How Much is an Apple Watch Series 7 Worth Now? Best Series 7 Used Prices (Apr 2024)

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How much is my Apple Watch Series 7 Worth

Compare Your Apple Watch Series 7 Resale Values

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| Updated on March 07, 2024
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  • You risk losing around $191.40 if you immediately take a buying offer without a comparison guide. Make sure you know where to find the best prices!
  • We compiled a list of the top stores where you can get the best deals, whether you want to sell your Apple device, upgrade, or buy another one.
  • Discover where you can sell Apple Watches for the best price on marketplaces, in-store trade-ins, carriers, or online buyback websites.

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Compare popular online, carrier & in-store trade-in offers
TODAY'S BEST Apple Watch Series 7 Trade-in Values
Watch Series 7$205.00$130.00$27.00Compare
Watch Nike Series 7$130.00$90.00$22.00Compare
* Best market prices updated April 22nd 2024

Apple Watch Series 7 is the succeeding model of the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. It was released with features like the Blood Oxygen app, fall detection, and Family Setup.

You may want to sell your used Apple Watch Series 7 to upgrade to newer models from a different brand, or you want extra cash to buy other Apple products. This article will inform you how much a used Apple Watch Series 7 is worth now, depending on its condition and the model you own.

Below is the summary of the buyback options we compared to give you an idea of the best place to sell your Apple watches.

  • Online Buyback Stores (e.g., BankMyCell) – offer the highest cash payout plus free shipping and return.
  • Carriers (e.g., Verizon) – offer various payment options like in-store trade-in credit and PayPal, but offers are lower than buyback stores.
  • Buyback Stores (e.g., Best Buy and GameStop) – you can sell your Apple device in-store or ship your item to them in exchange for gift cards or store credit.
  • Marketplaces (e.g., Swappa and eBay) – you can get a better price here, but you will still have to go through a little hassle in listing to sell it to consumers.

Selling your Apple Watch model to online buyback stores is the best option as trading it into carriers and other stores, including Apple stores, can result in losses of up to 27% of the market value.

How Much is an Apple Watch Series 7 Worth?

Today's Used Apple Watch Series 7 Market Value Breakdown

The best buyback shops will buy the old Apple Watch Series 7 for between $13.60 and $205.00, with the average resale or trade-in value being $125.80.

Compare Apple Watch Series 7 Values
Apple Watch Series 7 Resale Market Prices
Sell Locked$110.00$140.00Compare
Cell Tech$85.00$105.00Compare
Gadget Trader$10.50$13.60Compare
* Best market prices updated April 22nd 2024
  • Apple Watch Series 7 was released last October 2021, featuring a more robust crack-resistant front crystal, reengineered Always-On Retina display, ECG app, Blood Oxygen sensor, and 18-hour battery life. Additionally, it is designed to be water-resistant with a sustained WR50 grade and dust-resistant with IP6X certification.
  • Apple Watch Series 7, Apple’s latest smartwatch as of July 2022, will have a better trade-in value than older Apple watch models. However, the price will still vary based on several factors, including whether it is still in good condition, has connectivity, and more.

The considerations listed below will give you an idea of how to get the best deal and make more money.

Carrier Connectivity or GPS

The Apple Watch Series 7 value varies in connectivity. Some models offer cellular service and GPS (Global Positioning System), while others solely have GPS.

The distinction between the two is that with GPS + Cellular, you can send and receive messages, make calls, and do other activities via the Apple Watch directly, whereas GPS (Wi-Fi Only) requires that you are close to your iPhone to do most of these functions.

  • GPS + Cellular – will give you a better deal because of the additional functionality.
  • GPS (Wi-Fi Only) – offers a lower price than GPS and Cellular technologies models.

Watch Size

There are just two case sizes available for the Apple Watch Series 7. Look for the box of your Apple watch or measure it diagonally from corner to corner to ensure you have the correct size.

They usually all come with a one-size Nike band that fits 140 to 210mm wrists.

  • 45mm – will give you the higher offer because of the bigger screen size.
  • 41mm – which will offer you a lower offer than the largest size.

Watch Case & Strap Material (Style)

The casing materials are as follows:

  • Titanium – has the highest offer as it comes with a brushed finish that hides scratches.
  • Stainless steel – costs lower than titanium but higher than aluminum.
  • Aluminum – will get you the lowest price relative to the two materials.


Your Apple Watch value will depend on the essential factor: condition. Your Apple watch must be in good condition with no broken screen and software issues to get the best price. You can still sell it even if it is defective or has slight damage in some stores but at a lower price.

Payment Options

It would be good if you also compared each store’s payment options. You can go straight to a buyback company like BankMyCell if you need cash on hand and you want to secure high-price offers. You may also trade in your Apple Watch at stores that give trade-in credit if you’re going to upgrade to a new device.

It can be challenging to determine your Apple Watch Series 7 selling price as you need to go through searching to find out how much a used Apple Watch makes when you resell it. We make it easier and help you save time by comparing the prices and services buyback stores offer in one view.

  • Buyback stores – have PayPal, direct deposit, or checks as payment options.
  • In-store trade-in – mainly offer gift cards or store credits for your devices.

