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    Find the Value of Your Samsung Watch

    We all have old and unused electronics at home. BankMyCell offers a way to turn those unwanted gadgets into cash. Our innovative platform lets you see how much people will pay for your Samsung Watch in seconds.

    BankMyCell uses a pricing algorithm to find buyers across the web. When you want to sell your Samsung Watch, we display real-time offers, showing you the secondhand worth. The process connects buyers and sellers at the optimal price point, so both parties win.

    Where to Sell Your Samsung Watch

    More than a million people have trusted BankMyCell to sell their electronics. We've sold Samsung Watches since its inauguration in 2018, and continue to support the latest models. BankMyCell is the leading platform for selling Samsung Watches, regardless of their condition or features.

    Before BankMyCell, you had to post your watch on multiple websites and hope for a buyer. You may have even used eBay and created an auction without assurance about the final price. BankMyCell eliminates the uncertainty with safe, secure, and guaranteed buyers and payments for your Samsung Watch.

    How to Sell Your Samsung Watch

    BankMyCell simplifies selling your Samsung Watch. We use an intuitive interface and instant quotes, so you find an immediate buyer.

    Here are the five steps to turn your watch in cash.

    • Select your Samsung Watch model or use the BankMyCell search box at the top of the page.
    • Confirm details about the watch, including its condition.
    • BankMyCell aggregates the people willing to buy your watch and their offers. Scroll over the proposals and select the best one.
    • Mail the Samsung Watch to the buyer for free.
    • After the watch arrives, the buyer will confirm the condition and send you a direct deposit.

    Confirm Your Samsung Watch Sale

    There are three possible outcomes after you sell your Samsung Watch. The buyer confirming the condition and approving the transaction is the most straightforward possibility. It’s a hassle-free experience for both parties.

    The inspector may determine that the listed condition doesn't match the actual one. They will submit a new price that you can accept or reject. If you agree to the price change, expect a direct deposit in your bank account shortly.

    BankMyCell also allows you to get back your Samsung Watch. All our transactions come with no obligation so that BankMyCell can return your watch before the direct deposit. We cover the cost of shipping, so you don’t have to.

    BankMyCell values customer privacy and works to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. We wipe every device clean during the transaction. That includes removing and destroy the SIM card in the watch.

    Can I Sell a Broken or Damaged Samsung Watch?

    A broken device is not a worthless device. BankMyCell has plenty of buyers looking for broken and damaged Samsung Watches. They purchase unwanted items, repair or refurbish them, and sell them secondhand.

    You’ll never know how much your Samsung Watch is worth if it stays in storage. Enter the model number and select the condition “Cracked/Faulty.” You may be pleased to see the number of buyers willing to purchase your Samsung Watch.

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