BankMyCell Editorial Policy

Upholding Integrity in Technology Reviews

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Our Mission and Vision

At BankMyCell, we are dedicated to creating unbiased comparisons of products online. In a world where affiliate marketing often influences decisions, our aim is to offer accurate and honest recommendations without any bias towards commissions. We believe in providing authentic feedback for genuine choices, ensuring that our product reviews and editorial content are created independently before including any affiliate links. This approach guarantees that our audience receives reliable and impartial information.

Our Team Are Industry Experts Since 2005

At BankMyCell, our editorial team comprises industry experts who bring extensive experience and knowledge to our comprehensive technology content.

  • Editorial Leadership: Ash Turner An industry expert since 2005, Ash specializes in data analysis and plan selection. He holds a Media University Degree.
  • Technical Leadership: Daniel Farmer With expertise in web development since 2013, Daniel creates quantitative and qualitative tests. He possesses a Data Science and Engineering University Degree.
  • Deals Manager: Ayu Mega, an advertising and marketing professional since 2015, has been instrumental in finding deals for users. She has a Marketing University Degree.
  • Editor: Kim Juanillo Ensuring high-quality editorial content, Kim has a Technology Editorial and Statistical Analysis background and a University Degree.
  • Fact Checker: Harriet Fortune, a Digital Fact Checker and coordinator since 2016, holds an Interactive Production University Degree.
  • Senior Tech Writer: Joey Bobiles – (Writes Reviews & Tests Products) Technology Editor since 2019 – Editorial English University Degree.
  • Senior Tech Writer: Marlene Centeno – (Writes Reviews & Tests Products) Technology Editor since 2020 – Editorial English University Degree.

Content Goals

Our primary goal is to promote transparency in product reviews, recommending the best products based on merit, not sponsorship or commission rates. We strive to provide concise, easily digestible content that meets the searcher’s needs, offering unique insights and straight-to-the-point information. Our content is designed to efficiently solve problems, supported by original research and real experiences with the products.

Tone and Style

BankMyCell’s content adopts a conversational tone, aiming to be accessible and understandable to all, not just tech enthusiasts. We prioritize clarity and ease of understanding in order to resonate with a broad audience.

Audience Definition

Our primary audience consists of everyday tech users in the USA and UK who often find themselves overwhelmed by the abundance of flashy offers and promotions.

Writing Guidelines

Topics and Themes

Our content covers a range of topics including cell phones, plans, network carriers, how-to guides, deals, iPads, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, audio, game consoles, and other small tech items.

Content Length and Format

We aim for a structure that provides quick answers initially, followed by more in-depth context, reference links, and FAQs. This approach allows readers to find immediate solutions and delve deeper into topics as needed.

Media Requirements

Our focus is on designing infographics and original media that enhance content comprehension. We prefer using real-life photos of products to illustrate their practical use.

Sourcing and Linking

We diligently research our content using reliable external sources to ensure that all information is thoroughly fact checked and verified before publication.

Originality & Readability

We write original content using our in-house team of trained writers, fact-checkers, and editors. Our university-educated writing team all have a history of journalism and article writing in the technology niche. We use the following tools to ensure the content is of a high standard:

Use of AI

The utilization of AI primarily revolves around analyzing pricing, phone statistics and online opinions. This assists us in conducting original research and benchmarking.

Accuracy and Accountability

Fact-Checking Process

We place great importance on accuracy and accountability throughout our content creation process. Each piece goes through thorough fact checking before being published. We rely on industry data feeds and reputable sources like Statista to provide accurate statistics. Our how to guides and reviews are consistently updated to reflect the latest information.

Correction Policy

We have a dedicated email for corrections and editorial issues ([email protected]). Our team, including a Fact Checker, Deals Manager, and Editor, collaborates to verify facts, edit content, and publish any necessary corrections.

Content Updating

We maintain a database for content management, with regular checks and updates across various categories, including deals, prices, reviews, how-to guides, and standard content.

Impartiality and Transparency

Review Independence

Our review team operates independently of the advertising and sponsorship team. Reviews are based on real-world experiences, with monetization considered only after content creation, without altering the original structure or integrity of the reviews.

Conflict of Interest

We maintain a full disclosure policy for any potential conflicts of interest in our reviews. Our editorial and deals teams are structured to minimize conflicts, ensuring unbiased and honest content.

Submission Requirements

We only publish content created by our internal team and do not accept any contributions or articles from external sources or guest writers. Our focus is solely on the work produced by our in-house team.