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BankMyCell Editorial Review Policy for Cell Phones

At BankMyCell, we are committed to providing our readers comprehensive and trustworthy smartphone reviews. Our policy ensures that each review is informative, adhering to the highest standards of quality and credibility.

Our Team Are Industry Experts Since 2005

At BankMyCell, our editorial team comprises industry experts who bring extensive experience and knowledge to our comprehensive cell phone reviews.

  • Editorial Leadership: Ash Turner An industry expert since 2005, Ash specializes in data analysis and plan selection. He holds a Media University Degree.
  • Technical Leadership: Daniel Farmer With expertise in web development since 2013, Daniel creates quantitative and qualitative tests. He possesses a Data Science and Engineering University Degree.
  • Deals Manager: Ayu Mega, an advertising and marketing professional since 2015, has been instrumental in finding deals for users. She has a Marketing University Degree.
  • Editor: Kim Juanillo Ensuring high-quality editorial content, Kim has a Technology Editorial and Statistical Analysis background and a University Degree.
  • Fact Checker: Harriet Fortune, a Digital Fact Checker and coordinator since 2016, holds an Interactive Production University Degree.
  • Senior Tech Writer: Joey Bobiles – (Writes Reviews & Tests Products) Technology Editor since 2019 – Editorial English University Degree.
  • Senior Tech Writer: Marlene Centeno – (Writes Reviews & Tests Products) Technology Editor since 2020 – Editorial English University Degree.

Scope and Purpose of Reviews

BankMyCell is committed to providing accurate, original, and up-to-date content that offers fast, clearly labeled answers backed by in-depth research.

Our reviews cover a range of cell phones tailored to specific user needs, such as:

  • Flagship Phones
  • Budget Phones
  • Small Phones
  • Foldable Phones
  • Gaming Phones
  • Big Screen Phones
  • Waterproof Phones

Product Selection and Acquisition

We select cell phones based on market trends, popular brands, user preferences, and new competitive offers. We also ensure that each phone we review is available for users to purchase.

Our acquisition process includes:

  • Products provided by manufacturers.
  • Purchases made by us.
  • Access to a wide range of second-hand devices.

Review Process

Our comprehensive review process focuses on user-centric evaluation and leveraging our team’s expertise. We conduct evidence-based reviews comparative analyses, and provide balanced viewpoints.

Discovering the Key Features

The key features of each phone vary depending on the category or purpose of consumers’ usage—gaming, big screen, mobile photography, etc. We aim to focus on these features in our real-world tests to provide factual information to users, helping them make informed decisions.

Real-world Testing

We evaluate each phone, focusing on key specs, including battery life, camera quality, processor, and overall performance. We spent countless hours testing each feature to provide a fair evaluation so consumers can choose the best depending on their preferences. 

Updating Regularly

Our reviews are updated regularly to reflect the latest market offerings.

Testing and Evaluation

We employ real-world tests such as network speed, camera quality, screen durability, and battery life. Our methods are grounded in statistical evidence and original testing, ensuring unbiased and consistent evaluations.

Battery Life

We test each phone by playing intensive games such as Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) and Genshin Impact, watching movies and YouTube videos, web browsing, and lurking on social media for the same hours.

How long does it take before it drops to 0%? Can it last a day? What is the average screen time usage before it drops from 100% to 20%?

Camera Quality

We went outside to test each phone’s quality in different conditions, such as daylight, nighttime, and low light, to see how they compare against each other.

What is the image quality? Does it take decent photo quality, or is it far from the real world? What about the zoom capabilities?

Chipset or Processor

Does it run multiple apps or tasks and most demanding games without lag? Does it overheat after extended usage or running intensive tasks?

We test the chipset or processor of each phone by playing mobile games, streaming movies or videos, and using it the whole day.

Overall Performance

This key factor includes the display quality, size form factor, and charging speed. We evaluate the touch response, the screen’s brightness under the sun, color accuracy, how long it takes to charge, and how it feels to hold it and put it inside the pocket.

Original Research and Unique Insights

Our unique insights stem from our own real-world tests and industry relationships. We provide comparative tests, like battery life assessments for gaming phones and camera tests for flagship models, ensuring originality in our content.

Fact-Checking and Accuracy

Harriet Fortune, our Fact Checker, plays a vital role in verifying the technical details and claims against reliable sources. Our reviews detail the parties responsible for fact-checking and provide source URLs, methodology, and editorial policies to support our claims.

Transparency and Disclosure

We openly disclose the sources of our reviewed products and maintain a clear policy regarding affiliate links and sponsored content. Our affiliate disclosure outlines our relationships with carriers and brands.

Updating and Revising Reviews

Our content is updated automatically every 15 minutes, with other review aspects revisited monthly. Updates are prompted by market changes, new information, price adjustments, or significant developments in the cell phone sector.

Feedback and User Engagement

We encourage reader engagement through direct contact with authors and our editorial team. Feedback and corrections are addressed promptly, and readers can reach us at [email protected] or our social media platforms.