Sell a Blacklisted Phone with a Bad ESN / Blacklisted IMEI

What Can You Do With Your Blacklisted Phone?

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If your phone has a bad ESN or blacklisted IMEI, it can significantly restrict your phone’s value. Phone buyers are also apprehensive about buying phones with bad ESNs. So, how do you go about selling a blocked iPhone or Android phone? Can you fix a bad ESN or blacklisted IMEI?

Let’s explore the options you have if you want to sell a blacklisted phone. We’ll answer all your questions.

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How Do You Know if a Phone Is Blacklisted?

Carriers blacklist phones for several reasons. If you report a phone as stolen or lost, the carrier will blacklist the device. Failure to pay a carrier’s financing plan can also result in a bad Equipment Serial Number (ESN) or International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

You can contact your carrier, use an ESN/IMEI checker, or consult the CTIA’s stolen phone checker to find out if your phone is blacklisted. Other options include Doctor SIM, IMEI Pro, and your carrier website.

iPhone IMEI: Settings > General > About > Scroll Down to IMEI

Android IMEI: Settings > About Phone > Status > Scroll Down to IMEI

Settings Menu

Turn on your phone and use the settings menu to find your IMEI number by following the steps above, here’s an example of IMEI in the iPhone menu.

Dial *#06#

Alternatively, you can just dial *#06# on the phone and it will automatically display the IMEI number for you to check using the link above..

Selling Your Bad ESN/Blacklisted Phone

Private buyers may be reluctant to buy phones with a bad ESN or IMEI, especially if they don’t know how to unblock it or switch carriers. Despite this, it is possible to sell a phone with a bad IMEI or ESN.

While the offers are typically lower, a few online buyback stores will buy blocked phones. These stores may also be willing to purchase financed phones that you still owe money on. Local repairs stores look for blacklisted phones that they can use for parts, as well. You can compare prices and your options for selling a blocked iPhone or android phone right here.

However, if you can unblock your phone or switch to a different carrier, you will be able to sell your phone using traditional methods. Its value will not be affected at all.

What is a Bad ESN/Blacklisted Phone?

If you’ve never heard the term before, you may be wondering, what does a blacklisted phone mean? The blacklist is a database of all the ESN or IMEI numbers that have been reported by phone carriers, insurance companies, or other entities. A device that is on the blacklist will have restricted services, and local authorities may even seize the phone.

A phone that is blacklisted will have a bad Equipment Serial Number (ESN) or International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. As a result, the phone cannot connect to cell towers in the United States, and you can’t use it to connect to the internet or make calls. There are a few common scenarios where people end up with blacklisted phones.

For example, after losing your phone, you report it to your insurance company as lost, and the phone is blacklisted. After receiving a replacement phone, if you find the phone that you thought was lost, you can sell it.

Another scenario is when a financed phone is sold before it’s paid off. After selling the phone, the seller loses the incentive to keep paying their bill. The carrier then blacklists the phone, and the person who bought the phone can no longer use it.

If you have a phone with a bad ESN or IMEI, there are several things that you can do to unblock your phone.

How to Remove a Phone from the Blacklist

Contact Your Carrier To Unblock Your ESN/IMEI

If your phone is on the blacklist as a result of non-payment, the first step is to contact your carrier and ask them to unblock your ESN or IMEI. Your carrier may be willing to unblock the phone, provided that you pay your balance in full.

Once your phone is no longer on the blacklist, you can either continue to use it or sell it. If you bought a phone from someone who stopped paying their installments, you might have to consider other options to unblock the phone.

Pay to Unblock Your ESN/IMEI

There are service providers who can unblock an IMEI or ESN for a fee. If you want to unblock an older model, for example, a 6-year-old iPhone, you will have to pay a fee of around $25. However, unblocking newer models is more expensive, and you can spend as much as $190 to unblock a brand new iPhone.

Should you decide to go this route, stick to reputable companies that do not engage in unethical or illegal activities. You should only work with companies, such as IMEI Authority and Cell Unlocker, that offer money-back guarantees to protect you if they cannot remove your phone from the blacklist.

Switch Carriers

All carriers have access to a phone’s ESN or IMEI. However, one carrier may not necessarily recognize another’s blacklist. As a result, in cases, you can switch carriers to unblock your phone but may need to use software to “flash,” or install a new operating system, on your phone. You can also purchase unlocking services from companies such as Doctor SIM or Unlock Base for around $20.

When switching carriers, pay attention to the network type they use. For example, you can switch between T-Mobile and AT&T, because both are GSM networks. You can also switch between Verizon and Sprint, as both are CDMA networks. You cannot use a GSM phone on a CDMA network, and vice versa.

Use It Just for Wi-Fi

If you can’t follow any of the above options to unblock your phone, you can still use it with Wi-Fi. Your phone will not be connected to a cellular network, but you will still be able to place calls online, access the internet, and check your email. It can also be used to make emergency calls to 911.

Selling Your Blacklisted Phone Today

Selling a blocked iPhone or Android isn’t impossible. At BankMyCell, you can compare your options with ease. Search your phone model and select all the appropriate options to find out what your phone is worth.

Sell a Blacklisted Phone with a Bad ESN / Blacklisted IMEI