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How Our Service Works

Using BankMyCell, you can sell your old device for cash in 3 simple steps. You'll get all the top quotes from trusted buyback stores in one place, earning you more and saving you time! This means you'll not only get paid the best price online in as little as 2 days, but also receive with FREE shipping & zero hassle returns if you change your mind!

Unlike other trade-in platforms, our buyback partners pay you in cash instead of store credit or gift cards. We're talking higher payouts, with no strings attached, so you can spend a larger sum of money on what you want!

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Compare prices and payment options from pre-qualified buyback stores, all are real businesses with 1,000's of 4-5 star customer reviews.
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Choose a buyer based on price, reviews, and payment options. Then follow the steps for your pre-paid shipping label. Pack and ship!
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In 24-48 hours, the buyback store checks the device and sends your cash via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check, Cash App, or Zelle.

Why Use BankMyCell?

More CASH, No Store Credit
BankMyCell's tablet trade-in comparison service gets you what your old device is actually worth - paid in cash! No low-ball store credit traps here my friends!
Verified, Trusted Stores
Every buyback service listed is approved and verified. These sites are the most trusted brands, all with 1,000's of customer reviews from Trustpilot, BBB & more.
Sell Later With Price Locks
That's right, once you fill in the form to accept the quote, your price gets frozen for up to 30 days. With prices dropping every day, lock in today's quote, and sell later.
100% FREE & Risk-FREE
All stores offer a ZERO obligation sale. Get FREE shipping from thousands of locations AND get your device sent back for FREE if you got anything wrong to make the quote change!

How to Sell Your LG Phone for the Most Money

Popular LG Phone Trade-in FAQs

If you typed "sell my LG phone" into a search engine, you've come to the right place. Many people who want to sell or trade-in LG phones for cash don't know where to begin to get price comparisons.

At BankMyCell, you can get an instant price comparison from multiple buyback partner stores. We help our happy customers find the best prices for their old LG phones through a fast and easy online process. We even provide free shipping labels!

To compare price quotes on our site, provide the following info about your LG phone:

  • Capacity: What is your LG phone's storage capacity in GB or TB?
  • Condition: Is your mobile device in mint or good condition, or is it cracked or faulty?
  • Carrier: Is the device locked to a carrier like T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint, or unlocked?

We want BankMyCell to be the best place to sell your old LG phone for cash. We'll help you get the best deal quickly for your old LG phone by comparing buyers' price offers, customer ratings, and payment types. You'll also get free shipping and returns!

Here's how selling LG phones to BankMyCell compares to sales and trade-ins with other buyers:

  • BankMyCell: We offer upfront price quotes from reputable buyback companies with zero hidden fees or shipping costs. We make it easy to sell your LG phone online quickly.
  • Carrier Trade-In Offers: Only Verizon allows you to trade in LG cell phones for cash, and Verizon tends to pay up to 45% less than the market buyback value for an LG cell phone trade.
  • Marketplaces: Sites like eBay let users sell used LG cell phones but require a lot of time. To sell on a marketplace, you must put up and manage a listing and pay seller fees of 15% or more. Most of these sites use PayPal, which charges even more fees, but many BankMyCell buyback stores offer better options for payment, such as a direct deposit.
  • EcoATMs: Some kiosks offer great options for recycling used LG cell phones in an environmentally friendly manner but may only provide half of the phone's real buyback value.
  • Retail and Big Box Stores: Stores like Target, Best Buy, and Apple typically offer store credit or gift cards for used smartphones, not extra cash. The credit may be up to 55% less than the LG phone's value.

You'll get paid the most money for your LG cell phone trade when you sell your phone through our BankMyCell buyback program because we have no hidden costs. You'll find the best price by comparing price quotes from our trusted buyback partner stores. Once you choose a buyer, they'll provide a free prepaid shipping label.

Buyback Stores (Local UPSP, UPS, and FedEx Drop-off Points)

When you let BankMyCell connect you to a buyback company to sell your old phone, you'll sell your unwanted LG cell phone quickly in three easy steps:

  • Compare price quotes.
  • Drop your package at a local collection point.
  • Get paid some extra cash!

Carriers, Retail, and Big Box Stores

Many carriers, big box stores, and other cell phone retailers (Walmart, GameStop, etc.) will purchase used LG phones, but they usually only offer store gift cards or credit up to 55% less than the market buyback price.

While many carriers, retailers, and pawn shops won't accept cracked phones, we have buyers at BankMyCell who will pay you for your LG phones in poor conditions. We consider devices as having a cracked condition if they have cracked screens, frames, or backs.

Should I Fix My LG Phone Before Selling It?

Repair costs for a cracked screen often end up higher than the device's repaired buyback price, so you may make more money on your LG phone trade-in by not repairing it beforehand.

Our BankMyCell buyback partners also purchase broken LG devices, unlike most retailers. If you need to sell LG devices that are broken, consider the following types of acceptable damage:

  • Network: The phone fails to connect to the carrier's network, GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.
  • Battery/Power: The battery fails to charge, or the phone fails to turn on.
  • Sensors/Touch screen: The touch screen or sensors do not respond.
  • Software: Apps fail to work correctly, freeze, or crash often.
  • Hardware: The device's speakers, buttons, camera lens, or other components are damaged.

Our buyback partners will NOT accept a broken LG device if it is:

  • Crushed, snapped, or otherwise destroyed
  • Fake (an LG replica)
  • Reported lost or stolen

What condition is your phone?

You can trade in your LG phone with your carrier for a new model, but many trade-in programs don't give customers the total buyback price, only up to about 60%. Instead, many happy customers sell their LG phones to BankMyCell buyback stores for the most cash and use the profits to purchase new LG cell phones.

Need Help? Discover How Selling Your LG Phone Works

Popular Customer Questions Answered

Before you sell LG smartphones to our buyers for the best price, you'll need the LG phone model name, such as LG Velvet or LG Wing 5G. You can find the model name for your used LG cell phone by opening the Settings app and clicking About Phone.

With the model name ready, find your cell phone on our list for price comparisons and the best deal for you.

Popular LG Devices in This Range / Series

  • Wing Series
  • Velvet Series
  • G Series
  • V Series
  • K Series
  • Stylo Series
  • Nexus Series

Common LG Operating Systems

  • Android

To check the total storage on your LG cell phone:

  • Visit the phone Settings.
  • Click Storage.

Remember, you're looking for the amount of total storage, not the amount of available storage or memory.

It's time to sell my LG device, but how do I back up my data? Back up your data and clear your phone by following these steps:

  • Visit the phone Settings.
  • Navigate to General, then Backup, then Backup & Restore.
  • Back up your photos and other data to an SD card, computer, or cloud.
  • From the General tab, click Backup & Reset.
  • Click Factory data reset to wipe all your data from the device.

Depending on which BankMyCell buyback company you choose to sell your used LG phone to, you'll have seven to 30 days to mail it. When you select one of our LG phone buyback stores when you sell old LG phones, you'll get the best, most convenient payment, shipping, and return options.

Print your free shipping label, take your parcel to a USPS, UPS, or FedEx collection point, and wait for the seller to issue payment. Some of our BankMyCell buyers even provide free shipping materials if you don't have your own box or padded envelope.

You won't risk anything when selling used LG phones through our site. If the price quote shifts due to device issues, you can opt to have your phone returned for free.

BankMyCell buyers accept devices from T-Mobile, AT&T, UScellular, Verizon, and other U. S. carriers, but you may get more money for an unlocked device (that is, not locked to a specific carrier).

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