Can You Sell Locked iPhones? (Including iCloud, Passcode & Activation Locked iPhones)

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| Updated on May 22, 2024
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  • We made a straightforward guide to help you turn your locked device into cash, ensuring you find the best buyer without hassle.
  • Unlocking your iPhone could significantly increase its value. If you have your password, we’ll show you the steps to unlock your device, allowing you to command a higher price.
  • We break down the specifics of each lock type, guiding you on navigating these barriers and securing the best offer for your locked iPhone.

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SOLVED: How To Sell Your Locked iPhone

There are many buyback stores that pay for your locked iPhone legally, an iCloud-locked iPhone can be sold to online buyback stores for cash.

Today’s Top iCloud Locked iPhone Price:

Follow these steps to sell:

  1. Find your device and select the “iCloud Locked” status.
  2. Select your storage capacity and condition.
  3. Compare quotes, ship for free, get paid.

Unlock your device for better value

If possible, unlocking your iPhone can significantly increase its resale value. To remove iCloud lock on your device you must restore the iPhone to its original settings. Make sure you have backed up your device before you reset. Here’s how:

  1. Connect your device to Wi-Fi
  2. Go to Settings > [your name], and select iCloud
  3. Select iCloud Backup > Backup Now
  4. Wait for the process to complete
Unlock with Apple ID & Password

Using the device you’re selling:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset
  2. Select Erase All Content and Settings
  3. Select Erase Now > Enter your Apple ID passcode
  4. Confirm you understand the implications, select Erase iPhone
  5. Select Erase iPhone again
  6. Wait for the process to complete


Even if you are unable to unlock your device there are still companies who will buy your locked iPhone.

Unlock using iCloud

Using a different device:

  1. Sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID through a web browser
  2. Click on Find iPhone
  3. Click on All Devices at the top of your screen
  4. Choose the device you wish to remove from iCloud
  5. Select Erase [device]. Press Next until the device is erased
  6. Press Remove from account
  7. Wait for the process to complete


If you are struggling to remove the iCloud lock on your iPhone there are companies who will buy your locked iPhone.

Selling an iPhone with iCloud Lock

If you have purchased a used iPhone and it is iCloud Locked the only way to resolve this issue is for the original owner to log out of their account.

If you cannot remove the iCloud Lock from your iPhone you can still sell it. It’s important to clearly understand what iCloud Lock means before selling. As long as you acquired the phone legally there are no restrictions to selling it. Follow the buyback companies’ policies to make sure you get an accurate quote for your device.

Upgrading your iPhone means finding a new home for your old one, but an iCloud lock can make this difficult by restricting its use for potential buyers. This can hinder your ability to attract buyers or get a good price.

At BankMyCell, we specialize in connecting sellers with reliable buyers for iCloud-locked iPhones and those with iOS or carrier locks. We’ll guide you through the process of selling your iCloud locked iPhone, discuss unlocking options to increase its value, and explain the differences between various types of locks to ensure a successful transaction.

How to Sell Your iCloud Locked iPhone

You can sell a locked phone. However, the type of lock on your iPhone is significant. For example, if your phone has a carrier lock on it, the buyer will only be able to use it on one network. The phone can also be jailed, which means it can only use applications via the iOS operating system. A lock of any kind will reduce the value of your phone.

If your iPhone has a carrier lock, buyers may be apprehensive about purchasing the device, even if it is brand new. If a buyer uses a different network, they will need to modify the phone before using it. Likewise, if the phone has an iOS usage limit, buyers will not derive optimal value from it.

Selling your locked phone is legal, and using our comparison tool, you can find a buyer for a phone with a lock, but you’ll likely receive far less than you would if you find a way to remove the lock.

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BE HONEST When You Sell a Locked iPhone

When selling an iPhone, or anything for that matter, honesty is the best policy, regardless of whether the sale is happening in-person or online.

Most resellers who buy locked iPhones have buying terms and policies. If you don’t disclose all the information about your phone’s locks or its condition, it will waste a lot of time. In most cases, the entity will not release the funds into your account, and you will have to pay a return shipping fee.

If you are honest about the phone’s condition, however, you and the buyer can reach a consensus from the start and be satisfied with the terms of the transaction.

If you have an iPhone with a lock, pay attention to the buyer’s rules. Most online cellphone buyback companies state their policies clearly, but always read the buyback program’s fine print to find out if you can sell them a locked iPhone.

