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Using BankMyCell, you can sell your old device for cash in 3 simple steps. You'll get all the top quotes from trusted buyback stores in one place, earning you more and saving you time! This means you'll not only get paid the best price online in as little as 2 days, but also receive with FREE shipping & zero hassle returns if you change your mind!

Unlike other trade-in platforms, our buyback partners pay you in cash instead of store credit or gift cards. We're talking higher payouts, with no strings attached, so you can spend a larger sum of money on what you want!

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Compare prices and payment options from pre-qualified buyback stores, all are real businesses with 1,000's of 4-5 star customer reviews.
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In 24-48 hours, the buyback store checks the device and sends your cash via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check, Cash App, or Zelle.

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More CASH, No Store Credit
BankMyCell's tablet trade-in comparison service gets you what your old device is actually worth - paid in cash! No low-ball store credit traps here my friends!
Verified, Trusted Stores
Every buyback service listed is approved and verified. These sites are the most trusted brands, all with 1,000’s of customer reviews from Trustpilot, BBB & more.
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That's right, once you fill in the form to accept the quote, your price gets frozen for up to 30 days. With prices dropping every day, lock in today’s quote, and sell later.
100% FREE & Risk-FREE
All stores offer a ZERO obligation sale. Get FREE shipping from thousands of locations AND get your device sent back for FREE if you got anything wrong to make the quote change!

How to Sell Your Samsung Phone for the Most Money

Popular Samsung Phone Trade-in FAQs

If you're selling an old Samsung Galaxy or trading in your daily phone for a new model, you've come to the right place! At BankMyCell, a price quote aggregation site, we can help you find the best deal for your old Samsung phone. When you sell your Samsung device to one of our buyback partner stores, you'll get a better price - and a shipping label completely free!

We base the price of your Samsung on:

  • Carrier-Lock: Unlocked or locked with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.
  • Phone Condition: Good, mint, cracked, or faulty
  • Phone Capacity: Gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB)

Find these filters on the product page for your Samsung smartphone model to determine what your phone is worth.

If you want to sell your used Samsung phone for cash, choose BankMyCell. It's easy, and customers love us for our high prices and our guaranteed sales. We'll offer you a fair price with no low-ball offers. Select the best deal based on price quotes, customer ratings, and convenient payment options.

Here's a look at how our site compares to other buyers of old electronics:

  • BankMyCell: You can compare trusted buyback companies to find the company offering the best price for your old Samsung Galaxy devices or other models. Our buyers don't charge shipping costs or hidden fees.
  • Carriers: You can usually trade in your phone for store credit. Verizon is the only carrier currently offering cash for used devices but typically only pays prices up to 45% less than the devices' values.
  • Internet Marketplaces: You can sell your Samsung phone online through marketplaces like eBay, where you'll pay 15% or more in seller fees and 3.49% for PayPal transactions.
  • EcoATMs: You can recycle used devices quickly for prices up to 53% less than their market buyback values but know you're helping the environment.

Our customers love selling their Galaxy phones through us at BankMyCell because we connect them to trusted buyers for the most money. Our Samsung phone buyback site provides:

  • High-valuation and price offers on old electronics
  • FREE shipping via local drop-off points
  • FREE returns
  • Various payment options, including via check, direct deposit, PayPal, and more

To compare, carriers and other big-box retailers like Walmart, Target, or Best Buy often:

  • Only offer gift cards or store value for old phones
  • Offer price quotes up to 55% less than the device's market buyback value

You may struggle to find a phone carrier, retail shop, or even an eBay user willing to buy your used Samsung Galaxy with a cracked screen, but a BankMyCell buyer will be willing to give you a decent price in cash for your old phone. Simply select the "cracked" option in the condition filter when getting your price quotes.

We'll consider your old Samsung smartphone's condition "cracked" if it has:

  • Cracks or excessive scratches on the screen
  • Cracks or deep blemishes on the frame or back
  • Chips, gouges, or other surface marks

There should be no software issues and all hardware parts of the phone should still be functional.

