Best iPad Air Used Price: How Much is it Worth Now? (Dec 2023)

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TODAY'S BEST iPad Air Trade-in Values
iPad Air 5 (2022)$394.00$346.00$137.00Compare
iPad Air 4 (2020)$329.00$307.00$141.00Compare
iPad Air 3 (2019)$211.00$200.00$92.00Compare
iPad Air 2$57.00$48.00$13.00Compare
iPad Air$15.00$12.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 8th 2023

The iPad Air model has been a crowd favorite because it is a lighter and thinner version of the iPad. With storage capacities ranging from 16 to 256 GB, it has many functionalities such as taking photos, watching movies, and listening to music.

There are lots of reasons why you’re selling your old unit. Maybe you have locked devices or you have old iPads with battery life, SIM card tray, or Apple ID problems.

If you’re looking to upgrade and trade in your old iPad model, compare quotes and offers from different market platforms to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

  • BankMyCell has compared the top buyback stores on the web to help you decide which shop to resell your gadget. BankMyCell compares the highest-paying online buyback stores daily to help you get the best value.
  • Online stores: They purchase old iPads and usually pay more than physical stores or phone carriers.
  • Private marketplace: Marketplaces facilitate good payouts, but the process is more time-consuming, and you need to be wary of service charges.
  • Other stores: Retail, carrier, and buyback stores are good options but might provide low cash payout or only offer in-store credit payment.

How Much is an iPad Air Worth?

Today's Used iPad Air 5 (2023) Market Value Breakdown:

The average value of the Apple iPad Air 5 is $306.66, with a price range of $117.00 up to $394.00.

Compare iPad Air 5 Values
iPad Air 5 Resale Market Prices
BuyBack Boss$332.00$362.00Compare
Cell Tech$300.00$350.00Compare
Quick Cash Phone$308.76$336.66Compare
Gadget Traders$275.85$297.90Compare
Sell Locked$170.00$250.00Compare
Save Gadget$128.00$150.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 8th 2023

Today's Used iPad Air 4 Market Value Breakdown:

The average value of the Apple iPad Air 4 is $266.46, with a price range of $60.00 up to $329.00.

Compare iPad Air Values
iPad Air 3 Resale Market Prices
BuyBack Boss$282.00$327.00Compare
The Whiz Cells$255.00$320.00Compare
Quick Cash Phone$262.26$304.11Compare
Cell Tech$250.00$275.00Compare
Gadget Traders$219.30$257.55Compare
Save Gadget$120.00$140.00Compare
Sell Locked$70.00$140.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 8th 2023

Today's Used iPad Air 3 Market Value Breakdown:

The average value of the Apple iPad Air 3 is $164.71, with a price range of $100.00 up to $211.00.

Compare iPad Air 3 Values
iPad Air 3 Resale Market Prices
Cell Tech$160.00$200.00Compare
The Whiz Cells$155.00$200.00Compare
BuyBack Boss$136.00$161.00Compare
Gadget Traders$129.45$154.95Compare
Quick Cash Phone$126.48$149.73Compare
Save Gadget$91.00$92.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 8th 2023

Today's Used iPad Air 2 Market Value Breakdown:

The average value of the Apple iPad Air 2 is $47.17, with a price range of $11.00 up to $57.00.

Compare iPad Air 2 Values
iPad Air 2 Resale Market Prices
BuyBack Boss$24.00$27.00$41.00$57.00Compare
Quick Cash Phone$22.32$25.11$38.13$53.01Compare
Tronics Pay$32.00$40.00$48.00Compare
Gadget Traders$13.85$26.31$34.85Compare
* Best market prices updated December 8th 2023

So, what main factors impact how much a used iPad Air is worth? These are the factors that affect the device’s value:

  • Storage size: The device’s storage space ranges from 16GB to 256GB. A unit with more storage space is more valuable.
  • Condition: The current condition of the unit is also considered. Faulty devices are valued less than devices in mint condition.
  • Carrier: A unit still connected to a carrier has a lower value. iPad units that are unlocked and purchased outright are sold at a higher price.
  • Payment: Choosing some stores may lock you in certain payment options. For example, choosing carrier or cellular network stores means you will most likely be paid with store credit and lower payouts.

Apple’s Air range was introduced to the world in October 2013 and was commended for its lightweight and reduced size. Its A7 chip, camera upgrades, and bright and colorful display have also been outstanding.

We rated the current trade-in value of old units as excellent, good, or reasonable.

  • iPad Air 5 (2022) – Excellent price
  • iPad Air 4 (2020) – Good price
  • iPad Air 3 (2019) – Good price
  • iPad Air 2 (2014) – Reasonable price (You should sell it now before the trade-in price drops)
  • iPad Air (2013) – Reasonable price (You should sell it now before the trade-in price drops)

Condition Quotes: iPad Air Best Used Price

iPad Air 5 (2022)$394.00$346.00$137.00$130.00Compare
iPad Air 4 (2020)$329.00$307.00$141.00$115.00Compare
iPad Air 3 (2019)$211.00$200.00$92.00$49.00Compare
iPad Air 2$57.00$48.00$13.00$9.00Compare
iPad Air$15.00$12.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 8th 2023

What do the conditions mean?

Another important factor in the iPad Air’s trade-in value is its current condition.

  • Mint condition: A used device that still functions well and looks almost brand new. It shouldn’t have any issue with its software.
  • Good condition: A used device that still performs well and has no damages except for minor cosmetic issues.
  • Cracked screen/case: The iPad can be powered on and has no software issues. The only problem is that it has a broken case or screen.
  • Faulty: The iPad can not be powered on and has software or hardware issues.

