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    Tronics Pay
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    • $16.00
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    BuyBack Boss
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    How to Sell My Google Pixel 3 Online

    Google Pixel 3 trade-in value guide

    How much is my Google Pixel 3 worth?

    Google Pixel 3 is a great phone, but maybe it’s about time you sell yours. Buyers typically only pay top dollar for such phones if they are buying them in mint condition. Buyers also offer better deals when a used Google Pixel 3 has a large storage capacity and is unlocked.

    At BankMyCell, we are a cellphone trade-in price comparison site that empowers you to get the best deal for your phone, regardless of what condition it is in. We do this partnering with top phone buyback stores that offer the best quotes on used Google Pixel 3 phones. Sell your Google Pixel 3 online at a great price today by using our above comparison list.

    Where is the best place to sell a Google Pixel 3?

    The average trade-in at a store, or buyback at a mall kiosk, offers bottom prices for used mobile devices.

    We get you the best Google Pixel 3 trade-in price by offering you price comparisons from honest cellphone buyback stores. These stores offer better deals than carriers. For your convenience, these stores also offer free shipping and returns to help you save money on selling your phone online. Instead of losing hundreds of dollars, get your best Google Pixel 3 trade-in value on BankMyCell today!

    How to sell your broken Google Pixel 3 for cash

    Select 'Faulty' or 'Cracked' at the top of the page

    Cracked: Selling Google Pixel 3 with a broken screen

    The less damage your phone has, the higher the price you can get for it. But if your phone already has a cracked or dented screen or body, you can still find a good deal. Even if the screen or casing is shattered, find the best prices to sell your old Google Pixel 3 online by selecting the ‘Cracked’ option in our price table. We’ll show you the buyers offering the best prices for your device.

    • Cracked screen or fully broken screen
    • Cosmetic damage e.g. excessive scratches, or chips
    Faulty: Selling a faulty or water damaged Google Pixel 3

    When trying to sell a broken Google Pixel 3, avoid lying about its condition. If the buyer discovers a fault you didn’t mention, he will return the phone with a reduced quote. Save time by using the ‘Faulty’ option in our price table to find the best buyers offering the best prices for your device in its current condition.

    • Does not power on or has software issues
    • Functional issues with broken buttons, touch screens and ports

    About Your Google Pixel 3 Resale Device

    Sell your Google Pixel 3 on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & more

    Your Google Pixel 3 Trade-in Value

    Selling your electronics to BankMyCell is really simple! Select your devices carrier, storage size and condition to get an instant quote! Ship your items for FREE and get instantly paid from one of our buy-back stores they day they receive it.

    Identifying your Google Pixel 3 for Trade-in

    Released in November of 2018, the Google Pixel 3 came with lower mega pixel cameras than other phones on the market but the machine learning created some of the best photos of its time. This was Google’s magic weapon as far as photos go, the 12.2 mega pixel rear camera using aperture machine learning to enhance and render better photos that higher megapixel cameras released in the same year.

    As far as design goes, the Pixel 3 was also pretty bland, but it does have a 5.5-inch display that utilizes a 1080 x 2160 pixel resolution with dual front speakers. It comes with 4GB of RAM and you’ll be able to get it in either 64GB or 1285GB storage sizes. One distinctive feature is the dual selfie cameras at the front, where you can see two 8 mega pixel lenses at the top of the phone.

    The Pixel 3 runs on Android 9.0, it has fingerprint ID unlocking t as well as the other common phone sensors, unfortunately one of the main complaints was the battery life, powered by the 2915mAh battery.

    What to do before you sell your device

    • Backup your data/photos/settings
    • Perform a factory reset in settings
    • Remove iCloud from your device
    • Remove cases/SD cards/accessories
    • Give your device a quick clean
    Google Pixel 3 Key Features
    • Brand Google
    • Release Date November 2018
    • Security Fingerprint ID
    • Weight 148g / 5.22oz
    • Battery 2915mAh Li-Po
    • Alternate Names -
    • Carriers AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile etc.
    • Camera (Front) Dual 8 MP (Mega Pixels)
    • Camera (Rear) 12.2 MP (Mega Pixels)
    • Screen Size 5.5 Inch Screen
    • Screen Resolution 1080 x 2160 pixels
    • Operating System (OS) Android 9.0
    • Chipset 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 845
    • Internal Memory 64GB / 128GB


    We think the Pixel 3 was one of 2018’s best camera phones, regardless of the lower megapixels in the official stats. Google really smashed the machine learning out the park with this one. The smaller size of the Pixel 3 also meant that the Google phone had a slightly worse battery life and RAM speed than other devices released that year.


    • Stunning machine learning camera
    • Beautiful 5.5 Inch OLED screen
    • Small size, easy for little hands


    • Battery life is not as good
    • Only 4GB RAM

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