Should I Repair My Cracked Device Before Selling?

You'll likely get the most money by selling your phone in its current condition. While more stores accept repaired devices, you may lose money on repair costs trying to give old tech new life.

At BankMyCell, we can connect you with a buyback company that buys old electronics with issues. You'll use the "faulty" condition option to sell your old Samsung phone if your Samsung Galaxy, Flip, or Fold has any of the following problems:

  • Power: The device won't power on or charge.
  • Hardware: The phone has damage to the speakers, jacks, or other hardware.
  • Software: The phone's operating system or apps don't function correctly.
  • Touch: The touch screen is faulty or doesn't work.
  • Sensors: The face or finger sensors fail to work properly.
  • Network: The phone won't connect to GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the carrier network.

Keep in mind when selling Samsung phones that our BankMyCell buyers will offer the best price but do NOT accept snapped, destroyed, or fake Samsung devices.

You have a few options to sell or trade in your Samsung phone:

  • BankMyCell: Get the best price on cash Samsung trade-in deals, and spend the cash on an upgrade or anywhere you want. Simply select the best price quote, send your old device via your FREE shipping label at a local collection point, and get cash for your old device.
  • Upgrade trade-in: You can get a new device through an upgrade trade-in, but carriers and retailers often only offer up to 60% of your old phone's market buyback value.
  • Samsung trade-in program: Retailers will sometimes have Samsung trade-in offers with bonuses for trading in your used Samsung.

Need Help? Discover How Selling Your Samsung Phone Works

Popular Customer Questions Answered

You must know the models to sell old Samsung devices. To find the model name for your used Samsung Galaxy or Flip in two easy steps, refer to your phone directly and:

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Click on About Phone

Popular Samsung Devices in This Range / Series

  • Flip Series
  • Fold Series
  • Galaxy A Series
  • Galaxy J Series
  • Galaxy S Series
  • Galaxy Note Series

Common Samsung Operating Systems

  • Android
  • Tizen OS

You can also check your device's storage capacity via the Settings menu:

  • Click on the Settings app
  • Go to Device Maintenance, then Device Care
  • Go to Storage

This page will show you the total storage capacity and what stuff takes up your storage.

Protect your data and privacy by backing up and factory-resetting your used Samsung Galaxy before sending it to a buyer. Follow these tips to prepare to sell your Samsung Galaxy, Flip, or Fold:

  • Back up your smartphone by dragging and dropping files onto your computer OR back up your data through an online account or cloud. Go to Settings, your Name, and Samsung Cloud. Choose what you want to back up, and click Back up.
  • Erase all the data on your Galaxy. From Settings, go to General Management, Reset, and Factory Data Reset. Click Reset.

When you get a price lock on your used Samsung Galaxy, you have seven to 30 days to mail it for that guaranteed price. Depending on the buyer, we'll send a free shipping label and perhaps some free mail packaging materials.

All you have to do with BankMyCell is to pack up your old phone and send it off via a local UPS, USPS, or FedEx collection point to get cash. Customers love our simple, easy, and risk-free process. If problems with the device cause your payment quote to shift, we'll return your smartphone for free.

Our buyers at BankMyCell accept tech from any carrier, including T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and UScellular. Buyers, however, prefer and pay higher prices for unlocked devices (not locked to a specific carrier) than locked models.

Want To Sell a Locked or Contract Samsung Phone Through BankMyCell?

How To Get Paid for Locked/Blacklisted/Financed Samsung Phones

Yes, you may select the Activation option for the Locked Status filter to get a quote. Remember that unlocked phones sell for higher prices.

Yes, select the Financed option under the Locked Status filter to get a more accurate quote. You will still be responsible for your monthly payment but may choose to use the price you earn from our buyer to clear an early termination fee.

Yes, select the Blacklisted option under the Locked Status filter to get a quote. You will earn more cash from selling an unlocked Samsung Galaxy, Flip, or Fold, so have the device unlocked if possible.

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