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BankMyCell’s Trade-in Store Reviews Policy

Established in 2009, our team at BankMyCell has been at the forefront of the buyback/trade-in industry. As a comparison engine for buyback stores, we pride ourselves on the depth of our reviews, which are informed by a rich blend of consumer feedback and our seasoned experience. 

Our journey in this niche market has uniquely positioned us to understand the nuances and trends of the industry like no other.

Our Exclusive Experience

One of our key differentiators is our exclusive access to live pricing feeds from all the stores featured on our platform. This allows us to offer both comparisons and an in-depth market analysis that is unique and insightful. 

Leveraging the power of big data, we at BankMyCell are revolutionizing how customers navigate the buyback industry. Our sophisticated data-driven approach enables us to sift through vast amounts of information, ensuring that our customers are presented with the market’s best and most informed choices. 

We have also accumulated a wealth of case studies to inform our website’s technological design in continuously providing customers with the most accurate and reliable information in the buyback and trade-in sector. 

Let’s explore how we evaluate and rate the buyback stores we review. We assess them based on three primary categories and are provided a score of 1 to 5 for each category.

Meet The Buyback Store Review Author

Ash Turner

Ash Turner

  • Social links: 
  • Position: CEO & Founder of
  • Experience: I have been the CEO of buyback comparison websites such as & since 2009. Prior to that, I was head of marketing for PhoneRecycleBank, a buyback site owned by 20:20 Mobile Group (now Brightstar) – A global leader in cell phone distribution and refurbishment. My other experience includes being a data columnist in MobileNews magazine and working at Kondor LTD, Another mobile distributor.
  • Expertise: Being the founder of two buyback comparison engine startups, I have had access to industry data for over a decade. We have licensed this data out to networks, MVNOs, brands, and online media giants like Forbes.
  • Education: BA (Hons) Southampton Solent University.

All reviews are edited and fact-checked by Our Team:

  • Editor: Kim Juanillo has a background in Technology Editorial, Research, and Statistical Analysis, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.
  • Fact Checker: Harriet Fortune, a Digital Fact Checker and coordinator since 2016, holds an Interactive Production University Degree.

Overview of Primary Store Scoring Categories

Each store undergoes a rigorous authenticity check before a more in-depth review. This initial step involves the team verifying the store’s legitimacy by reviewing various proofs, including utility bill addresses, photos of their premises, financial turnover, the number of devices they acquire each month, and their employee headcount.

Our evaluation system assigns scores ranging from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest, to three main categories: Customer Rating and Feedback Analysis, Ranking in Price Comparison, and Services Rating. These categories are designed to provide a comprehensive and fair assessment of each store.

  • Customer Rating:  We strongly emphasize real customer perspectives by meticulously analyzing online feedback to capture an authentic snapshot of each store’s strengths and weaknesses. This approach includes a balanced examination of positive and negative reviews from various third-party platforms, ensuring a comprehensive and unbiased perspective. 
  • Price Ranking: This process involves a detailed evaluation of over 40 buyback/trade-in options to determine the best price offers available in the market. Our unique advantage lies in our pricing feeds, which update every 15 minutes, providing real-time market transparency on who offers the highest payments across a spectrum of over 500 devices.
  • Services Rating: We thoroughly examine each store’s customer journey, from the initial quote request to the final payment. This evaluation includes a detailed review of the ease and clarity of the store’s process and a comparison of the various service options provided by the store, focusing on their convenience and adaptability to meet diverse customer preferences.

Category 1: Customer Rating and Feedback Analysis

Our overall score to customer rating is based on the following:

Real Customer Perspectives: We scrape and aggregate review scores from third-party, trusted review platforms such as Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Better Business Bureau as an anchor for our quantitative score on a store’s customer rating. Our reviews also include a proportionate analysis of positive and negative reviews from third-party platforms. Review scores were grouped into the following grading categories:

  • Average to Excellent: Percentage of scores from 3 to 5.
  • Bad to Poor: Percentage of scores from 1 to 2.
Review policy review roundup

Positive vs. Negative Feedback: In our approach, we employed a thematic analysis of customer reviews to understand the stores’ strengths and weaknesses comprehensively. By focusing on customers’ actual and general reasons, we ensure that our reviews present a balanced perspective. Unrelated review comments were excluded from the analysis.