Can I Unlock an iPhone Before I Sell It?

If a buyback program doesn’t accept iPhones with locks or you want to get higher offers, you can unlock your device before selling it. Removing a lock will make it much easier to sell your phone.

Option 1: I DO have my Apple ID & Password

If you know your Apple ID and password, you can remove the Apple Activation lock feature and iCloud lock yourself.

Read more: How to remove iCloud Locks and Find My iPhone

Option 2: I DON’T have my Apple ID & Password

If your phone has a carrier lock, however, you may need the help of someone who can jailbreak your phone. Jailbreaking an iPhone requires specific software and technical skills. This service costs around $20 to $30, but it can increase your selling price significantly, and most buyers don’t mind buying a jailbroken phone.

Read more: 4 Ways to factory reset a locked iPhone

Can I Sell a Locked iPhone for Parts?

Yes, it’s possible, but selling a passcode-locked iPhone for parts can be challenging due to a smaller market, making it generally more practical to sell the whole device.

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

iCloud Activation Lock is an essential security feature by Apple. It prevents unauthorized use or resale of your phone by requiring your Apple ID and password for actions like factory resetting, turning off Find My Phone, or formatting the device. This lock ensures your data is safe and the phone remains inaccessible without the right credentials.

Read more: What Does iCloud Locked Mean

Can I Sell an iPhone that’s Activation Locked?

Yes, you can legally sell an iPhone with an activation lock. However, it’s important to consider a few key points:

  • Limited Buyer Interest: Private buyers looking for personal use may not be willing to pay the market price for a locked iPhone.
  • Security Concerns: Some buyers may have questionable motives or possess the ability to bypass the Activation Lock. This could potentially grant them access to your iCloud account, including sensitive financial information.

The best approach is to find a reputable buyback vendor that doesn’t require you to disable the Activation Lock on your iPhone. Explore trustworthy and verified buyers for your carrier locked iPhones on BankMyCell.

How Selling Locked iPhones Works

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SellLocked purchases locked iPhones

  1. Simply select your phone from the list
  2. They’ll provide you with a quote of what they’ll pay
  3. They’ll forward a FREE shipping label
  4. You then mail your iPhone to them
  5. They pay you via check or PayPal within 1-5 days

What is a Locked iPhone?

An iPhone is locked if some of its access restriction features are enabled. There are several ways to lock an iPhone, depending on your security, functionality, or network requirements.

  • Touchscreen Lock: Prevents unintended app openings or calls. Activate by inactivity or manually with the lock button. Unlock via pattern, fingerprint, or PIN.
  • Carrier Lock: Limits the iPhone to one service provider (e.g., AT&T, Verizon) to enforce loyalty. Unlocking or jailbreaking can increase its resale value.
  • iCloud Lock (Activation Lock): Protects data, requiring your Apple ID and password for access. Disable before selling for the best price.
  • Find My iPhone: Tracks your phone’s location. Turn it off by disabling iCloud or resetting the iPhone before the sale.

Find a Buyer to Sell Your Locked iPhone with BankMyCell

If you want to sell passcode locked iPhones, BankMyCell can help. Use our services to find a trusted buyer for your phone, as well as the price that your phone is truly worth.

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  • Choose a Buyer: Pick a buyback store from our list.
  • Ship for Free: Send your iPhone using our pre-paid kit.
  • Get Paid: Once approved, receive your payment quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Apple buy back a locked iPhone?

Apple does not buy back locked iPhones directly, as their trade-in program requires the device to be unlocked and free of any activation locks or iCloud locks to ensure the phone can be reused or recycled. However, for those aiming to sell their locked iPhones, BankMyCell provides a comparison tool to identify buyback stores ready to buy locked devices, offering an effective solution to Apple’s restrictions.

What to do if you can't unlock your iPhone before selling?

You still have options if you cannot unlock your iPhone before selling. Selling the device as is to a buyer willing to take on the challenge of unlocking it themselves can be a path forward. BankMyCell can assist in this scenario by connecting sellers with trusted buyback stores specializing in buying a passcode locked iPhone, ensuring you still receive a fair offer for your device despite its locked status.

What are the risks of selling a locked iPhone?

There are some risks when you sell carrier locked iPhones, such as reduced selling price and a smaller pool of potential buyers. To mitigate these risks, be transparent about the lock status of your iPhone when listing it for sale.