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Using BankMyCell, you can sell your old device for cash in 3 simple steps. You'll get all the top quotes from trusted buyback stores in one place, earning you more and saving you time! This means you'll not only get paid the best price online in as little as 2 days, but also receive with FREE shipping & zero hassle returns if you change your mind!

Unlike other trade-in platforms, our buyback partners pay you in cash instead of store credit or gift cards. We're talking higher payouts, with no strings attached, so you can spend a larger sum of money on what you want!

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Compare prices and payment options from pre-qualified buyback stores, all are real businesses with 1,000's of 4-5 star customer reviews.
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Choose a buyer based on price, reviews, and payment options. Then follow the steps for your pre-paid shipping label. Pack and ship!
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In 24-48 hours, the buyback store checks the device and sends your cash via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check, Cash App, or Zelle.

Why BankMyCell?

More cash, No store credit
BankMyCell's phone trade-in comparison service gets you what your old device is actually worth - paid in cash! No low-ball store credit traps here my friends!
Verified, Trusted Stores
Every buyback service listed is approved and verified. These sites are the most trusted brands, all with 1,000’s of customer reviews from Trustpilot, BBB & more.
Sell later with price locks
That's right, once you fill in the form to accept the quote, your price gets frozen for up to 30 days. With prices dropping every day, lock in today’s offers, and sell later.
100% FREE & Risk-FREE
Place a sale order to lock today’s price. If you choose to sell, you get FREE shipping and even FREE returns on devices if you change your mind before you’re paid!

How to Sell Your Cell Phone for Cash Today, Risk-Free!

Where Can I Sell My Cell Phone for a Good Price?

When you sell phones for cash today, the resale prices you get depend on the following factors:

  • Condition: If you used a case and your smartphone looks new, the phone is worth the most cash, but you can still sell broken phones for a decent value.
  • Capacity: Companies pay more for models with larger storage capacity, typically in gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB).
  • Network Carrier: Companies will pay more for unlocked cell phones and major networks like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint.
  • Release date: The cell phone's offer will drop as it ages. It would be ideal to sell it sooner to get the best deal.

Where Can I Sell My Phone Online?

If you're wondering, "Who buys phones online?" here is the list of stores to get cash or gift cards.

Buyback Stores (Best Deal): BankMyCell is the one-stop marketplace for getting the best price for your old iPhone or Android phone. You can compare deals from all the leading companies and choose the right site. Then, you can select your preferred payment method, and accurate conditions of your old phone, ship it, and get paid instantly.

Carrier Store Trade-ins: You can visit your network carriers' site to sell your old phone, but you're leaving cash on the table. Payment options are limited too - you only get gift cards applied to your account as payment, and they drip this network account credit over 12-24 months.

Sell old phones on Marketplaces: You can list your old cell phones on eBay. In this process, you'll have to spend 30 minutes taking photos and making an eBay listing - plus, they charge 10% marketplace fees to sellers. Swappa is another option; from experience, they have lower marketplace fees but require extra time to list your old cell phone than eBay.

If you're wondering, "Who buys cell phones near me?" here is the list of stores to visit.

Retailer location = Low-ball deal: If you're looking to sell your phone near you for cash, be warned that you'll only get store credit in return for your trade-in. This gift card limits you to buy from the store you sell it to (Target, Best Buy, Walmart) and can be almost half the deal you'll get here. An EcoATM Kiosk is another mobile phone trade-in option, these Kiosks also pay a low price, but they are another easy way to sell for cash payouts.

Go ship instead of shop: If you're wondering, "Where to sell cell phone near me?" you can go to BankMyCell's comparison market instead of visiting a retail store to sell to get more payment options like PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Check. That way, you get paid extra, and of course, you can use the cash on what you want!

Double your device trade-in price: The best and costless way to sell your mobile device is BankMyCell. You'll get the highest pricing evaluation from comparing multiple places as a seller. The only downside is that you'll have to wait a day or two for the buyers to pay due to shipping timescales.

