Best Xbox Series S Used Price: How Much Is an Xbox Series S Worth? (Jan 2023)

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  • Are you interested in selling your used Microsoft Xbox Series S but unsure how to find the best price? We can help!
  • Your console’s value will vary depending on its condition, storage, and features, but you can still get a return between $61.20 and $131.00.
  • You can sell your old game systems to buyback stores, GameStop, and private marketplaces. We compiled all the information you need when doing a trade-in for Microsoft Xbox Series S in these different stores to give you an idea of how much these stores can pay.
Xbox Series S Resale Market Prices
Gadget Traders$72.00Compare
* Best market prices updated January 29th 2023

How Much Is a Used Xbox Series S?

Your used Xbox Series X with a 500GB hard drive and standard accessories can be priced between $61.20 to $131.00 , depending on its condition. Its prices also drop sharply every time Microsoft releases a new console model.

Xbox Series S Resale Market Prices
Gadget Traders$72.00Compare
* Best market prices updated January 29th 2023

Everyone Still Wants to Own a Microsoft Xbox Series S

The general rule in buying used gaming consoles is that you can sell your old Xbox Series X for roughly 60% of its retail price. While prices vary between stores, the value of a Microsoft Xbox Series S remains high because it is still a popular device.

What to Expect?

It’s important to consider that the resale value of your gaming device is always considerably lower than a brand-new set. Anytime you purchase a product, the value decreases as soon as you take it out of the box or packaging and use it.

While you shouldn’t expect to receive what you paid for the system when you sell, the value can still go a long way towards reducing the cost of your next device or system.

Top 3 Places to Sell an Xbox Series S

There are multiple places to sell your Microsoft Xbox Series S (or Xbox Series X). Different options may be preferable for you or may fit your needs more effectively, depending on your priorities.

Read the following sections to find some great options where you can trade in your Microsoft Xbox Series S and answer the question, “How much can I sell my Xbox Series S for?”

  • Online buyback stores: You can find and compare buyback stores that buy used Xbox Series S models on BankMyCell. These are highly-rated shops with good customer reviews and scores on Trustpilot, offering free shipping and returns for sellers.
  • GameStop: With a Trustpilot rating of 3.30/5, GameStop has a trade-in program for many devices but only offers store credit instead of cash. It’s also not the best option for those with a broken console because they no longer accept faulty units.
  • eBay: It’s a well-known platform for trading in used electronics and gadgets. Aside from sale fees, the platform can consume your time because you must post your listing, upload a photo of your item, describe its current condition, and do other things required to complete a post.

Compare Buyback Offers Online

Online buyback stores provide owners with a straightforward way to turn their old or unused devices into cash. These sites remove the need to set up an auction or search for buyers.

They also typically offer higher rates compared to in-store trade-ins. Online buyback stores currently offer solid rates for used Xbox Series S consoles, although faulty devices are worth less. Every time a next-gen console from Microsoft comes out, older models lose value.

How Much Is a Used Xbox Series S Worth?

To answer your question, ‘how much can you sell an Xbox Series S for?’ you have to assess the current condition of your game system.

  • Good or Mint Condition: An Xbox Series X in mint or good condition has a high trade-in value, primarily when you sell it online. An Xbox Series X that still works well without any software issues will receive a solid trade-in value.
  • Faulty Condition: Unfortunately, deals are currently very low for non-functioning Xbox Series X and S systems.
Xbox Series S Resale Market Prices
Gadget Traders$72.00Compare
* Best market prices updated January 29th 2023


GameStop is an easy option for gamers who want to trade their old Xbox Series X. The store accepts most game systems and games in exchange for store credit, and the trade-in process is quick and easy. Their prices are lower compared to online buyback stores, but the process is immediate and helpful; therefore a good option if you want to clear up some space. Consider these details before choosing to trade your device.
The process is straightforward if you take your console into GameStop for a trade-in.

  1. Bring your Xbox Series S to a GameStop store and have it evaluated that it works well.
  2. Receive your store credit and can apply it to purchasing your next Microsoft Xbox, another controller, or other hardware.


GameStop is a good option for those looking for store credit for a future purchase at the store. Keep in mind that their stock might be limited.


While GameStop provides an intuitive trade-in system that is easy for owners to figure out, the prices they offer are pretty low.
In most cases, owners can get far more cash by pursuing other deals, although it may require more effort.


This website allows you to place items for auction and list the details, ultimately selling to the highest bidder. Additionally, you can set a price you want to sell at and wait for a buyer to agree to it by using the “buy it now” feature.


eBay is an excellent option if you want the highest possible return for your Xbox Series S.


You must create a listing, upload photos of your device, and reply to customer queries which can take up your time.
The site only accepts PayPal as a payment method, so you must make an account before receiving your money.
The main concern when trading on eBay is the fees, as the platform requires sellers to pay for shipping.
It charges a fee of around 10% on every transaction. These costs cut into the money you'll make on the sale, adding another factor to consider when choosing a buyer.

Due to these factors, using an auction website is more complicated than many alternatives on this page. While it’s a great way to maximize the value of your Xbox, many owners may find it preferable to use a buyback store instead.

In Conclusion: The Best Place To Sell Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S Remains Popular Amongst Fans

If you have an old Xbox Series S and are interested in trading it in, it’s worth the effort because many users still want to purchase this model. Although this system isn’t the most highly-priced model on the market, buyers pay solid prices for used consoles.

With a range of available buyers from GameStop to online Xbox trade sites, it’s easy for owners to trade in their Xbox Series S consoles for a next-gen model at a discounted price.

Why Online Buyback Shops Are The Way to go

Online buyback shops provide the best value in terms of convenience and returns for individuals selling an older generation console.

BankMyCell makes it easy to compare deals from various online buyback stores, which are proven to offer a high trade-in value for used gadgets. Now that you know the answer to “how much can I sell my Xbox Series S for?” start comparing shops at our site now and get the most cash for your used device.

Sell at Marketplaces for Higher Prices But at More Risk and Effort

Marketplaces will offer a high price for your device. You can make more money if you’re willing to pursue a private sale through eBay or a similar store. These sites allow you to set up an auction or choose a price for your device that other users can see and purchase.

  • These auctions can increase the returns for electronics and other open-box items, but the risk of scams and timewasters on these platforms is high.
  • Additionally, the high fees eBay charges may counter-balance these more significant profits.
  • Therefore, many users turn to Craigslist or other local selling services, but this is also a far from a perfect solution.

Selling your device on Craigslist, OfferUp, or any other local listing service may seem convenient and easy, but it means you’ll likely have to meet the buyer in person.

  • It’s easy to create a listing.
  • Meeting a stranger can be dangerous, even in a public place
  • The risk of scams is significantly higher. For these reasons, many owners prefer to sell or trade their devices on a buyback site or online store.

GameStop Offers Low Values

GameStop is a quick and easy option for trade-ins of a wide selection of games and devices, but they minimize Xbox Series S trade-in value.

  • While it may be tempting to choose GameStop for an Xbox Series S trade-in, the cash value will be far lower than nearly any other option.
  • It may be worth exploring if you want store credit; otherwise, we recommend getting better deals elsewhere.