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    Best Place to Sell Your iPhone 8

    BankMyCell is the best place to sell your Apple iPhone 8; every 15 minutes, we compare 80708 prices across the 12 most trusted, verified and reviewed buyback stores to get you the best offer.

    iPhone 8Top Offer PriceLowest Offer PriceOnline:
    Average Cash Value
    Extra Cash Earned
    * Best market prices updated May 25th 2024


    Today's iPhone 8 Trade in Value

    How Much is a Used iPhone 8 Worth? (Resale Value)

    Today’s best resale price is $102.00 with an average market value of $32.10. This model was originally released in 2017 as a regular model of Apple's iPhone 8 lineup. Its resale value decreases as Apple continues to release a new series every year. So it would be better to sell it now if you’re planning to do so in the near future to get much higher offers.

    At BankMyCell, we aim to give you real-time resale values from various online buyback stores that are willing to buy your used phone. But their offers would differ significantly depending on these factors:

    • Carrier: Unlocked or Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and others.
    • Storage Size: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.
    • Condition: Boxed, Flawless, Good, Cracked screen, faulty, or no-power issues.

    Use the filters at the top of the page to check deals or the table to compare today's trade-in values by storage size.

    iPhone 8Top Offer PriceLowest Offer PriceOnline:
    Average Cash Value
    Extra Cash Earned
    * Best market prices updated May 25th 2024

    Can You Sell or Trade in a Cracked iPhone 8?

    Yup! Our buyers are interested in offering cash for iPhone 8 with cosmetic damages for up to $20.00. Did your phone dive into the ground from your pocket? No problem! Our buyers will accept it even if it has a cracked screen or dented aluminum frame.

    Use the above checklist to compare today's trade-in values with screen or body damage.

    iPhone 8Top Offer PriceLowest Offer PriceOnline:
    Average Cash Value
    Extra Cash Earned
    * Best market prices updated May 25th 2024

    Here’s what you should know if you can sell under the “Cracked" condition:

    Cracked Condition Selling Checklist:

    • Cracked Screen: If the Corning-made glass screen has shattered or cracked.
    • Damaged Back: Similar to its front build, your device’s back is also made of Corning glass that can be shattered or damaged.
    • Dents/Cracks/Heavy Cosmetic Damage: If your phone's stainless steel frame is severely dented, chipped, or scratched.

    Not accepted:

    • LCD Damage (Faulty): If your Retina IPS LCD is broken (e.g., dead pixels, color or visibility difficulties), choose "Faulty."
    • Multiple issues: For cracked or damaged devices WITH ANOTHER ISSUE, select another condition like broken or no power.

    Can You Sell or Trade in a Broken iPhone 8?

    Of course! Our buyers are willing to pay for your broken iPhone 8 for up to $19.00. Compare today's trade-in values for an iPhone 8 with any hardware or software faults:

    iPhone 8Top Offer PriceLowest Offer PriceOnline:
    Average Cash Value
    Extra Cash Earned
    Water Damaged$8.00$1.00$5.72+$2.28
    No Power$8.00$1.00$5.72+$2.28
    * Best market prices updated May 25th 2024

    Here’s a checklist to help you determine if your iPhone falls under the “Broken" condition.

    Broken Selling Condition Checklist:

    • LCD/Touch screen: The Retina display is damaged.
    • Main & Selfie Camera: The device's 12MP single and 7MP selfie camera won’t function properly.
    • Sensors: Fingerprint and other sensor problems.
    • Network problems: Problems with carrier, Bluetooth, or GPS connections.
    • Software issues: App or OS malfunctions.
    • Hardware problems: Faulty buttons, charging ports, and speakers.
    • Power/Battery: The iPhone 8 has a Li-Ion 1821 mAh battery. If the battery health drops below 80%, you can still sell it. (Select Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Maximum Capacity.

    No Power Selling Condition Checklist:

    • Power/Battery (No Power): If the phone does not turn on, look for no power to see if buyers are interested.

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