Sell a Blacklisted iPad with Bad ESN or IMEI - (Any Carrier)

Sell blacklisted iPad with bad ESN

Can I Sell My Blacklisted iPad?

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  • Do you think you have a blacklisted iPad? In this article, you’ll learn what it means to have a blacklisted iPad.
  • Discover what causes a blacklisted iPad and how to remove it on the blacklist.
  • Learn your options for selling a blacklisted iPad, from selling it on marketplaces and buyback companies.

TL;DR: Article Summary:

  • Selling Blacklisted iPads: If you plan to sell your iPad with bad ESN/IMEI, you should sell it to buyback companies on BankMyCell since they offer the best price for blacklisted devices. They also have a more convenient process than online marketplaces and merchants since BankMyCell offers upfront quotes and multiple payment options like a check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit.
  • What it means: A blacklisted iPad means you can not use the device for any cellular connection feature, such as texting, calling, and browsing online using mobile data, since a carrier like T-Mobile or Verizon has blocked its IMEI/ESN.
  • How it gets blacklisted: An iPad can be blacklisted by a carrier if there’s still an unpaid bill under its contract or if it’s been reported or lost, among other causes.
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What Does It Mean If My iPad Is Blacklisted?

An iPad gets blacklisted if it has been reported lost or stolen by its previous owner. Basically, a blacklisted iPad cannot connect to cell towers providing CDMA networks and GSM networks. This means you are not capable of making calls and sending messages, because it couldn’t connect to any cellular network. Surfing online using cellular data won’t also be possible.

How Much is Your Blacklisted iPad Worth?

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What Causes Bad IMEI/ESN on an iPad?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and ESN (Electronic Serial Number) are unique numbers that uniquely identify your iPad. If you get a bad ESN or IMEI, that means your current carrier is has blacklisted your iPad and no longer usable.

Here are some possible reasons why an iPad gets bad ESN/IMEI:

Carrier issues: If you have an unpaid remaining balance and violations on your contract under carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, your mobile network may blacklist your iPad. So if you owe money to your carrier, simply pay your due and your iPad will be unblacklisted most likely on the same day.

Devices reported as lost or stolen: If a device is reported as lost or stolen, the carrier can blacklist it and results to a bad ESN or IMEI. This is done to prevent the device from connecting to the network and to deter theft.

Fraudulent behavior: If an iPad is involved in fraudulent conduct, like making unlawful calls or texts, the carrier can blacklist the device which results to a bad IMEI or ESN. This is a carrier’s way to prevent the device from being used for further fraudulent behavior.

Unauthorized modifications: There are also instances when an iPad is unlocked or jailbroken without the carrier’s permission. For example, some users try to forcefully switch carriers using risky software. As a result, the carrier might blacklist it and result to a bad ESN or IMEI. This prevents the iPad from being used on the network in an unsafe or unauthorized manner.

Can I Sell Blacklisted iPads with a Bad ESN?

You might ask if you can sell your iPad with a bad IMEI or ESN. Yes, there are a variety of solutions open to you:

Sell to online buyback stores: Several companies specialize in purchasing devices with a blacklisted IMEI. They will provide a quote upfront, free shipping, and payment options like a check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit. Remember that your iPad’s worth may be lower than an unblacklisted device.

Sell for parts: If you have an iPad with bad ESN or IMEI, its components may still be valuable to repair shops. These parts can be sold on platforms like eBay or Craigslist.

Trade-in or exchange: You can try selling your iPad on Facebook Marketplace or similar platforms. However, the gadget’s worth will be lower than that of an unblacklisted iPad and these sites don’t offer money-back guarantees.

Remember that selling a blacklisted iPad to an unknowing buyer is unethical and unlawful. That’s why you should always inform potential buyers that your iPad is blacklisted and provide complete information.

Selling iPads With Bad ESN on BankMyCell

You can still sell your iPad with a bad ESN to BankMyCell. We have partnered with buyback companies that specialize in buying blacklisted devices.

Here’s how to sell your iPad with BankMyCell step by step:

How to sell, step-by-step

  1. Search for your iPad model: On the search bar, enter your iPad model on the BankMyCell website and pick “blacklisted“. Following that, you will see quotes from several buyback companies.
  2. Compare quotes: Compare offers from several buyback firms and select the one that provides the best value for your blacklisted iPad.
  3. Ship your iPad for free: Once you’ve decided on a buyback firm, use the pre-paid shipping kit to ship your iPad for free. To ensure your iPad reaches you safely and on time, follow the shipping instructions carefully.
  4. Get paid: After the store receives and inspects your iPad, you will be compensated via check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit.

Selling your blacklisted iPad with BankMyCell is a straightforward process that can help you regain a part of the value of your gadget. To guarantee a seamless transaction, declare that the device is blacklisted and offer precise details regarding its state.

FAQ: What To Know When Selling Blocked iPads

Q: Can I Sell My Blacklisted iPad?

Yes, you can sell your blacklisted iPad like broken or activation locked devices. However, expect to be paid less than the price of a used iPad that is not blacklisted.

Q: Who buys blacklisted iPads near me?

There’s an easy answer to the question “where to sell blacklisted iPad near me?” Similar to devices with Apple ID issues, and activation-locked or iCloud-locked devices, you have various options when it comes to selling a blacklisted iPad. You can try selling its parts to repair shops or on Facebook Marketplace.

However, you should expect to be paid cheaper since the iPad is no longer fully functional. You can also sell your iPad to buyback companies that offer instant quotes and free shipping.

Q: How to sell my iPads with bad ESN?

You can post a listing on online platforms like Facebook Marketplace and eBay. However, the former can be risky since you will be meeting up with a stranger, while the latter may take some time since a blacklisted iPad is not the most popular product to buy on the site.

Another good option when selling an iPad with a bad ESN is to go for buyback companies. Through BankMyCell, buyback stores will immediately provide instant quotes and allow you to ship your iPad for free, which is more convenient than the first options.

Q: Can I Sell iPads with a bad ESN?

An iPad with a bad ESN means it is blacklisted. So yes, you can still sell it but at a lower price than an iPad that isn’t blacklisted.

Q: Where Can You Sell My Blacklisted iPad (Bad ESN/IMEI)?

You can sell your iPad to buyback companies that offer the best price for your device. They offer free shipping and free return if they find any problem with your iPad. You can also sell online via Facebook Marketplace and eBay at a lower price and a more time-consuming process.


If you have an iPad with faulty ESN/IMEI, it indicates that its cellular connection functionalities are unavailable because your current carrier has blocked it. This results in bad ESN or IMEI. When an iPad is reported lost or stolen, or involved in fraudulent activities like forcibly trying to switch carriers via third-party software, it gets blacklisted.

A blacklisted iPad can be sold through marketplaces or repair shops that need individual parts. However, the most viable option is selling it to a buyback company on BankMyCell, which pays the highest price for an iPad with blacklisted IMEI.

BankMyCell has partnered with buyback firms that specialize in purchasing blacklisted devices. When you sell through BankMyCell, you get an upfront quote, a free shipping label, and payment options via check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit. Selling your blacklisted iPad with BankMyCell is a quick and painless process.