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    Help Centre FAQ's

    Commonly asked consumer questions answered

    Payment Questions

    Find out all you need to know regarding trade-in payments

    How long will it take for me to get the cash?
    The recycler will pay you as soon as they check your device. Normally this is on the same day they receive it. How long it takes this money to reach you depends on the payment method you choose. With PayPal, for example, it’s instant, while checks can take up to seven working days to arrive.
    Why should I choose PayPal to get paid?
    PayPal is one of the biggest and best-known online payment platforms in the world. It is secure and easy to use, plus it is quick. Once recyclers receive your device they check it and then pay you the money. If you use PayPal, the money will be instantly available to you.
    I haven’t been paid yet even though I sent the device. Why?
    Once the recycler receives your device they will check it. They will then send you an email to confirm payment has been made. The only option where you will immediately receive the money is PayPal. All other options take time to arrive – up to seven days for checks, for example. Have you not received an email but think the recycler should have received the device? You should contact them to enquire.
    What are the payment methods that are available?
    The recyclers we list offer a range of payment options. This includes PayPal, which is the fastest. In fact, with PayPal you usually get your money immediately after the recycler pays it. Other payment methods that are available include check, gift card, and charity donation.
    I don’t want to sell my device anymore. What do I do?
    You have 30 days to send your device to the recycler once you confirm with them. If you don’t want to sell it to them anymore, don’t ship it. Of course, you won’t get paid in this situation. If you have already shipped the device, you will need to contact the recycler directly to cancel.
    I want to donate the money I get for my device to charity. How do I do this?
    You will find a Donate page on the Bank My Cell website. It outlines how you can donate your old device to a charity. There are several options available, which means you can pick the best one for you.

    Shipping Questions

    Making shipping your device a breeze!

    Do I need to send anything else with the device?
    In most situations, you only need to send the device itself. That said, there are occasions where the recycler will ask for accessories like chargers and may even pay you more if you have them. Make sure you check the options that are available before agreeing the price and sending your device.
    How much does it cost to ship my device to the recycler?
    Shipping is free, so you don’t have to pay anything. When you confirm your order with the recycler, it will send you a pre-paid shipping package that you can use to send them your device.
    Is it possible to send multiple devices at a time?
    Some recyclers offer this option, including Gazelle, but not all. If you are doing this, make sure you label each device in the package clearly to avoid delays in getting payment. You will also need to ensure you pack the devices carefully to avoid damage in transit, which will reduce the amount of money you will get.
    When will I get my pre-paid kit?
    It can take up to seven working days for the pre-paid shipping kit to arrive. If it is over seven days and you still don’t have it, you should get in touch with the recycler. Some recyclers also give you the option of printing a pre-paid shipping label which you can then use to send your device instantly.
    How do I delete the private data on my device?
    Before you start deleting anything off your device, make sure you have a backup. This includes photos, contacts, and other information. Don’t forget to remove SD cards too. To delete the data on your Android device, go to Settings then Backup and Reset. The Factory Data Reset option will delete all your data. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings, then to General, then Reset.
    What should I do to unlock the phone?
    Before sending your phone to the recycler you should disable the passwords using the phone’s settings option. You should disable the Find My iPhone feature on iPhones too. You may also need to contact your cell phone provider to disconnect the phone from your account.

    Popular Questions

    Last but not least, answers to general questions we get daily

    Is there anything I need to do to the device before I send it to the recycler?
    You should disable your passwords, back up your information, and then wipe all your data from the device before you send it. You should also deactivate all Wi-Fi networks. Many of these actions are performed by doing a factory reset, although make sure you back up your information before doing this.
    Why should I use Bank My Cell?
    There are several reasons for using our comparison tool service. Firstly, you can find the best price for your device in a couple of minutes. Secondly, you can trust the recyclers on our website as we’ve tested and vetted them. Finally, we are independent.
    Do I send my device to Bank My Cell?
    We are not a recycler, which means you should not send your device to us. Instead, we are a comparison tool that you can use to compare the prices offered for your device. This ensures you get the best price. You should then send the device to the recycler to get the money. They will send you an email when they receive it.
    How much will I get for my old phone?
    This depends on several factors. This includes the make and model of your phone as well as its condition. Broken phones, for example, are worth much less than working phones. Your network carrier can also affect the device as can the device’s features, such as how much memory it has. To get an exact quote, however, use the search box at the top of this page.
    How do I use Bank My Cell?
    Bank My Cell compares the prices of all the leading recyclers in the US, ensuring you get as much cash as possible for your device. Simply search for your device using the search box on this page – you’ll find it at the top. You will then see the prices available from all relevant recyclers. Select the best option, send them your device, and get your cash.
    My device is not listed on Bank My Cell. What should I do?
    You will find all major device brands and models on Bank My Cell, including rare models and more unusual devices. We can’t guarantee that every device will be listed, though. We may still be able to give you prices for your device, however. Simply send us a message using the form on our contact page with information on your device and we’ll look into it.