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Using BankMyCell, you can sell your old device for cash in 3 simple steps. You'll get all the top quotes from trusted buyback stores in one place, earning you more and saving you time! This means you'll not only get paid the best price online in as little as 2 days, but also receive with FREE shipping & zero hassle returns if you change your mind!

Unlike other trade-in platforms, our buyback partners pay you in cash instead of store credit or gift cards. We're talking higher payouts, with no strings attached, so you can spend a larger sum of money on what you want!

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How to Sell Your Smartwatch for the Most Money

Popular Smartwatch Trade-in FAQs

How much is your smartwatch worth? Whether it is Apple Watch or Samsung smart watch, your watch's value will vary depending on its connectivity, age, size, style, and condition.

  • Connectivity: You can get a better price if you sell smartwatches that allow you to send or receive text messages and calls and access the internet via Wi-Fi and cellular network technology.
  • Age: The latest models of smartwatches usually get higher prices than the older ones.
  • Watch Size: The larger the size of your smart watch, the higher the price.
  • Style: This only applies to the watch case material Apple Watch Series.
  • Condition: Expect a good value when you trade in your smartwatch in good condition. In some stores, you can trade in even if it is faulty or has minor damage, but at a reduced price.

BankMyCell's price comparison tool will list all the companies that buy an old smartwatch. You can get instant offers for your device and get free shipping. Plus, you will see the payment methods available in each store.

You can sell a smart watch at carriers, retail stores, online buyback stores, and marketplaces.

BankMyCell - Offers the Most Money

If you want a place where you can find all the best prices for your smart watch, BankMyCell can give you multiple quotes on one page. We use a convenient price comparison layout to bring you all the offers on your device from reputable buyback companies, all on one screen.

  • Highest trade-in value
  • Numerous payment methods such as direct deposit, PayPal, check, cash App, Venmo, and many more
  • No hidden fees
  • FREE shipping

Carriers - Alternative Option for Data Packages

Some carriers offer store credit at the agreed-upon price, which is generally lower than other buyer platforms. However, this option is helpful if you want to purchase a data package or plan to upgrade to a phone from the same carrier.

Retail Stores - Offers Store Credit Only

If you prefer to sell your Apple Watch or other brand's smartwatch in person, there are stores you can visit. However, your old smartwatches' value may be lower here than in online buyback stores.

Plus, most retailers buy your smartwatch in exchange for store credits, limiting your usage of the credits to their stores.

Marketplaces - Hassle and No Cash Guarantee

If you want to sell your smartwatch at marketplaces like eBay and Swappa, be ready to spend a lot of time creating and advertising your listing. You need to advertise to attract a smart watch buyer. Additionally, some online sites charge a fee for their service, so you may not get the price you want.

There are numerous options where you can sell smartwatches near you. You may probably lose out on a hundred dollars if you do not research for the best price offers.

BankMyCell - Drop-off Locations for UPS, USPS, and FedEx

BankMyCell makes the trade-in process as simple as possible for you. You can compare prices from electronics buyback companies all over the United States. We verify all our partners, so you know you're selling your Smartwatch to trustworthy buyers.

Choose the best option and drop off your Apple Watch or other brands' smartwatch at a nearby USPS, UPS, or FedEx location. Expect to obtain your money within 24 hours of your selected store receiving your old smartwatch.


Before going to a carrier store near you that accepts smartwatches for their trade-in program, you can check the trade-in value of your smartwatch on their site. Usually, they offer a lower price than online buyback stores.

Retail Stores

Retail stores like Walmart and Apple stores buy your Apple Watch or other brands' smartwatch in exchange for gift cards, which are consumable within their store only. As a result, you can only buy a gadget that is eligible for the gift card.

Your smartwatch trade-in value also depends on its condition. You must expect a lower value if your Apple Watch Series or other brands' smartwatch is broken. But it is not worth repairing before selling as you may lose money with the repairs.

BankMyCell's partners will buy smartwatches with a few scratches on the surface and those with hardware or water damage. We do not accept smartwatches that are broken into pieces or replica devices.

Need Help? Discover How Selling Smartwatch Works

Popular Customer Questions Answered

Your old smartwatch will not do you good if you let it sit in your drawer. It loses value as time passes. But before selling it, make sure you unpair it from your phone, backup your data before performing a factory reset, and clean the watch to get the highest value possible.

Apple Watch

Step 1 - Unpairing

For Apple Watch units, unpairing your watch from your iPhone also simultaneously backs up your data and resets your device. This process saves a backup of your data and removes all your data from your Apple Watch.

  • Keep your iPhone close to your Apple Watch while you unpair them.
  • On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.
  • Go to My Watch and select All Watches.
  • Tap the info button next to the unpaired watch.
  • Select Unpair Apple Watch.
  • If applicable, tap Remove Cellular Plan.
  • Disable the Activation Lock and confirm unpairing to complete!

Step 2 - Backup Your Data

When you unpair your Apple Watch Series from your iPhone, the watch is completely backed up to your iPhone to ensure that the most recent data is saved. This occurs automatically as long as your iPhone and Apple Watch are close, so you do not have to do anything more to keep a backup of your watch.

Step 3 - Resetting

When you unpair your Apple Watch Series from your iPhone, your data is also deleted. Simply follow the unpairing process above to reset.

Samsung Smartwatch

Step 1 - Unpairing your from your Phone

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Select Connections.
  • Choose Bluetooth.
  • Tap the Settings icon on the side of the watch.
  • Select Unpair.

Step 2 - Backup Your Data First Before a Factory Reset

  • Go to the Settings of your smartwatch by scrolling down to the Status panel.
  • Tap Accounts and Backup.
  • Select Backup and Restore.
  • Choose Back Up to save the current data of your watch to your Samsung account.

Step 3 (Galaxy and Gear watches) - Resetting Your Samsung Watch

  • On your connected phone, launch the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Then, select Watch Settings. (Some watch models allow you to skip this step.)
  • Tap General > Reset > Reset to confirm.

Step 3 (Galaxy Fit and Fit2) - Resetting Your Samsung Watch

  • Launch the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.
  • Tap About Band > Reset Band > Reset to confirm.

Cleaning Your Smartwatches

You should thoroughly clean your device because it has most likely been with you through rain, shine, and numerous sweaty workouts. Allow some elbow grease to sit on the watch surface for up to five minutes and wipe with a sponge. Wash the surface with water and dry it with a clean cloth.

Knowing the model of your smart watch is essential before selling it because the price also relies on it. You may use the Settings app on your watch and look for information about the watch to know the model and/or model number.

You may utilize the search bar in BankMyCell to find the model name if you only have a number.

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