Best PlayStation 4 Used Price: How Much is my PS4 Worth? (Sep 2023)

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  • Thinking about selling your PS4 but aren’t sure what it’s worth? We got you covered!
  • Depending on the system’s condition, model, and storage capacity, you could get somewhere between $53.52 and $101.14. That’s not a bad chunk of change, considering it came out in 2013. 
  • But where can you sell a PlayStation 4 for the most money? eBay / Gamestop / Buyback Stores?
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How Much is a Used PS4 Worth?

Today's Best PS4 Resale Prices
DeviceMax PriceMin Price
Playstation PS4 Pro$101.14$5.66Compare
Playstation PS4 Slim$65.90$2.83Compare
Playstation PS4$67.75$2.83Compare
* Best market prices updated September 24th 2023

The PS4 might be an older system, but it’s still incredibly popular. That being said, new generations of game consoles come out regularly. If you’re going to sell, you should sell soon, before the system becomes obsolete or completely floods the used market and drives the prices down.

So, let’s talk about money. As a rule of thumb, a used PlayStation 4 generally sells for about 50-55% of its retail price. An average Playstation 4 with a single controller, a 500GB hard drive, and cords currently costs $299 brand new.

Right now, depending on the model and condition, your used console would likely sell for around $53.52 to $101.14. However, this amount will continue to drop as more recent models debut, similar to what happened when the PS5 came on the scene.

Top 3: Where to Sell Playstation 4 Consoles?

You have various options when it comes to selling a used game console. Let’s break it down…

  • Online buyback stores
  • Gamestop
  • eBay

Compare Buyback Offers Online

The first place you should look into is an online buyback store. You can use a comparison site to find the best deals from trustworthy buyback stores with 5-star reviews. Accept the deal from the store with the best up-front PS4 trade-in value, pack and ship your console, and you’ll receive your money through PayPal, direct deposit, or a check. It truly is that simple!

How Much Can You Sell a PS4 For?

That all depends on what type of Playstation 4 you own. The PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, and the original PS4 all had various price points, so their trade-in value will differ as well.

PS4 Pro Trade-in Value (Sep 2023)

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How Much Is a PlayStation 4 Pro Worth?

The PS4 Pro trade-in value is higher than the other models. The used prices currently offered at buyback range from $83.05 to $101.14, depending on condition. If your PlayStation 4 Pro is pristine, you stand to make more money on your deal.

Compare PS4 Pro Trade-In Deals

Stores will still pay reasonable rates for a PS4 Pro in good condition with minimal scratching, but a dead or faulty model isn’t worth much these days. Your PS4 Pro hard drive size also affects its value. Understandably, the 2 TB model means a bigger payout for you than the one with only 1 TB of space.

Best PS4 Pro Resale Prices
* Best market prices updated September 24th 2023

PS4 Slim Trade-in Value (Sep 2023)

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How Much Is a PlayStation 4 Slim Worth?

The PS4 Slim has a trade-in value between $54.48 and $65.90 as of this month. Again, stores pay more for mint-condition models, middle-of-the-road prices for units in good condition, and little, if anything, for badly damaged consoles or those that no longer run. The PS4 Slim came with a 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive, and more storage means more cash in your pocket.

Compare PS4 Slim Trade-In Deals
Best PS4 Slim Resale Prices
* Best market prices updated September 24th 2023

Original PS4 Trade-in Value

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How Much Is an Original Playstation 4 Worth?

used original PS4 will currently get you between $53.52 and $67.75 at most buyback stores. It’s not a lot compared to the PS4 Pro. To maximize your payout, we recommend viewing all of your options on a comparison website first. Make sure you’re honest about its condition, though, because if it doesn’t match your description upon arrival, you may lose the sale entirely.

Compare PS4 Trade-In Deals

The original PS4 included a 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive, just like the Slim model that came after it. If you’re lucky enough to own the higher-storage console, you’ll make out slightly better when looking for a buyback.

Best PS4 Original Resale Prices
* Best market prices updated September 24th 2023

Gamestop Console Trade-ins

Gamestop is a great place for a quick and easy sale. Keep in mind, however, that a cash buyback could be significantly less than you’d get elsewhere. They only offer the total buyback value if you trade your console in for store credit.

eBay Marketplace Auction

Selling your original Playstation 4 on eBay could generate a more lucrative sale, but it can be a hassle if you don’t already have an account. You’ll need to set that up, attach an active PayPal account, and then spend time listing the item. eBay also charges you a large percentage of your sale as a kind of finders fee, so you still might fair better with a buyback store.

In Conclusion

The most important takeaway from this guide is that console prices change quickly. The latest Playstation model right now is the PS5, which means the Playstation 4 consoles are still in high demand, but the longer you wait to sell, the less money you’ll make.

As of this month, used PS4 consoles are worth between $53.52 and $101.14 based on the model and its condition. You may make a little more selling on eBay, but pay attention to the fees and shipping cost.

Selling to an online buyback store is more straightforward, and comparison websites allow you to choose the best deal possible. Avoid Gamestop unless you are looking for in-store