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    Got a broken or faulty cell phone? No problem. At BankMyCell, you can compare prices from trusted trade-in stores who buy broken cell phones nationwide — so you don't have to take that lowball offer from stores near you. What's more, all these stores pay for the shipping and offer free returns to give you the best price in the country with ZERO risks!

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    One of the most important things to remember when you sell broken cell phones for cash is to provide accurate details about their condition. This includes telling the recycling program that the phone is broken.

    The specific details you will need to provide depend on the recycler, but the following applies in most cases.

    Buyers classify phones into three categories, which affects pricing:

    Good (The device has a few scratches.) Cracked (The phone has a broken screen or casing.) and Faulty (The phone has hardware, software, or liquid damage.)

    Selling broken or cracked phones
    Before looking at who buys broken cell phones, you should check the following things to analyze the condition of your device:
    • Is the screen broken or not working?
    • Does the phone switch on?
    • Do the microphone and speakers work?
    • Does the phone have any water damage?

    Selling 'Used' Cell Phones

    Selling phones with cracked screens
    Cracked/Broken Screens
    Quick tips on selling smartphones with broken screens or frames.
    Sell broken screen phone
    Faulty Phones.
    Quick tips on selling smartphones with function, software or power issues.
    Sell water damaged phones
    Water Damaged Phones
    Quick tips on selling smartphones you got wet or dropped in water/liquids.

    CRACKED PHONE CONDITION: Damaged Screens & Frames

    Conditions: Trading-in cracked cell phones

    So-called 'Gorilla Glass' failed you? No worries, if you are looking for the best place to sell a phone with a cracked screen or frame, this is it. The buyback stores we list let you compare prices and offer great deals.

    To trade in your cell phone that is cracked or has a broken screen, simply select 'Cracked' from the options on the device page. This will filter the available buyback offers. Below are examples of the sort of physical damage that companies accept:

    • Broken screen on phone: for example, a cell phone with a totally shattered or just cracked screen.
    • Excessive scratches: when you have chips or deep scratches and surface marks.
    • Frame problems: where the case of the phone is damaged, i.e. a cracked phone back, side or chips out of it.

    The most popular issue we come across is when someone has dropped their device resulting in cracked/broken cell phone screens or cosmetic damage to the frame. Luckily for you, the buyback companies who buy these devices offer good values still. Find out how much your old phone is worth here today.

    FAULTY PHONE CONDITION: Faulty or Broken Cell Phones

    Conditions: Trading-in broken cell phones:

    Got a broken phone that has become unusable? Do you know there is a problem before you even inspect or assess it? Are you wondering how to sell broken phones or sell cracked phones for money? Do you want to know where to sell broken phones for cash?

    The first step to sell a broken cell phone is to find your device on our website and select the 'Faulty' option. It will lead you to the top prices from trusted buyback stores. To be sure the stores listed on BankMyCell that buy broken phones will accept it, check the conditions below and see if yours match:

    • Power: if the phone doesn't charge or struggles to switch on there is a power problem.
    • Touch screen/sensors: if the phone has a faulty touch functionality or finger/face ID sensors.
    • Broken buttons: where the buttons are missing or don't work properly.
    • Network problems: if the phone can't make a test call, connect to Wi-Fi, or use GPS and Bluetooth
    • Software issues: When the operating systems and apps are laggy or constantly freezing.
    • Hardware problems: When the speakers, microphones, headphone jacks, and charging jacks are damaged and no longer function properly.

    You can usually still sell your broken phone for cash, even when one or more of the above applies. It is worth noting that many buyback programs will reduce your quote if you try to send these devices in as 'Good', 'Cracked' or 'Mint' Condition.

    So always be honest about the state of your device, they do check! Again, you only sell if you want to, the stores offer free shipping and returns so there is zero risk involved.

    WATER DAMAGED: Selling phones that took a swim!

    Conditions: Trade-in liquid damaged mobile phones

    Lucky for you, most of the trusted buyers on our site will still accept smartphones that have taken a dip in some liquid. Simply find your device using our search function. When you are on our price comparison page, select 'Faulty' from the conditions to see companies that buy water damaged phones.

    Below are examples of the sort of liquid damage that companies accept:

    • Water damage, but turns on: if your phone got wet but turns on with hardware or software issues.
    • Water damage, won't turn on: if your phone took a deep dive and won't turn back on.
    • Water sensor flagged: sometimes your phone can get wet and still work fine, but inside the frame the sensor flags it's received water damage.

    Most new smartphones are IP water-resistant, but only to a certain depth and time limit. If you've dunked your phone in the bath, toilet or spilled a drink on it you can still sell it for cash – Hurray, not a total loss!

    NOT ACCEPTED: Cell Phones You Can't Sell To BuyBack Stores

    These devices will not be accepted:

    As you can see above, there are places to sell broken phones but offer less money. That said, there are some situations where it is not worth selling the phone or where the recycler will not accept it. This includes:

    • Carrier network bar (Some stores): Your phone may be locked or financed. While there are online buyback sites that accept phones barred by network carriers, they are only limited. Simply select the 'Carrier' or 'Locked Status' on our filters.
    • If the IMEI is blacklisted (Some stores): Even if your phone is blacklisted or has IMEI issues, a few of our partners will still buy it. Simply select the 'Blacklisted' status on our filters.
    • Snapped phones: recyclers will not accept phones that are broken into pieces.
    • Fake phones: understandably, recyclers won't accept replicas or rip-offs.

    The above fall into two main categories: either the phone is uneconomical to repair, or it is illegal to sell it. If none of the above apply, you may be able to sell your phone as one that is broken or has cosmetic damage.

    Devices not accepted

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