Make Money Recycling

6 Ways You Can Make Money From Recycling

Who knew you could get rich and save the world at the same time? With a bit of inside knowledge and a few tricks of the trade, you can boost the cash in your bank and get rid of some old rubbish.

Everyone recycles these days, but rather than just chucking it all in a green box or a recycling sack for the someone to collect- why not utilize it yourself and make some money from it?

Make Money By Recycling Cans

Recycle old cans

Had a bit of a party? Make the cleaning bill back by recycling the old cans! The more beer drinkers the better. You’ll need a fair few cans to make some money, as you get around 30 cents for a pound of cans. if you live in a  state that has bottle bills, you can earn up to 10 cents per can, so get collecting that aluminum!

You can find cash for cans centers all over the US.

These are bottle bill participating states:

  • Vermont
  • Oregon
  • New York
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Iowa
  • Hawaii
  • Connecticut
  • California

Get Cash For Ink Cartridges

Recycle ink cartridges

There are loads of services online and in store which will offer you money for your old ink cartridges. Instead of chucking them in the recycle bin at the supermarket, why not get paid for your old cartridge!

It’s just as easy. You can usually earn up to $1 per empty ink cartridge. This may not sound like a lot, but collect 10 of them and your first round of drinks down the local bar is paid for, for little to no effort!

Some companies, will even come and collect your cartridges from local businesses. Why not organize an office wide collection and donate the money to charity, or put it towards the next staff party.

Recycle Your Cell Phones For Cash

Recycle Your Cell Phones For Cash

E-waste is a big problem to the environment and occurs when people simply throw old gadgets away. You’ll also find you have a ton of old bits of tech lying around in draws and collecting dust. What you don’t realise is that this is a gold mine for cash! You can make hundreds of dollars by recycling old phones, and one of the easiest ways to do it is online.

Online electronics recyclers will all offer different prices for different phones in different conditions. The easiest way to find the best price for you is with a price comparison site. Comparison sites like this will sift out the best deals for you and help you send off your phone with ease.

Most phone recyclers offer FREE shipping kits for you to send your device off in, whether it be a phone, tablet, games console or even a iPod! It’s all worth money.

Recycle Food And Sell Compost

Recycle your food

When you start collecting food waste you’ll be shocked at just how much you can put aside! Especially if you like to cook every night. You can turn this into actual sell-able compost if you know how. All you need to do is keep a food bin in the kitchen for all your peelings, egg shells, teabags, and even cereal boxes or toilet rolls!

Take it out to the compost bin regularly and it will slowly decompose into free but fantastic fertilizer. Once you’ve done this you can sell it on to neighbors, or offer it to local gardeners.

Get Money From Old Wine Corks

Recycle corks

Beer cans not your thing? Save your wine corks and you could be in for a nice lump of cash. Who said drinking was bad for you? Believe it or not people go mad for these things. Brides want them for name holders, arty people want them for crafts – they’re in high demand! You can also sell your empty wine bottles for money, so it’s a win-win.

Get on Ebay and get listing. The price for your corks will vary depending if they are real or synthetic, mixed or same size, and obviously how many you have. It’s best to sell them in bulks of 25 or more so you get the best price.

Believe it or not people will also give you good money for empty bottles for the same craft reasons, so wash them out and get selling.

Unused Gift Vouchers

Dollars for voucher trade ins

Ever been given a voucher for somewhere you simply are just not going to shop in? Join the rest of the nation. Luckily you can sell on these gift cards for cash – so you can spend it wherever!

Avoid the awkwardness and trade it up. Services will buy your gift cards for hard cash, and pay you via PayPal or direct bank transfer. It’s easy to do, and means that $20 voucher won’t go for waste!