Resale Market Comparison: Best iPad Air Trade-in Values

DeviceMax PriceMin PriceDifference
iPad Air 5 (2022)$394.00$10.00+$384Compare
iPad Air 4 (2020)$329.00$4.00+$325Compare
iPad Air 3 (2019)$211.00$2.00+$209Compare
iPad Air 2$57.00$1.02+$55.98Compare
iPad Air$15.00$1.00+$14Compare
* Best market prices updated December 8th 2023

When trading in your device, ensure you get the best deal. Choosing the wrong deal could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Traditional resale prices from carriers and brands could lead to a loss of up to 25% in earnings. When you compare the trade-in prices of online buyback stores versus Apple store offers, it’s evident that the former offer more.

Companies that Offer Trade-in Programs

Online Buyback (e.g., BankMyCell)

With BankMyCell, compare trusted buyback store’s iPad Air prices and reviews in one place. They also provide a convenient process for trade-ins.

  • Recommended for: high cash payouts!
  • Pros: Get paid cash, free shipping, and no-hassle returns
  • Cons: No trade-in deals for upgrades

In-Store Buyback (Apple, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, Gazelle, and EcoATM)

In-store trade-ins involve simple steps since you only have to bring your device to the store. Stores that do offer cash payment usually pay lower prices for a used iPad Air. You might get a little more if you trade it in for store credit rather than cash.

There is also a trade-in option for an Apple Store gift card rather than cash in an official Apple store.

  • Pros: Sell in-store, simple and immediate process
  • Cons: Low quotes, does not offer cash, only store credit offered

Cell Phone Carriers (e.g., Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint)

They pay much less but commonly offer trade-in bonuses, enabling you to obtain flagship iPad models at a lower price.

  • Recommended for: trade-in upgrades
  • Pros: Sell online or in-store, easy store credit for upgrades
  • Cons: Medium to low quotes, does not offer cash, only store credit offered

Marketplaces (Swappa, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist)

Marketplaces involve user-to-user selling. The rates you’d get for your iPad on classifieds and private listing sites vary greatly. You also need to meet with several potential buyers before you can sell your iPad.

  • Pros: You can sell to another person instead of a store and set your own price
  • Cons: Time-consuming to build your own listing/security checks, photos, etc., risk of scammers, no guarantee it will sell fast

Wi-Fi + Cellular: How it Impacts Your iPad Air Resale Value

DeviceWi-Fi + CellularWi-Fi
iPad Air 5 (2022)$394.00$364.00Compare
iPad Air 4 (2020)$329.00$301.00Compare
iPad Air 3 (2019)$211.00$198.00Compare
iPad Air 2$57.00$52.00Compare
iPad Air$15.00$15.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 8th 2023

The iPad Air is available in two variants:

  • Wi-Fi + Cellular units have a sim card tray, which means the device can be connected to cellular data.
  • Wi-Fi Only can only be connected to Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi + Cellular unit is sold at a higher price due to the additional feature.

How Quickly Your iPad Air Loses Value

  • iPad Air 5’s initial price was $599, and it was launched on March 18, 2022.
  • iPad Air 4’s initial price was $599 to $749, and it was launched on October 23, 2020.
  • iPad Air 3’s initial price was $499, and it was launched on March 18, 2019.
  • iPad Air 2’s initial price was $499, $599, and $699 (based on the storage space), and it was launched on October 1, 2014.
  • iPad Air was priced at $499, $599, $699, and $799 (based on the storage space) on October 1, 2013.

Do you plan to buy a new tablet, or do you want extra funds for a new Apple Watch? Because trade-in rates can drop quickly, you must immediately sell and secure a good deal for your old device.

Book a deal as early as now and lock in your price offer. Price lock allows you to lock in the trade-in value of your device on the day without any risks or obligations. It normally lasts from a week to one month.

Shipping is always free, but if the buyback shop uncovers an issue with the device, the trade-in rate will be reduced. Keep in mind that the old iPad will be returned to you for free.

Selling Financed, iCloud locked, or Blacklisted iPad Air

Can you sell an iPad Air if you still owe money?

Yes, but you have to pay the balance of the device. Keep in mind that you can still sell the iPad and use the money you earned to pay it off or upgrade your plan.

Can you sell iCloud Locked iPad Air's if you forgot the password?

If you’re the owner of the device, then stores will still buy it. On BankMyCell, choose Activation Lock from the filters to find the best locked iPad Air resale value.

Can you sell blacklisted iPad Air's with bad ESN's?

There are online buyback stores that will accept your blacklisted device. Always check prices for blacklisted iPad to see what your best options are.

Conclusion: Getting the Most Money for Your Old iPad Air

Factors like the device’s carrier, storage space, and current condition affect the value of your old iPad. BankMyCell collects the best deals from phone carriers, retailers, and buyback websites online.

You can also verify with your cellular carrier if they offer a buyback program. You can get a considerable discount on your next device if you trade in your old device.

There is also the alternative of posting a personal ad or auctioning off your device on the web. Swappa and eBay are good choices but take note that eBay charges 10%, while Swappa has a fee of 5%.

You can also try in-store trade-in at Walmart, Best Buy, as well as GameStop. However, they do not guarantee much in terms of trade-in prices, and they sometimes might only offer store credit.

The bottom line is that if you want to obtain more cash for your old gadget, you should initially compare quotes.

View to compare resale prices for your old iPad Air model.