How To Factory Reset Your Locked iPhone

  • Forgot your iPhone passcode? Learn how to reset a locked iPhone using iCloud, iTunes, or recovery mode.
  • How to recover your data using iTunes or iCloud backups and restore your phone to full functionality
  • Companies that buy passcode locked iPhones for those times when the resets don’t work

You don’t want just anyone accessing the information that you store on your iPhone. Setting up a strong password is the best way to protect that data. Improve your security by selecting a six-digit password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess.

Should anyone steal the device, they’ll only have six tries to input the correct password. Failure to do so will lock them out of the system completely. It’s a good security feature, but it can be annoying if you forget your code.

In this post, we’ll look at how to reset a locked iPhone so that you can gain access.

Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Be Careful!

It’s happened to everyone at one time or another. You’re staring at your iPhone and cannot remember what the pin might be. You’re beginning to regret that night out with your friends because you cannot access any information on your phone.

It’s tempting to type in a few numbers that you think might be correct. Before you do, however, take a step back. You only have six tries in total to get this right. If you enter the code incorrectly six times, your phone will lock you out completely.

You’ll know you’ve done this when you receive a message stating that the iPhone is disabled.

From there, your only choice is to learn how to reset a locked iPhone and then restore your data from a backup. It’s better to give yourself a little time to jog your memory. Forget the phone for the moment, and focus on something else. The answer may come to you when you don’t pressure yourself.

What if Your iPhone Gets Disabled?

When the disabled message comes through, accept that your data on the device is gone for good. You must learn how to perform a hard reset on a locked iPhone and restore the factory settings.

You’ll then have to set up your phone from scratch. You can start by going to the App Store and restore any apps that you previously purchased. You’ll need to reinstall any free apps you previously used.

The reset deletes your photos and files, so you’ll need to restore them from a backup. If you’ve been good about backing it up to the Apple Cloud, you can retrieve the data from there. If you haven’t been, take this as a lesson and set up a regular backup schedule starting today.

You may do this on the phone by:

  • Clicking on Settings
  • Then clicking on your name and selecting iCloud Backup
  • Set the slider to the “On” position, and your iPhone will perform a daily backup when the phone is charging, on a stable Wi-Fi connection, and locked.

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Solutions if You Forgot Your iPhone Passcode

1: Try to Factory Reset a Locked iPhone with iCloud

To factory reset a locked iPhone using the iCloud, follow this guide:

  1. Log into iCloud using the same email and account you used when setting up the “Find My iPhone” feature.
  2. Your phone will come up on the screen, so click the “Erase” button.
  3. You’ll have to confirm that you understand the implications.
  4. Your phone is now back to its factory settings, and you can load a backup if you have one.

2: Try to Factory Reset Your Locked iPhone with iTunes Backups

    1. Connect your iPhone to your PC with iTunes on it.
    2. Open iTunes and select the iPhone Management Screen
    3. Select “Restore.”
How To Factory Reset Your Locked iPhone (Without Passcode)