Our team embraces a problem-solving approach in our reviews. We provide expert advice on overcoming challenges typically experienced with specific stores, informed by themes identified in customer feedback. This approach aims to improve the overall value and satisfaction experienced by future customers in the trade-in process.

Category 2: Store Price Ranking

By maintaining access to a live pricing data feed of more than 40 buyback and trade-in stores for over 500 electronic devices, BankMyCell holds a distinctive advantage in assessing various buyback and trade-in stores. 

Review policy price database

This capability positions us uniquely for evaluating these stores in relation to industry pricing standards. 

Market transparency has always been the core of the team’s work in BankMyCell.

Review policy index database

Price Ranking Methodology

The team followed these steps to compare the stores against each other in terms of price ranking:

  1. Devices: We select all devices from our range and use the reports generated from the website, along with external price checks for non-partner brands.
  2. Price Analysis For Each Device: The stores were ranked according to their prices for each of the devices selected. Each store gets ranked against more than 40 stores for every device.
  3. Determine Store’s Final Price Ranking: Their rankings for all devices were averaged to identify a store’s final rank.
  4. Determine Store’s Price Ranking Score: The store’s rank corresponds to a score of 1 to 5. A score of 5 means the store ranked the highest in price offers. The ranks correspond to the following scores:
5Top 1-20% of payouts
4Top 21-40% of payouts
3Top 41-60% of payouts
2Top 61-80% of payouts
1Top 81-100% of payouts

Category 3: Store Services Rating

This scoring category aims to provide a snapshot of how convenient and transparent the customer experience is for each store. The following data-gathering methods were employed to evaluate the stores in terms of services:

  • Website Research and Validation: We created a database of the different services the buyback stores offer. We gathered information about their payment options and timeframes, shipping options, price lock timescales, types of devices and device conditions accepted, company profile and history, etc. This was gathered through the company websites and reaching out to the stores themselves.
  • Customer Immersion: The team members acted as real-life customers and transacted with the reviewed stores online to gain hands-on and full experience of the trade-in process offered by each store. 
Review policy store database

Scoring Factors for Services Rating

While the rating of the services is aggregated only into one score (a score of 1-5, with 5 indicating the best services offered), it is the weighted average of five factors weighed at 20% each. 

The quantitative factors considered for the rating are:

  • Payment options: This is scored from 1-5. Every payment option the store offers (such as cash, check, Paypal, etc.) gives the store 1 point each, with a maximum score of 5.
  • Shipping options: This is scored from 1-4. Every shipping option the store provides for customer convenience (such as free shipping, free package, home pick-up, and free returns) gets them 1 point each.
  • Device conditions Accepted: This is scored from from 1-8. This is meant to measure the store’s flexibility with the device conditions they accept. Every device condition option they offer gets them 1 point. Stores that accept even faulty or financed devices tend to score higher than those that only accept devices in mint or good condition.
  • Payment time: This is scored from 1-4. Stores that provide the fastest payment turnarounds are scored the highest.


Upon conducting a multi-faceted and comprehensive review of a trade-in store, our team ensures we deliver a complete evaluation, highlighting the store’s exemplary practices and areas needing enhancement. Our goal is also to offer customers insight into industry benchmarks and how the reviewed store stacks up in comparison to these standards by the article’s conclusion.

Feedback on our Scoring System?

We are committed to rigorously scrutinizing and re-scrutinizing our work to minimize errors as much as possible. However, they are sometimes unavoidable.

Should you detect any mistakes, have doubts about our data or methodology, come across anything that seems inconsistent, or have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our scoring system, we would love to hear from you.

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