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    What’s My Playstation’s Value?

    Whether you have an old model you no longer use or a broken system, BankMyCell can help you find your Playstation trade-in value and get cash fast. Our price comparison service will show you just how much your used Playstation is worth. This includes consoles like the PS5, PS4 and PS3, plus all the classic handhelds like the Vita and PSP.

    First, use the search bar to find your Playstation model. We’ll show you a list of Playstation buyback companies and what each one can offer you for your gaming system. We work with several major electronics buyers, so you know you’re only selling to reputable companies.

    We use a built-in price comparison tool that allows you to search for your system conveniently. Whether you have a broken, newer model or an older one that still works, you can find a buyback company to give you the best deal through us.

    Who Offers the Best Price for My Playstation?

    BankMyCell will help you sell your Playstation to the best electronics buyback companies. We compare prices between different buyers, and you go through us from start to finish. You don’t need to spend your valuable time researching buyers when we’ve done it for you.

    Search for the best price using our price comparison tool. Then, choose the buyback company that offers you a deal that works for you. With us, you can get instant prices with the click of a button.

    How Can I Sell My Playstation?

    Selling your Playstation through BankMyCell only takes a few steps:

    • Search for your Playstation model on our site and select its condition.
    • Browse our list of Playstation buyback companies and choose the best deal for your device.
    • Send your Playstation to the buyer at no charge.
    • Get your cash through a secure transfer.

    When you mail your Playstation to the buyer, you won’t pay for shipping. Some buyback companies will even send UPS to your door to pick up your system.

    What Happens to My Used Playstation?

    We work with experts who know electronics. Once you sell your Playstation through BankMyCell, it goes directly to the buyback company. They inspect the device to see how well it works and whether they can resell it.

    If you sold your device in good or like-new condition, the buyer resells it either within the US or internationally. When it comes to broken Playstations, the buyer will decide whether they can refurbish it.

    If they can repair the device, they’ll get new parts to replace those that no longer work. Sometimes, the buyer can’t fix the problem, or your Playstation may require too many repairs to make refurbishing worthwhile.

    When the company can’t fix or resell your Playstation, they will recycle it. In these cases, they may salvage some of its working parts to use on other Playstations they buyback.

    Will You Buy a Broken Playstation?

    Even if your Playstation doesn’t work like it used to, you can still sell it through BankMyCell. When you search for your system’s model, all you have to do is select Faulty when choosing its condition.

    You won’t get the same price you would for a fully functional system, but you’ll get some trade-in value to put toward a new device. We understand that not all electronics that come to us work the same. However, our price comparison tool can tell you who can buy your Playstation in its current condition.

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