BankMyCell's trade-in comparison service gets you the best phone trade-in value - paid in cash! No low-ball store credit traps here, my friends!

That's right, once you fill in the form to accept the quote, your price gets frozen for up to 30 days. With prices dropping daily, lock in today's offers, and sell later.

Place a sale order to lock today's price. If you choose to sell used phones here, you will get FREE shipping and even FREE returns on devices if you change your mind before you're paid!

Find My Device (Compare Offers)

How to Sell Your Phone For a Good Price

Yes! All the cell phone buyback programs listed on BankMyCell will take pre-owned phones on any US carrier. But if they are unlocked, you'll get the most cash! You can also get good prices for your used phone from carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

If your carrier logo isn't listed on your devices page, select 'other' from the carrier price filter to see all the highest paying cell phone buyback programs - they'll take all the other networks like Xfitiy, Cricket, US Cellular, and more.

You sure can sell used phone that is broken! The cell phone buyers listed take smartphones in practically any condition as they repair and refurbish them in-house! Find your device using the search box or brand list at the top of the page, and get started!

Can I sell cell phones with cracked screens? You'll still get excellent payouts if your smartphone has a damaged screen or backglass, excessive chips, or dents. Expect to get around 80% of the broken cell phone resale value, and with repairs costing up to $329, the smartest thing to do is sell it to get more cash for your phone.

Select 'Cracked' as the condition to see your sale price.

Can I sell broken phones? Yes! If you want to sell your broken phone that doesn't power on or has faulty ports, buttons, touchscreens, speakers, or other hardware issues - even software bugs. Unfortunately, if your phone is bent, crushed, or snapped, it's e-waste.

Select 'Faulty' on your device page to see available deals.

Can I sell cell phones with water damage? You'll still get paid no matter how bad the liquid damage is; the cell phone buyers want them too!

Select 'Faulty' as the condition to see buyers' deals.

Sure! The cell phone buyers we compare will buy locked old phones. But you'll get paid more if you can remove the lock from your phone.

If that's not an option, sell locked phones by selecting 'Activation Locked'.

What's accepted:

  • iCloud-locked iPhones (almost all devices)
  • Activation locked phones (most newer devices)
  • Passcode-locked phones (more recent devices)

Yep! You can still get cash for your old phone if it's blacklisted with a bad ESN (electronic serial number). But, the cell phone trade-in programs listed on this site will not buy phones flagged as lost or stolen, so if you found the phone, you should try and contact the original owner.

Sure, you can sell financed phones when you still have money owed. This is because you own the phone; you owe money on a credit agreement to your carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) or the store you bought it from.

Tips: Most people like you use this site to sell an old phone with outstanding payments, then use the profit to help clear the debt - freeing you up to buy a new plan!

Need Help? How to Sell Your Old Cell Phone

Popular Customer Questions Answered

Before you sell phones online, you must know which phone you have. The quickest way is by checking the settings on your phone.

What model is my Android Phone?

  • Launch Settings > Tap About Phone or About Device > Device Name.

What model is my iOS Phone?

  • Launch Settings > Tap your Apple Username > Scroll down to see your model name listed.

What storage capacity is my Phone?

  • Launch Settings > General > About > Capacity.

Before selling your old phone, you must remove all your accounts, personal data, and settings for your security. You can follow this checklist with a guide on how to do it for assistance.

For iOS

For Android Phones

Once you find the best cell phone trade-in deal on BankMyCell, confirm your sale on the buyback store's website, and get your FREE shipping label.

When you sell your used cell phone using BankMyCell, you can lock in your price for 14-30 days, depending on your preferred buyback company (buyer site price lock timescales are listed on the products page).

If you change your mind at any stage before payment, you can get your old phone sent back for FREE from the buyer!

If you have tablets or any other used electronics or tech sitting in drawers doing nothing, you'll be pleased to know you can get offers and trade in them too! With zero seller fees, customers get paid by PayPal, Check, or Direct Deposit, and total seller security through the process.

You can sell these electronics:

Got more old tech? Value your products right here; see electronics you can sell.

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