BankMyCell's EDI Policy

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

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BankMyCell, a leading price comparison site in the United States, promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion with its global operations. We are committed to establishing a workplace that respects our team’s diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives. Our varied team spans the UK, the USA, and the Philippines.

Company Values and Culture

Our values and culture ensure a harmonious and productive workplace in our daily operations, reflecting our belief that diversity and inclusion can drive innovation and excellence.

Our core values strive to:

  • Respect all individuals.
  • Embrace diverse and unique perspectives.
  • Create an inclusive workplace where every individual feels empowered and valued.

Goals and Commitments

We aim to cultivate a workplace culture that celebrates and embraces diversity, equality, and inclusion, reflecting our commitment to the diverse communities we serve.

Workforce Diversity

Our company takes pride in encompassing diversity in our workforce, including individuals from diverse backgrounds, genders, and age groups. Our recruitment and career advancement policies aim to provide equal opportunities for all.

Inclusion Practices

BankMyCell ensures an inclusive environment by actively promoting practices supporting underrepresented employees. This includes flexible working arrangements, mainly as we operate on a work-from-home basis, and ensuring all voices are heard and valued.

Training and Development

We provide extensive training through our online video portal to foster understanding and respect for diversity and inclusion. This training is mandatory for all employees and is conducted regularly to keep our team updated on best practices.

Complaints and Grievances

Employees can report discrimination or harassment through our HR department at our BPO staff supplier. We handle these complaints with utmost confidentiality, ensuring fair and transparent processes involving documentation and interviews.

Community and Social Responsibility

BankMyCell engages in community initiatives and partnerships that promote diversity and inclusion. We are committed to contributing to the broader societal conversation on these issues, reflecting our role as responsible corporate citizens.

Policy Review and Improvement

Our EDI policy undergoes an annual review to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. We strive to value and respect our team’s feedback and suggestions to foster a collaborative approach to developing this policy.

Legal Compliance

BankMyCell adheres to all legal requirements and standards for EDI in the US and the UK. Upholding these standards is of utmost importance across all aspects of our operations.

Accessibility and Accommodation

As a work-from-home organization, we ensure our digital platforms and communication methods are accessible to people with disabilities. We accommodate diverse needs by providing the necessary tools and support for remote working.


We at BankMyCell continue to promote and embrace equality, diversity, and inclusion by fostering a work environment where every individual can thrive.