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    How to Sell My HTC U11 Life Online

    HTC U11 Life trade-in values available

    How much is my HTC U11 Life worth?

    The worth of your device depends on how well you have maintained it. If it’s in good physical condition, the devices worth is higher. How much can you sell a HTC U11 Life for? Use the options above to filter the prices and get the most accurate quotation from the buyback stores. BankMyCell will assist you to get the best price for your HTC U11 Life trade-in.

    Where is the Best Place to sell an HTC U11 Life?

    Sell your HTC U11 Life device to buy back stores or online. The online market is the best for your device. You will get the best price from comparing HTC U11 Life selling prices from different companies. BankMyCell provides you with a comparison table above for selling prices of your device from which you get to pick the best.

    How to sell your broken HTC U11 Life for cash

    If your HTC U11 is carrying a bit of damage it might be classed as broken and receive a lower price upon inspection. If any of these points below match your devices condition make sure to tick the 'broken' tab:

    • Cracked screen or fully broken screen
    • Cosmetic damage e.g. excessive scratches, or chips
    • Does not power on or has software issues
    • Functional issues with broken buttons, touch screens and ports

    About Your HTC U11 Life Resale Device

    Sell your HTC U11 Life on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & more

    Your HTC U11 Life Trade-in Value

    Selling your electronics to BankMyCell is really simple! Select your devices carrier, storage size and condition to get an instant quote! Ship your items for FREE and get instantly paid from one of our buy-back stores they day they receive it.

    Identifying your HTC U11 Life for Trade-in

    Arriving on the scene in December 2017, the HTC U11 Life smartphone was the budget version of the U11, the main noticeable difference was the plastic body and acrylic glass at the rear of the Life model (the premium version had a Gorilla Glass and aluminum build).

    To feel the HTC U11 32GB/64GB you’re selling, it doesn’t have that solid cold feel of glass and aluminum, you can tell it’s a budget version although the device is satisfying enough. The front LCD screen is 5.2 inches with a 1080x1920 pixel resolution, it also boasts a 16MP selfie camera above the screen at the top.

    The back is plastic and curved, shiny acrylic glass with the HTC and Android One logos. There is a single 16MP camera and flash present at the top center. The device runs on Android, and has 3GB / 4GB of internal storage depending on what option you bought, just be sure to select the storage size above.

    In terms of storage sizes, when you trade-in your HTC U11above, you’ll need to choose between the 32GB and 64GB options to get accurate quotes. Be sure to remove the any Micro SD cards and your Nano SIM before selling your U11 Life for cash!

    What to do before you sell your device

    • Backup your data/photos/settings
    • Perform a factory reset in settings
    • Remove cases/SD cards/accessories
    • Give your device a quick clean
    HTC U11 Life Key Features
    • Brand HTC
    • Release Date December 2017
    • Security Front mounted fingerprint scanner
    • Weight 142g / 5.01oz
    • Battery 2600mAh Li-Ion
    • Alternate Names -
    • Carriers AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile etc.
    • Camera (Front) 16 MP (Mega Pixels)
    • Camera (Rear) 16 MP (Mega Pixels)
    • Screen Size 5.2 Inch Screen
    • Screen Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels
    • Operating System (OS) Android 8.0
    • Chipset 3GB / 4GB RAM, HiSilicon Kirin 960
    • Internal Memory 128GB


    We have to look at the HTC U11 Life as a cut down U11, its goal was to provide the core strengths at an entry/mid-level price at the sacrifice of CPU power. It fell short compared to other devices around that price point that offered a bit more bang for your buck.


    • 16MP front and back cameras
    • Strong display
    • Pure Android OS


    • Battery life is below average
    • Plastic body feels cheap
    • Only wireless headphones, no jack

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