How Much is my PS5 Worth? (Playstation 5 Trade-in)

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| Updated on May 22, 2024
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  • Learn how to assess your PS5’s market value accurately considering its condition and edition, preparing you for a well-informed sale.
  • Discover the best platform for selling your PS5 by comparing online buyback stores, physical shops, and marketplaces tailored to your selling needs.
  • Get practical tips on improving your PS5’s resale appeal, focusing on presentation and the best timing to ensure you secure the top offer.
Sell PS5 Digital Edition
Sell PS5 Standard Edition

Selling your PS5 can be confusing due to different prices and options. Finding the best deal is challenging because the PS5’s price varies widely across trade-in locations, online marketplaces, and buyback services, especially with its high demand and limited stock.

BankMyCell offers a straightforward solution by comparing prices from various sources, helping you understand the value of your PS5 depending on its condition and edition. With our price comparison tool, you can easily find the best option to sell your PS5 and get the most money with minimal effort.

What's my PS5 Worth

How Much is a Used PS5 Worth?

PS5 Standard Edition Resale Market Prices
BuyBackWorld$322.00$250.00Compare Offers
GadgetPickup$303.00$257.00Compare Offers
ItsWorthMore$280.00$255.00Compare Offers
Tronics Pay$250.00$200.00Compare Offers
Cell Tech$250.00$250.00Compare Offers
* Best market prices updated May 25th 2024

Depending on its condition, the PS5 Standard Edition’s resale price is currently between $160.26 and $305.00. With high demand and limited stock, prices remain strong, allowing used PS5s to sell for up to or above 55% of the original retail price despite potential future drops with new model releases.

How Much is a PS5 Digital Edition Worth?

PS5 Digital Edition Resale Market Prices
Cell Tech$220.00$220.00Compare
Tronics Pay$200.00$160.00Compare
* Best market prices updated May 25th 2024

You can sell your PS5 Digital Edition for $132.76 to $282.00, depending on its condition. Units in good shape with minimal scratches fetch better prices, while defective ones have little value. The PS5 Digital Edition, popular for its disc-less design, caters to users preferring digital downloads over physical discs, offering convenience and accessibility for gaming at home.

Top 4 Places to Sell PlayStation 5 Consoles

Some frequently searched queries on Google include finding the best place to sell a PS5 console or determining the price of PS5 consoles. We recommend you first compare all your options to achieve a higher selling price.

We compiled all the information you need to get the most money for your old PS5. These include prices, the current quality of a unit that buyback shops accept, and other things to expect before trading in your device.

BEST OPTION: Compare Buyback Offers Online

An online buyback store is one of the choices for selling old PS5 consoles. On the BankMyCell site, you can compare prices from reputable buyback companies with great reviews. Select the best PS5 trade-in offer from a particular store, pack and ship your console, and you will be paid via PayPal, direct deposit, or check.

Conditions that BankMyCell accepts

The resale price of your unit will be primarily dictated by its current quality. A PS5 that still has the original packaging and perfectly functioning will usually get a higher price than an item without its box. Be honest about its condition because if it does not match your description when it arrives, you may lose the sale.

  • Flawless/Mint: The PS5 looks almost brand new with no scratches. It has no software or hardware issues.
  • Used/Good: The PS5 might have some minor surface damage like light scratches. There should be no software or hardware issues.

BankMyCell Buyback Process

BankMyCell uses a three-step process so you can compare resale prices and earn money for your old unit:

  • Get an offer: Receive an instant quote when you click the PS5 option on the search box and specify its condition. Choose the best deals from the list of offers and earn as much money as possible for your used device.
  • Send your PS5: Shipping is always free! The buyback company you’ve selected on the page will pay for the shipping cost so you can send your gaming console for inspection. To make things as simple as possible, they will usually send you a fully paid shipping kit.
  • Receive payment: Expect that you will be paid quickly after the recycler evaluates the quality of your PS5. They pay with a check or via direct or PayPal deposit.

Person-to-Person Marketplaces (e.g., eBay / Facebook)

eBay (Auction Website)

With approximately 1.5 billion active listings, eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces. It is a site where you can sell different consoles and games, including Xbox Series X and, of course, your old PS5.

Marketplaces are also a popular option since you have more control over the price you set. You may be able to increase your price a bit, but you must first create an account and link your PayPal account before you can list your PS5 on the website. You will also be charged a significant portion of the sale price as a finders fee. The work required to sell on marketplaces discourages some sellers, opting for buyback sites instead.

  • The PS5 Standard Edition has an average eBay resale price of around 48% more than buyback stores
  • The PS5 Digital Edition  has an average eBay resale price of around 45% more than buyback stores

Swappa (Specialist P2P Marketplace)

Swappa is a marketplace for used technology that believes in cutting out the middleman so that customers can participate in a community market with the best rates. This means that its system allows buyers of consoles such as the PS5 to negotiate directly with sellers.

  • The PS5 Standard Edition has an average eBay resale price of around 25% more than buyback stores
  • The PS5 Digital Edition  has an average eBay resale price of around 37% more than buyback stores

GameStop's Trade-in

GameStop is an incredible place for fast and easy selling of PS5 consoles. However, note that cash buyback deals from GameStop may be significantly less than the other options mentioned above. If you opt for store credit, the price might increase a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do seasonal trends affect PS5 resale value?

Seasonal trends greatly affect your PS5’s resale price. Prices often rise during high-demand times like the holiday season but can decrease when demand falls. To get the best deal, compare daily updated quotes on BankMyCell. This helps you find the store offering your desired price and accepting your PS5’s condition.

What should I include with my PS5 when selling it?

When selling your PS5, include all original components like the controller, disc drive, power cable, HDMI cable, and any other accessories that came with it. Original packaging can also increase its appeal and value.

Why are used PS5s sometimes priced higher than new ones?

Used PS5s are sometimes more expensive than new ones, especially for models that are no longer in production or hard to find. However, this doesn’t happen often. Online buyback retailers like BankMyCell usually offer better rates for new units. So, you can still make good cash selling your used PS5 through BankMyCell.