Where to Sell Your iPhone In Person

Selling an iPhone can involve a series of questions and decisions that may leave you may leave you feeling unsure. Your options may vary, depending on your local area, but the first option typically available for selling your iPhone will take you to a retailer like Walmart, Target, or BestBuy. You can also consider using your carrier or social media based on our information on the process.

Where’s the Best Place to Sell My iPhone Near Me?

You will have to determine the bottom line for what you want when selling an iPhone in your area. Some options allow you to do it quickly and with more ease, but potentially for hundreds of dollars less than market value. Others may take more time, creating more work for you while allowing you to sell for more than other options.

Keep in mind also that iPhone buyers near you may offer compensation with little to no transferability. Make sure the buyer offers you something you will use, such as in-store credit for your iPhone.

You will have to choose from the top five categories for local iPhone buyers: buyback stores, carrier stores, local classified ads, kiosks/pawn & repair shops, and buyback stores via the post office.

Best Places to Sell iPhones In Person (Store Credit Only)

Often the easiest and fastest method, you can sell iPhones in store for store credit. This involves a retailer where a store employee will first quote a value based on the condition of your phone. Some stores may even post values for trade-ins online.

Apple Trade-in

  • Tagline: Apple Trade-In Store credit
  • Description:

Apple allows customers to use one of two methods for trading in old devices. You can either travel to a store to have an employee handle the trade-in in person or purchase a new device to receive a prepaid shipping kit and label.

Apple also allows free recycling of old phones. You will not receive any credit or cash for recycling, however.

Keep in mind that the $500 value assumes your device has no damage and almost remains in factory-new condition. Any scuffs, scratches, or cracks will reduce your store credit value.

  • Trustpilot Score: 1.6/5
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Quote: $500

Best Buy

  • Tagline: Store credit for Best Buy Trade-Ins
  • Description:

Best Buy also offers a trade-in program that operates similar to Apple’s program. The key differences involve the device’s appraisal, where Best Buy specifies the phone’s condition as “Good,” “Fair,” or “Broken.”

Under ideal conditions, Best Buy would offer the same amount as Apple for a 64gb iPhone 11 Pro. The Trustpilot rating falls below Apple’s for frustrations at the appraisal process. Other customers report that Best Buy typically rates phone condition very harshly and often offers lower than market value.

  • Trustpilot Score: 1.3/5
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Quote: $500


  • Tagline: Save on Walmart Bill Pay with Trade-Ins
  • Description:

Walmart offers a very different program that does not provide store credit but instead applies bill credits if you purchase a new phone through Walmart with financing. This program thus limits your options even further but could potentially save you more money if you own an iPhone with AT&T.

Given your phone passes through inspection with no signs of damage, you could receive up to $900 in bill credits for an AT&T iPhone 11 Pro. This value gets cut in half if you own a Verizon iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Trustpilot Score: 1.5/5
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Quote: $900


  • Tagline: Store credit for shopping in Target
  • Description:

Target’s trade-in program closely resembles Apple’s and Best Buy’s. You will bring in your phone, have it inspected by a Target employee, and decide on an offer for store credit. Their website cites a maximum quote of $470.25, which leaves you with nearly $30 less than either Apple or Best Buy.

The key difference here lies in the Trustpilot reviews of Target’s customer service. People seem to have slightly better experiences dealing with Target for trade-ins and offers for store credit.

  • Trustpilot Score: 2.2/5
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Quote: $470.25

Selling iPhones to Carriers In-Store (Store Credit Only)

Alternatively, you may want to sell your iPhone locally to a phone carrier. Remember, carriers will only offer store credit. You will not receive a cash offer for any phone, so do not trade your iPhone into a carrier if you cannot use the store credit.

In most cases, a carrier will offer a dollar value similar to a retail buyback store that could drop even further for damage. You should only consider this option if you are considering upgrading to a new phone and can combine your store credit with another promo.


Verizon customers can bring their old phones to the store for visual inspection and trade-ins, much like a retail store.

Quote: $350


AT&T customers will need to initiate the trade-in process online, where you will receive a prepaid package to ship your phones in.

Quote: $340


T-Mobile customers will follow a similar process to Verizon’s at the store with visual inspection for appraising the device’s value.

Quote: $345


Sprint customers must use the website to initiate a trade-in claim to receive a prepaid box for inspection and appraisal.

 Quote: $345

Selling iPhones to a Person Via Classified Ads (Cash Payments)

If you want to sell an iPhone for cash near you, you may want to use classified ads. Though this option may involve more work and take more time, you can potentially receive much closer to market values. You will want to take good photos so that your digital listing will stand out for people to reach out and express their interest.

  • Facebook Marketplace

Tagline: Set your own price with more work


Facebook Marketplace has implemented several features to help protect users, including the ability to rate and review other buyers and sellers. We highly recommend using these features to help reduce the chances of another user scamming you out of an iPhone. Make your listing stand out with good photos, and be sure to respond to any messages promptly.