Condition Quotes: Apple Watch Series 7 Best Used Price

For this section, we discuss more on how the Apple Watch trade-in value is affected by the condition it is in. We will also provide you with an overview of the different condition categorizations so you can accurately evaluate your device.

Watch Series 7$205.00$130.00$27.00$27.00Compare
Watch Nike Series 7$130.00$90.00$22.00$22.00Compare
* Best market prices updated April 22nd 2024

Stores use the following categorizations to determine the condition of your device:

  • Mint condition – everything is in perfect working order, and there are no scratches or issues with the display, screen area, and straps.
  • Good condition – the device is functional and in good shape with only minor flaws like small scratches.
  • Damaged condition – the Apple Watch has dents, a cracked screen, or some broken glass, but the device remains functional with no software issues.
  • Faulty condition – the watch has dents and cracks and won’t switch on. The device might no longer be functional.

Resale Market Comparison: Best Apple Watch Series 7 Trade-in Values

DeviceMax PriceMin PriceDifference
Watch Series 7$205.00$1.30+$203.7Compare
Watch Nike Series 7$130.00$3.00+$127Compare
* Best market prices updated April 22nd 2024

You may be confused about where to trade in your Apple Watch, as many options exist. So we compared the top market platforms and composed a summary for each category to make it easier for you to decide.

Online Buyback Stores (e.g., BankMyCell)

BankMyCell offers a view of the prices with the highest trade-in value for your Apple Watch. Payments available for Apple Watches can be made through PayPal or check.

The various buyback stores with ratings that offer free shipping and returns are listed on the website. Plus, you can lock in a price for up to 28 days, giving you the flexibility to ship it whenever you’re available.

Keep in mind that the trade-in value fluctuates from time to time. A lock-in price feature is advantageous if you are traveling, busy, or need some time to weigh different options.


Verizon is the only carrier store that buys the Apple Watch Series 7 model. They offer a lower trade-in value than stores featured on BankMyCell and do not accept broken watches.

In terms of payment, you can choose between a gift card or PayPal credit after 1-2 months of a billing cycle. But they offer free shipping pack and label as well.


The two stores that accept the Apple Watch Series 7 model today are listed below.

  • GameStop will buy your Apple Watch in exchange for two options: Visa prepaid card or store credit and cash. The first payment method gets you more value compared to choosing cash. Remember that you must hurry to a nearby store because the price quote is only valid for that day.
  • Best Buy offers trade-in credit or gift cards for your Apple Watch. They accept Apple watches in good condition and hard scratches and cracks on the body that are still operational.


Selling your Apple Watch directly to buyers is another option. You can try reaching buyers on Facebook Marketplace, Craiglist, eBay, or Swappa. In this way, you have complete control over the price you want to receive for your used Apple Watch.

However, you must go through the process of listing and advertising with no guarantee that consumers will see your listed item. Furthermore, some online stores charge a small fee, so you may not fully receive the price you want. There is also no guarantee when you can sell the device since it depends on the buyers’ engagement with your listing.

In addition, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist might be riskier because you communicate directly with the customers and must meet them in person to complete the transaction. Some people might prove untrustworthy, so you need to be extra careful.

GPS + Cellular: How it Impacts Your Apple Watch Series 7 Resale Value

DeviceGPS + CelluarGPS
Watch Series 7$205.00$132.00Compare
Watch Nike Series 7$130.00$120.00Compare
* Best market prices updated April 22nd 2024

Apple Watches were introduced with various functions for wellness purposes, shallow water activities, general fitness, medical use, and connectivity.

Some models are exclusively equipped with GPS (Wi-Fi Only), while others have GPS + Cellular technology features.

If your Apple Watch comes with GPS + Cellular, you will be paid more than the GPS (Wi-Fi Only) versions. Make sure your carrier finance payments are paid off if you didn’t pay for your device via one-time payment.

How quickly your Apple Watch Series 7 loses value

The Apple Watch Series 7 initially retailed for $399 and $499, depending on the model, in October 2021. Today, its price is $205.00, and it will continue to drop over the next few days, especially when a new model comes in.

So trade in your used Apple Watch as early as you can to get a better value for it. Do not worry, as BankMyCell allows you to lock the price for about a month without sending the device yet.

Additionally, you can still get your Apple Watch back if they offer a lower value due to a fault found in testing.

Compare Apple Watch Series 7 Prices


Can you sell the Apple Watch Series 7?

You can sell the Apple Watch Series 7, regardless of its state (cracked screen, defective, or good). Here’s how:

  1. Visit BankMyCell’s Apple Watch Series 7 trade-in page.
  2. Choose the correct specification and condition for your old Apple Watch.
  3. Compare trade-in pricing at reliable buyback stores.
  4. Click Get Paid and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Ship your device and receive payment within one day (depending on your payment option).

Is buying the Apple Watch Series 7 worth it?

The Apple Watch Series 7 is worth purchasing if you like the wireless charging feature and health and fitness tracking. It offers a competitive feature against the Apple Watch Series 8, making it affordable.