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At BankMyCell, our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and trustworthy reviews of cell phone plans and carrier networks. We adhere strictly to editorial guidelines, ensuring that each review is helpful and maintains the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our commitment is to deliver content that genuinely aids consumers in making informed decisions about their cell phone plans.

Our Team Reviews For Your Perspective

Understanding User Concerns

We prioritize understanding the user’s perspective in every review. Recognizing that choosing a cell phone plan is a significant decision, we focus on addressing common concerns such as monthly costs, total costs, including hidden fees, coverage, and 5G service inclusions. Our reviews are tailored to these needs, providing clear, user-centric information.

Tailoring Reviews to User Needs

To address specific user needs, we subscribe to coverage data providers for comprehensive comparisons and access feeds from carriers for accurate cost and service comparisons. We conduct real-world speed tests and present clear pros and cons, ensuring that our reviews cover all aspects a customer needs to consider when choosing a plan. Our approach includes selecting clear winners and providing detailed comparisons to guide users effectively.

Our Team Are Industry Experts Since 2005

Team Expertise

Our team, including Ash Turner, Joey Bobiles, and Marlene Centeno, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Each member’s unique experiences and qualifications establish their expertise in the field, ensuring that our reviews reflect deep industry insights.

Individual Contributions

  • Ash Turner: An industry expert since 2005, Turner’s experience with carriers, brands, and MVNOs, combined with his Media University Degree, provides invaluable insights into our reviews.
  • Daniel Farmer: As a web development and data science expert since 2013, Farmer’s expertise is crucial in setting up accurate testing and creating informative widgets.
  • Ayu Mega: With her background in advertising and marketing since 2015, Mega’s Marketing University Degree helps us find cost-effective deals for our recommendations.
  • Kim Juanillo: Juanillo’s technology editorial and statistical analysis background, along with her University Degree, ensure the high quality of our content.
  • Harriet Fortune: Fortune’s role as a Digital Fact Checker and coordinator, backed by her Interactive Production University Degree, guarantees the accuracy of our reviews.
  • Joey Bobiles: Bobiles’ expertise as a Technology Editor since 2019, coupled with his Editorial English University Degree, adds depth to our reviews.
  • Marlene Centeno: Centeno, a Technology Editor since 2020 with an Editorial English University Degree, ensures our reviews are comprehensive and well-rounded.

Expertise in Action

Our team’s expertise significantly influences our reviews. The leadership’s industry relationships allow us to test devices and plans in real life. Our data scientist sets up accurate testing and creates widgets for big data analysis. Our editorial, fact-checking, and content-writing teams ensure the quality and reliability of our reviews.

Our Team Provides Real World Testing

Conducting Real-World Tests

We believe in the importance of showing, not just telling. Our reviews incorporate real-world tests like 4G and 5G speed tests, coverage mapping, and customer service responsiveness to reinforce the authenticity of our reviews.

Ensuring Reliable and Unbiased Testing

Our testing methods are designed to be reliable and unbiased. We conduct Ookla speed tests on two like-for-like plans using the same location and phones, ensuring that our tests are based on factual, accurate data. We provide statistical evidence to support our findings, ensuring that our reviews are grounded in reality.

Our Team Creates Quantitative Measurements

Prioritizing Key Metrics

Our reviews present objective data points such as download/upload speeds, call drop rates, and customer service response times. We prioritize metrics like monthly price, total price, hidden costs, and comparison savings, followed by 4G/5G inclusions, coverage, and inclusive services.

Collecting and Verifying Data

We collect and verify these quantitative measurements through direct feeds from carriers, including special offers updated every 15 minutes. Our custom priority backend delivers useful widgets, ensuring that our data is always up-to-date and accurate.

Our Team Highlights Unique Plan Features

Identifying Unique Selling Points

We focus on identifying and elaborating on the unique selling points of each plan, such as exclusive perks or innovative billing approaches. This helps our readers understand what sets each option apart.

Impact on User Experience

Unique aspects like MVNOs offering services at half the price of main carriers can significantly impact user experience. We discuss how these features affect users, especially during high network usage events, providing a comprehensive understanding of each plan’s value.

Our Team Compares Like-For-Like Plans

Comparing Similar Plans

Our reviews compare similar plans across different carriers, focusing on various user scenarios. This comparative approach guides users in choosing the best plan for their specific needs.

Ensuring Fairness and Objectivity

To ensure fairness and objectivity in our comparisons, we crunch the numbers of data points and provide clear winners and losers in various important aspects. We then feed this scoring system into an LLM to provide unbiased winners, ensuring that our comparisons are as objective as possible.

Our Team Provides Unbiased Pros and Cons

Balanced Viewpoints

Each review includes a balanced view of the advantages and disadvantages of the plan, based on our team’s hands-on experience and customer feedback analysis. We provide examples of pros and cons, such as financial advice on plans with add-on services and comparisons with MVNO options.