  • Craigslist

Tagline: Get paid the most, for a little more hassle and risk


As a longstanding online classified ads page, Craigslist has facilitated countless deals for just about any type of product or service. At the same time, Craigslist operates on a highly decentralized basis, so you can expect no help if someone does try to scam you. To help protect anyone who does decide to opt for Craigslist or Facebook, we have provided the following tips for safe use.

  • 5 Tips: Selling with Facebook or Craigslist’s Classified Ads

○ Stay safe and do not include any non-essential information, such as your email or personal home address

○ Do not high or low-ball the value of your device. Make sure to research market values and price your listing accordingly

○ You can list your phone number to potentially speed up the process. For increased anonymity, you can use Google Voice or other services to get a virtual phone number that reroutes calls to your phone number.

○ Make sure you meet in a public place with visibility so you can avoid getting into a dangerous situation

○ Be wary of high offers from buyers who do not want to meet you in person. They may scam you for the phone and never pay.

ATM Kiosks, Pawn & Repair Shops (Cash Payments)

ATM Kiosks and Pawn & Repair Shops represent another option available locally for you to sell iPhones near you. Kiosks will automatically determine a cash value based on an algorithm for damage and value, whereas Pawn & Repair shops will judge the device’s value for themselves.


  • Tagline: Quick, but cheap offers
  • Description:

GameStop buys and offers trade-ins for phones but for notoriously low prices. A quick glance at Trustpilot reviews should inform you of their practices of low-balling customers and blowing any signs of damage out of proportion.

To help put this practice in perspective, consider GameStop’s offer of $20 for a PlayStation 4 in good condition for a few minor scratches. We only recommend GameStop as an option for selling your iPhone if you need the cash the same day. You can alternatively opt for store credit, but do not expect their offer value to increase much at all.

  • Trustpilot Score: 2.4/54
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Quote: $500

EcoATM Kiosks (Gazelle)

  • Tagline: Automated Instant Cash Offers
  • Description:

EcoATM Kiosks represent an automated option where a machine decides how much your iPhone is worth. For you, it may be better or worse to eliminate the human aspect from your device’s valuation.

Just keep in mind that you cannot dispute or haggle the price once the machine provides you with a quote for your phone. Trustpilot reviews seem to express less anger and frustration dealing with EcoATM, however, we can only recommend this option if you are in a rush for quick cash.

Remember that unlocking your device and keeping it free of scratches or cracks will help preserve its value and get you closer to the maximum quote.

  • Trustpilot Score: 3.7/5
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Quote: $220

Local iPhone Repair Shops

  • Tagline: Get The Most Qualified Appraisal for an iPhone
  • Description:

Your outcome can vary hugely if you use any local iPhone repair shops. Research your local shops and check their Google or Yelp reviews if applicable. Keep in mind that these shops specialize in phone repair, so you may find a shop that offers a more fair evaluation of your phone’s condition than that of retail store employees.

Local Pawn Shops

  • Tagline: You Can Try Haggling For A Better Price
  • Description:

Offers will vary, much in the same way as repair shops. As you search for reviews, keep in mind that haggling is a common practice at pawn shops. Do not do this if you cannot deal with high-pressure situations or do not have confidence or experience with haggling.

Best Online Buyback Stores (Cash)


  • Tagline: Compare online buyback store quotes & reviews in one place
  • Description:

Great as a place for initial research or even for easy cash offers, BankMyCell compares all of the available online offers for iPhones in one place. Much in the same way as any other online trade-in programs, BankMyCell will provide you with shipping materials for you to send your phone to the buyer of your choice.

At this point, the buyer will appraise your device for condition, whether or not it is unlocked, and if your phone has the Find My Phone service enabled. Trustpilot reviewers report BankMyCell to regularly show reputable buyers that left other sellers satisfied.

The primary advantage with BankMyCell allows you to judge a wide variety of buyers side-by-side in one convenient place. Furthermore, if you need time to decide, you can lock in a buyer’s price for 14 days and come back to it.

  • Trustpilot Score: 4.4/5
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Quote: $481


Overall, we advise any iPhone sellers to avoid big box stores and major retailers. These entities ultimately operate on the basis of profit and will severely undervalue your device compared to other options.

Remember that a retail store’s offer does not mean your device is only worth that much. You may end up doing more work, but doing your research and taking your time can increase your end payout dramatically.

With that in mind, do not eliminate your carrier, especially if you can combine your iPhone trade-in with any other promotions. Good timing can save you much more in the long run if you want to upgrade to a new device.

We also urge iPhone buyers not to let any repair shops or pawn shops intimidate them. Call them and see what they say since they may offer better quotes and more honest evaluations than retail stores.

Where to Sell Your iPhone In Person