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    How to sell my tablet for cash, risk-free!

    FREE trade-in valuations, FREE shipping, and FREE returns

    Whether you’re planning on upgrading to a brand new tablet or you’ve got one sat in a drawer collecting dust, BankMyCell is the one stop solution to earning you the most money for when you sell your tablet (much more than stores offering voucher credit).

    Pretty bold statement right? Sounds like the normal sales text you’d read on a website. Well, it turns out that we can back it up. When you’re searching for where you can sell a tablet, there are often a lot of options; carriers, store trade-ins, auction sites, and even ATM Kiosks that pay money for old tablets. We perform mystery shopper price checks on all these services monthly and confidently publish them here to show you if we pay the most or not… not a fun job but saves you the time right :)

    Where can I sell my tablet?

    If you’re selling an Apple model, check out our iPad trade-in guide here and find your device. Offloading your tablet for cash is not as simple as selling an Apple branded one, many stores only want the most popular devices and brands. If you can’t find your brand or model using the logos above then quickly fill in the ‘can’t find my device’ form at the top and bottom of the brand list and we’ll hunt the tablet trade-in deal down for you.

    How to sell my tablet online for cash

    Run through these quick steps to get a FREE valuation online:

    • Quote: Use the image selection or search bar above to find your tablet by brand, device, storage size and condition.
    • Store: Double check the device is the right one and pick the best deal from the stores available.
    • Shipping: Shipping is FREE via a printable prepaid shipping label, or the full kit can be sent to your house if you haven’t got a printer, whatever’s easiest!
    • Payment: When their technicians examine the tablet, payment is released the same say via direct deposit, PayPal or Check.

    Where can I sell my tablet near me

    Compare places that buy broken tablets near you

    There are a whole bunch of well know stores that operate tablet trade in programs, giving you some convenient money for your old device. Most of these in store tablet buyback programs are run by the larger trade-in companies found online like Gamestop or Brightstar, branded merely as the stores you know and love.

    Places that buy tablets near me:

    Let’s explore the pros and cons of using store trade-in services:


    • You eliminate the waiting period of shipping your device to a trade-in store.
    • Instant payment when the person instore checks the device.


    • You get paid much less than online trade in stores and auction sites.
    • Most payments are in store credit, removing the freedom of spending your money where you want.

    Don't get us wrong, the Brightstar run Apple solution is still a good choice for customers upgrading their Apple products, and as mentioned they offer a reasonable deal compared to other in-store buyback programs people have learned to avoid.

    Conclusion: Why sell my tablet for cash near me?

    So in a nutshell, if you think your device is not worth much, and you want quick credit to use in the store you’re selling to, sell your tablet to a company that buys them near you.

    On the other hand, you can use BankMyCell to find tablet trade in program that will give you the most cash and the freedom to spend it where you want.

    Keep in mind that all the online stores here will send you a prepaid shipping kit to your home or email a label to print out. Leaving the house to go to the store or to visit the post office take the same amount of effort and are both FREE services… just one gets you paid more as you’ll see below.

    IN STORE: Compare selling your iPad for cash near you:

    Pad trade-in program iPad Pro 11 256GB You Lose
    BankMyCell $420 TOP DEAL!
    Amazon $325 -$155
    Best Buy $210 -$270
    Walmart $135 -$345
    Eco ATM Kiosk 170 -310
    Target 124.93 -355.07

    *Prices last checked for an iPad Pro 11 256GB - 12/05/2019

    ONLINE: Compare selling your iPad to a carrier:

    iPad trade-in program iPad Pro 11 256GB You Lose
    BankMyCell $480 TOP DEAL!
    AT&T $380 -$100
    Sprint $300 -$180
    T-Mobile $420 -$60
    Verizon $410 -$70

    *Prices last checked for an iPad Pro 11 256GB - 12/05/2019

    Selling tablets on eBay / Facebook Marketplace / Craigslist:

    Remember you can also use an auction or classified ads site to sell your tablet near you. Just remember some sites like eBay charge listing fees, shipping and have PayPal charges so take them into account when you list it for the price you want. Additionally, follow their guides on selling anything in person to a stranger, BankMyCell wants you to stay safe!

    How much is your tablet worth?

    Get cash for new, used and broken tablets

    Let’s be honest; you’re looking for how much you can trade in your tablet for right? These are the core measurements that determine the price.

    • Tablet brand: Apple, Samsung, Amazon Kindle, Microsoft, etc.
    • Tablet storage capacity: 1TB / 2TB (TB= Terabytes) 256GB / 512GB (GB= Gigabytes).
    • Tablet condition: Is it brand new? Used? Or perhaps it’s broken with a cracked screen.
    • Release date: Much like any tech like your car, tablets lose value over time.
    • Timing: If your tablet is a popular brand, sell it before the latest models are released to avoid price drops.
    • Buyback Store: Auctions, stores, carriers, kiosks and online trade-in options all offer different levels of pricing.
    Good: How much can I trade in my used tablet worth?