Incorporating Customer Feedback

We gather and incorporate customer feedback into our reviews using LLMs to audit mass customer sentiment. This aggregated feedback ensures that our reviews reflect a wide range of user experiences and opinions.

Our Team Forecasts & Reports on Evolution

Discussing Plan Evolution

We discuss how certain plans have evolved over time, highlighting improvements or changes in terms of pricing, features, and network coverage. This historical perspective aids in understanding the current value of a plan.

Impact on User Experience

The evolution of plans can significantly impact the user experience. We discuss how changes like price increases, new requirements, and coverage developments affect users, especially those considering switching to MVNOs or bundling various subscriptions.

Our Team Delivers Key Decision-Making Factors

Prioritizing Critical Factors

Our reviews prioritize key factors like cost, network coverage, data speeds, and customer service. We provide a clear rationale for our ratings, focusing on the most critical aspects that influence user decisions.

Rating Decision Factors

We rate these factors using a scoring system developed by our data scientist, Dan Farmer, and LLM models. This approach ensures that our reviews are based on user-focused, real-world data, providing clear and unbiased evaluations.

Our Team Evaluates Plan Structures

Exploring Plan Structures

We delve into the structure of various plans, explaining how elements like data caps or family discounts impact the user experience. We discuss notable design choices encountered in cell phone plans and how these affect the average user.

Impact on Users

These design choices can divide the target market, creating scenarios where not one plan fits all. We create ‘BEST for’ sections that adhere to unique user journeys and desires, ensuring that our reviews cater to a wide range of user needs.

Our Team Provides Source & Resource

Providing Comprehensive Resources

Our reviews include links to carrier websites, user forums, and other relevant resources. We select these external resources based on their ability to provide comprehensive information, such as coverage maps, speed test providers, and customer review platforms.

  1. Speed Test Providers: We use Ookla speed tests, ensuring consistency across all variables. We conduct these tests under identical conditions – same location, same phones, and most importantly, similar carrier plans for 4G and 5G. This meticulous approach helps us avoid any variations from different testing environments.
    • Ookla Speedtest: Used for conducting and comparing real-time internet speed tests.
  2. Coverage Map Providers: We conduct tests in various urban, suburban, and rural areas, and different indoor and transit situations. Our testing occurs at various times, covering peak and off-peak hours, weekdays, and weekends, using various devices from carrier plans.
    • Mapbox: Offers detailed, interactive maps for assessing network coverage.
    • OpenStreetMap: Provides comprehensive mapping data, useful for cross-referencing coverage information.
  3. Statistical Data Centers: Statistical analysis is applied to our data which allows us to identify patterns and averages rather than relying on isolated results.
    • Statista: A primary source for statistical data on various topics, including telecommunications.
  4. Customer Review Platforms: Our team meticulously tracks response times across various phone, email, and live chat channels. We present a spectrum of inquiries, ranging from straightforward questions to complex issues, to thoroughly evaluate the capability of customer service representatives in handling diverse customer needs and providing effective solutions.
    • Trustpilot: Features user reviews and ratings of carriers and mobile plans.
  5. Discussion Boards and Forums: In our review policy for cell phone plans, we actively incorporate insights from discussion boards and forums like Reddit. This approach enables us to enrich our reviews with a diverse range of real-user experiences and opinions, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the performance and reliability of various cell phone plans and carriers.
    • Reddit: Offers community discussions and user experiences with different cell phone plans and carriers.

Enhancing Review Value

These resources enhance the value of our reviews by aggregating all the decision-making data in one place. They provide a one-stop solution for users’ research, ensuring that our reviews are as informative and helpful as possible.

Our Team Supports Recommendations

Detailed Recommendation Process

When suggesting the best plan for a specific need, we include detailed explanations backed by our testing and research data. Our process involves evaluating customer needs, analyzing real data from data feeds, creating accurate and unbiased scoring systems, conducting human testing, and presenting the outcomes.

Our process for making and supporting recommendations:

  1. Evaluating Customer Needs:
    • Understanding the specific requirements and preferences of different users.
    • Tailoring recommendations to fit diverse needs, such as budget constraints, data usage, and network coverage.
  2. Utilizing Real Data from Data Feeds:
    • Gathering up-to-date information directly from carriers.
    • Analyzing special offers, plan details, and network performance metrics.
  3. Creating Accurate, Unbiased Scoring Systems:
    • Collaborating with data scientists and leveraging LLM (Large Language Models) to develop objective evaluation criteria.
    • Ensuring that our scoring system reflects real-world performance and user satisfaction.
  4. Conducting Human Testing:
    • Real-life testing of cell phone plans for performance assessment.
    • Verifying network coverage, data speeds, and customer service quality through hands-on experiences.
  5. Presenting Outcomes:
    • Providing clear, concise, and informative summaries of our findings.
    • Highlighting key aspects of each plan to aid in decision-making.

Beneficial Recommendations

Our recommendations have been particularly beneficial to our readers, providing household savings of $1,000+ on cell phone plans with near-identical services. This demonstrates our commitment to helping consumers find cost-effective solutions that meet their needs.