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    How to Sell My iPhone 5 Online

    iPhone 5 64GB, 32GB, 16GB trade-in values available

    How much is my iPhone 5 worth?

    Wondering how much you can sell an iPhone 5 for? Well the used values can vary from store to store which is why trade-in comparison site BankMyCell has setup this service to compare prices and get you to top deal online. Buy back stores often give much bigger quotes the better the condition of your device, so if you’ve had a screen protector and case on your iPhone 5 then chances are it’s damage free and you’ll get a better quote!

    Using BankMyCell’s service is FREE, fast and super easy. Just scroll up to see your device, use the buttons to select your carrier, internal memory storage size and condition and we’ll show you the best price to sell your iPhone 5 for.

    Where is the Best Place to sell an iPhone 5?

    One of the biggest mistakes people make when selling their phones is thinking they cannot sell their carrier locked iPhone 5, or thinking they must sell it direct to the network. In fact, selling your old device to your carrier or selling it to a store or kiosk ATM more often than not leaves you seriously low balled, in most cases it’s between 20-35% less.

    Comparing iPhone 5 selling prices with BankMyCell and you’ll be getting the highest trade-in price online. Scroll up and use the table to compare iPhone 5 buy back prices, you’ll quickly see it’s a whole lot more than your carrier will offer.

    How to sell your broken iPhone 5 for cash

    Unless you have insurance, you smash your phone up or something breaks on it you’ll have to part with your time and money to get it repaired. If you’ve got a replacement your iPhone is just sat in a drawer with a smashed screen, BankMyCell is the best place to sell your broken iPhone 5. Many of the buyback programs in the USA will take phones with cosmetic and functional issues, (such as broken screens). Make sure you click on the ‘Broken’ option above and we’ll give you a quote to dispose of your broken iPhone, you can sell a water damaged iPhone 5.

    It goes without saying the quotes for broken iPhones are much less, this is of course because they need to be refurbished, repaired or recycled. Be aware that all trade in stores can come back to you with a revised offer if they find out the phone is beyond repair - before you panic, this is all offer based and you can reject it and get your phone back with no problems. Here are some on the common issues where iPhone 5 trade in valuations are accepted as broken.

    • Cracked screen or fully broken screen
    • Cosmetic damage e.g. excessive scratches, or chips
    • Does not power on or has software issues
    • Functional issues with broken buttons, touch screens and ports

    About Your iPhone 5 Resale

    Sell your iPhone 5 on Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, Sprint & more

    Your iPhone 5 Trade-in Value

    Selling your electronics to BankMyCell is really simple! Select your devices carrier, storage size and condition to get an instant quote! Ship your items for FREE and get instantly paid from one of our buy-back stores they day they receive it.

    Identifying your iPhone 5 for Trade-in

    The iPhone 5 was released in 2012 and was the first Apple device to use The Apple A6 processor. It features a 4-inch Retina Display screen with 1136 x 640 pixels and comes with 1GB RAM. It is available in storage sizes of 16, 32 and 64 GB. It's not possible to extend this storage, as there is no memory card slot.

    The iPhone 5 has two cameras. The rear-facing camera is 8MP and includes the option to record in 1080p HD. The front-facing 'FaceTime' camera offers 1.2 MP and 720p HD video. This phone contains a headphone jack.

    What to do before you sell your device

    • Backup your data/photos/settings
    • Perfom a factory reset in settings
    • Remove iCloud from your device
    • Remove cases/SD cards/accessories
    • Give your device a quick clean
    Key Features
    • Brand Apple
    • Release Date September 2012
    • Security Passcode
    • Weight 112g / 3.95oz
    • Battery 1821mAh Li-Po
    • Alternate Names A1428 / A1429
    • Carriers AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile MetroPCS, Boost, Cricket etc.
    • Camera (Front) 1.2 MP (Mega Pixels)
    • Camera (Rear) 8 MP (Mega Pixels)
    • Screen Size 4.0 inch Screen
    • Screen Resolution 640 x 1136 Pixels
    • Operating System (OS) iOS
    • Chipset 1GB RAM, A6 (Apple)
    • Internal Memory 16GB / 32GB / 64GB

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