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    How to sell your Motorola Moto Z4 using BankMyCell

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    How to Sell My Motorola Moto Z4 Online

    Motorola Moto Z4 trade-in value guide

    How much is my Motorola Moto Z4 worth?

    BankMyCell is a phone trade-in price comparison site that shows you how much buyers are willing to pay for your used Motorola Moto Z4. It’s an effective and convenient way to sell your Motorola Moto Z4 at the best possible price.

    If the phone still looks new and is in perfect working condition you will get a great deal for it. You’ll also get a higher Motorola Moto Z4 trade-in price if the phone is unlocked (or if it can work with carriers like Verizon and AT&T), and has more memory capacity. Compare prices and find the best offers now.

    Where is the best place to sell a Motorola Moto Z4?

    Since different buyback stores offer different amounts for used phones, the right way to find the best deal is to compare prices from the best buyers. Our selected online trade-in stores offer more for Motorola Moto Z4s than typical buyback ATM kiosks or carriers.

    Our selected stores also offer free shipping and returns to help minimize the cost of trading in your phone. Sell your old Motorola Moto Z4 online at the best price and avoid losing hundreds of dollars today by comparing quotes here now.

    How to sell your broken Motorola Moto Z4 for cash

    Select 'Faulty' or 'Cracked' at the top of the page

    Cracked: Selling Motorola Moto Z4 with a broken screen

    Don’t expect to get a price for a Moto Z4 with a cracked or broken screen or body that’s equal to that of one with no damage. But you can still sell a broken Motorola Moto Z4 at a good price if you contact the right buyer. To find a buyer, select the ‘Cracked’ option in our price table to locate companies that offer the best prices for a Moto Z4 in such a condition.

    • Cracked screen or fully broken screen
    • Cosmetic damage e.g. excessive scratches, or chips
    Faulty: Selling a faulty or water damaged Motorola Moto Z4

    Buyback stores offer the lowest prices for Moto Z4s with water damage, or software or hardware issues. We can help you find the best Motorola Moto Z4 trade-in value for your phone by showing you offers from interested buyers offering the best prices. Simply select the ‘Faulty’ option in our price table to see the best offers for a broken or water damaged Motorola Moto Z4.

    • Does not power on or has software issues
    • Functional issues with broken buttons, touch screens and ports

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