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    How Much is My Samsung Tablet Worth?

    How much your Samsung tablet is worth will depend on a wide range of factors, such as how old it is and the model—but you can get offers for it right here at BankMyCell. At BankMyCell, we round up the best buyers to ensure you get the best price for your old electronics.

    Let’s find out! BankMyCell is America’s largest tech trade-in comparison site. All you need to do is type in your Samsung tablet's model number into the search bar, and BankMyCell will pull up a list of offers from buyers across the country.

    Where Can I Sell My Samsung Tablet?

    We’ll give you a list of buyers—and their offers—for your Samsung tablet in a matter of seconds. We eliminate the hassle of checking trade-in prices at multiple stores and websites and present you with everything you need to sell your old Samsung tablet in one convenient location.

    Even better, our best-price-guarantee program provides you with the peace of mind that you got the best possible price on your Samsung tablet trade-in. If you find a buyer willing to pay more, we’ll give you double the difference back.

    How Do I Sell My Samsung Tablet?

    It’s never been easier to sell your Samsung tablet. Just follow these simple steps:

    • Type in your Samsung tablet model number or find it in the search box.
    • Our comparison tool will generate a list of the best prices for your used Samsung tablet.
    • Send your device to your preferred buyer.
    • Wait for the cash—and you’re done.

    Who Buys Used Samsung Tablets?

    Your Samsung device will find love again, we promise. When you ship the device to the buyer of your choice, it will be carefully evaluated. If parts need to be repaired or replaced, it will be fixed and sold as ‘pre-owned,’ ‘used,’ or ‘refurbished.’

    That way, fewer devices will find their way to the landfill. If your Samsung tablet can’t be fixed, it will be taken apart in the most environmentally safe manner possible. The parts will then be recycled or disposed of as necessary.

    We are committed to a green America, and we take our work seriously.

    Do You Buy Broken Samsung Tablets?

    Yes! Our buy-back partners will buy your old Samsung tablet regardless of its condition. Some of America’s biggest recyclers are listed on our website. We have prices for tablets in all conditions. Whether it is broken, faulty, or plain old, we have a buyer to take it off your hands.

    Why store your old Samsung tablet at home? Trade it in for some cash and ensure it’s sent to a new home or recycled responsibly.

    If you are thinking that sending your tablet off might not be worth the hassle—think again. While broken or faulty devices are not as valuable as new, functioning ones, you’ll still make a little cash off your sale.

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