out the form to lock your quote for 30 days and get a pre-paid shipping kit
    • Send it: When you get the shipping kit, simply send your phone for FREE to the chosen store
    • Payment: Once they verify that the device is correct, you'll get that sweet cash directly into your account

    Sell Cell Phones: Carriers VS BankMyCell

    Our pricing versus selling phones to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc

    If you're looking for a convenient way to sell cell phones for cash instantly, then heading to a carrier store near you like Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile may seem like the obvious option. It's as simple as walking into a store and handing over your device. Don't be fooled though, more often than not you're getting stung on the price offered, in fact, they only give a little more than the low prices ATM Kiosks and stores like Best Buy or Target provide.


    • Get paid store credit the same day you hand over the device.
    • The stores are often nearby, so it's convenient.
    • You can upgrade on the spot using store credit.


    • You get paid a fraction of your phones true value.
    • Typically you get store credit, so you have to spend the money back with them.
    • You can lose out on over $100 upgrading this way.

    These carriers are also places to sell cell phones online. However, you won't see them on price comparison websites. The reason being, their pricing would look so low compared to other trusted online buyback programs - As you can see from our mystery shopper price checks below, the online buyback stores we compare against carriers are the best way to sell cell phones for cash.

    Most carrier buyback services get outsourced to buyback programs that you'll find online, going direct with BankMyCell is cutting out the middle man, so you're not splitting the profits.

    Dec 2019: Pricing sample taken:

    Trade-in program iPhone XS Max 256GB You Lose
    BankMyCell $560 TOP DEAL!
    AT&T $450 -$110
    Sprint $485 -$75
    T-Mobile $415 -$145
    Verizon $476 -$84

    Prices collected: 5th Dec 2019 for Verizon locked devices in 'good' used condition

    Where can I sell my phone for cash near me?

    Compare selling your phone in store, malls or Kiosks near you

    There are many high street shops or big-box stores that offer buyback programs. If you're looking to sell cell phones near you, then it's vital that you consider the following points:


    • You can visit a store and resell your device instantly
    • Stores are part of large chains, so often there's at least one near you


    • Selling used phones instore will get you the worst deal out there
    • Most only provide store credit, limiting your reward to only spending with them
    • You can lose out on up to 50% of the value of your device

    However, if you're planning to sell cell phones in store that you know are old and worthless anyway, this might be the most convenient way to dispose of them. Likewise, you'll see that kiosk services like an ecoATM offer on the spot trade-ins. Much like the in-store options, the machine will inspect your device and give you a value to transact on the spot. Unfortunately, when selling used phones near you, expect to get a lower offer than selling with your carrier and much less than using our price comparison service.

    We know it can sound a little cliché recommending our service, but if you really care about the price, we welcome you to check out the mystery shopper price table below or value your device on their website to see the live value.

    Dec 2019: Where can I sell my phone near me?

    Phone trade-in program iPhone XS Max 256GB You Lose
    BankMyCell $560 TOP DEAL!
    Eco ATM Kiosk $425 -$135
    Apple $550 -$10
    Best Buy $380 -$180
    Gamestop $330 -$230
    Target $347.27 -$212.73

    Prices collected: 5th Dec 2019 for Verizon locked devices in 'good' used condition

    Ok, maybe I don't want to sell my phone for cash near me, what are the options? Using our service or any other online buyback comparison you can get what your phones truly worth. Find your device above and get an instant quote.

    How much is my phone worth?

    Best prices for selling used, broken and new phones

    As we mentioned in the price comparison above, the best price gets achieved by using an online trade-in comparison service like ours. Going to a local store, kiosk or even your carrier and you can expect a low offer and in most cases payment in store credit. When finding out how much your cell phone is worth, keep in mind there are three price bands or conditions stores will grade your phone:

    How much is my old phone worth?

    Used phones typically have all the software, ports and functions working fine. They also have undamaged screens and minimal scratches to the body of the phone. If you remove your phone's case and have a look around and it seems only to have a few marks here, and there then you'll be fine selecting this option.

    How much is my broken phone worth?

    If you want to sell an old broken phone today, you can still get some cash for it, but not as much as used phones of course. Finding out how much your broken phone is worth is simple, just find your device here and select the 'broken' option on the devices quote page. You can sell water damaged phones, devices with cracked screens, software problems and more, check out our handy in-depth guide on what's classed as 'broken' here

    How much is my new phone worth?

    If you're not selling an old phone, and you have a brand new device that's in perfect condition, then you can get paid even more! Typically smartphones classed as 'new' or 'excellent' condition have no scratches and are unused. If the phone is still boxed with all the original accessories, you'll get the best price on eBay (consider the seller fees and shipping).

    Selling carrier locked phones

    If you bought the phone outright from the manufacturer or another store selling unlocked phones, then you will get a higher trade-in value. If on the other hand, your phone is on contract from your carrier it's probably locked, so what facts do you need to know:

    • Carrier locked phones typically sell for 0-10% less value
    • AT&T phones and Verizon in particular sell for prices close to the unlocked phones
    • Legally, after 12 months carriers have to unlock your phone for you

    So if you want to sell smartphones that are carrier locked, it might be worth contacting your carrier to unlock it. However you'll only earn an extra 10% max, so it might not be worth it for a $50 phone.

    Why BankMyCell?

    You get cash, not credit
    By using our service to sell old smartphones, you can earn up to double what you get paid in store and way more than your carrier will offer you. What's more, our stores pay cash not crummy store credit, spend it on what you want!
    Fast, secure & risk-free
    When you sell your smartphone online with BankMyCell, you can trade in confidence knowing all stores listed are legitimate, trusted companies, payments are wired securely into your bank account the same day the store checks the phone.
    Lock prices for 30-days
    Time is on your side! You can find the perfect deal and lock that quote for up to 30 days. This means when you're ready to sell your old smartphone you have weeks to send it in, and your quote is 100% protected by their price lock.
    100% FREE & No obligation
    We have no hidden fees, and our comparison service is 100% FREE. Better yet, you're not entering any agreement; you can choose if and when to send your phone and even request it back if you have a change of heart.

    When should I sell my cell phone online?

    Timing selling cell phones right for the best deal

    Use the 30-day price lock

    If you're planning to sell your smartphone to one of the cell phone buyers listed on this site, delaying will only lower the value. You can request your free shipping kit now and lock in today's quote for up to 30 days!

    So instead of wondering to yourself 'where can I sell my cell phone online?' just request your no obligation shipping kit now and freeze that price. You'll have plenty of time to back up the phones old data or buy a new phone with a month to trade it in.

    Avoid price drops surrounding new releases

    You should also be aware that any flagship new phone releases can have a significant impact on your phones value, new models, cause yours to be in less demand and worth less. For example, if you had last year's iPhone and upgraded to the new iPhone, you could have earned over $100 EXTRA using the price lock on the announcement day. Avoid these big price crashes every time a popular new phone comes out by being quick!

    If you're looking for where to sell your cell phone, we've got the best deal for new, used and broken devices!

    What model is my phone?

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