    If your tablet works fine regarding having no software issues like powering on or crashing, all the hardware like the ports, buttons, touch screen work fine you’ll be able to get a quoted on a ‘Good’ condition tablet trade-in. However, the central area of confusion here is always the cosmetic damage. It must not have any excessive damage to the screen or body of the device, so no cracked screens, chips or excessive scratches.

    Damaged: How much can I sell a broken tablet for?

    Believe it or not, if your tablet doesn’t power on, charge, has broken buttons, touchscreens, has smashed screen and casing that looks like it got run through a sander, you can get paid! The only devices not accepted are ones that are blacklisted, barred stolen, snapped or physically mangled. Tablets that have received usual levels of damage will be fine; you can even sell water damaged tablets to some buyback stores.

    New: How much is a brand new tablet worth?

    Like when you drive a new car out the showroom, when you use a tablet it loses its value. If you have a tablet that never got taken out the box and used, then you might be able to earn a lot more selling it on auction websites rather than trade in sites as the demand is much higher.

    Why BankMyCell?

    Double your payout
    Dodge all the low offers and get paid what your tablet is worth today! You get money to spend on what you want instead of getting stung with up to half the amount in store credit.
    Secure data, risk-free
    You have the power! Only send your device if you’re happy with the quote if anything changes get it back for FREE. Plus, all your data and SIM cards are wiped clean.
    FREEZE quotes for 30 days
    BankMyCell’s partners give you plenty of time to send in your device. Complete the trade-in form today, and your quote is value for up to 30 days, ideal for upgrading!
    FREE service, no commitment
    BankMyCell does not charge you a single dime, and sending your devices to the buyback stores is covered by FREE prepaid shipping so what are you waiting for?

    When should I sell my tablet?

    Getting the most tablet trade in value

    As with most electrical products we buy, they lose value over time. We get pricing updates sent to us every 15 minutes, so you’ll get the highest tablet trade in value right now!

    If you’re researching tablet trade in deals and planning on selling it later, then you should be aware that throughout the year several events cause the value to drop up to 20% in a few short weeks.

    When a new model of the tablet you have is released, it causes the demand of your tablet to fall, and this makes prices fall out of nowhere. We recommend checking if any releases are coming up so you can plan when to sell to get the most tablet trade in cash.

    Can I sell broken tablets for cash?

    Who buys broken tablets near you and online?

    Do you know how to sell broken tablets online? The process is straightforward, and although you'll get less for your tablet than if it was in good condition, you can still get cash. There some exceptions though; for example, you can't sell water-damaged tablets or tablets that are snapped in two as recycling services don't accept them. You can, however, sell a tablet that has a broken screen, frame, buttons, speakers, or microphone.

    The process of how to sell broken tablets is practically the same as selling a tablet that works. Start by using BankMyCell to find out where to sell broken Android tablets, and compare the prices offered. Just make sure you select the device condition on the comparison table. Then ship the trade-in program your tablet in the pre-paid envelope they'll send, and wait for your cash. Remember, however, that you cannot sell tablets that have been reported lost or stolen.

    What model is my tablet?

    Popular Buyback Program FAQ's

    Of course, all devices that get sent to the tablet buyback programs get wiped and appropriately refurbished. Before sending, be sure to remove your memory or SIM cards as they will get destroyed as they contain personal data.

    We recommend that if you’re concerned about personal data that you follow the steps in the ‘how do I back up and reset my tablet’ FAQ above.

    Unless the tablet you’re trading in is brand new and boxed with the accessories, it won’t earn you any more money. If they are useless to you know you can include them to get destroyed in an eco-friendly way, additionally any cases may help to provide extra protection while it’s getting shipped.

    There are no fees at all for sending your device into the tablet trade-in store, depending on the buyback program you select; there are generally two standard options:

    FREE Shipping Kit: This is the perfect option if you’re looking for the easiest way possible. The store will send you packaging with pre-paid shipping labels; you send it within the 30-day price lock.

    FREE Shipping Labels: Same easy process as before, however, once you trade in you’ll instantly get the shipping labels emailed to you. If you’re in a hurry, you can print them off and send the device the same day!

    Every store and situation is different which is why the safe statement is 7-10 working days. However this can be vastly dependent on the method of shipping and speed of the seller. After all, this is largely based on shipping the phone to the trade-in store.

    For example:

    Prepaid pack printed: If you print your own label and send the device the same day, it could get to the store in 1- 4 days and they generally will pay within 12-24hrs

    Prepaid pack delivered: It could take 1-4 days if you wait to get your shipping pack, and then sending it back to the store can take 1- 4 days doubling the time.

    The process of checking the devices is very fast, most operations get it done the same day the device arrives, but it can take up to 48hrs during busy periods like iPhone releases and January after the holidays. Payment is of course instant, deposited directly into your account or PayPal.

    If the tablet is encrypted or blocked with iCloud, you’ll need to contact the person who owns it to get the device reset. If the device is not an Apple tablet, then you can just send it in, they will factory reset it.

    In the unfortunate event of the person passing away that owned the device, we recommend contacting the operating system or manufacturer for them to help you gain access to the old data.

    Of course, use the buttons above and below the brand list at the top of the page, let us know what tablet you’re trying to sell, and we’ll do our best to get you a quote ASAP!

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