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Is The Whiz Cells Legit? An Honest Review From an Industry Expert: Compare Customer Feedback, Prices, Service Pros & Cons

By Ash Turner
As CEO of and since 2009, Ash has been a pivotal figure in the mobile tech industry. With a background in managing Brightstar’s PhoneRecycleBank, he boasts extensive experience with global carriers and MVNOs like T-Mobile and O2, and leading manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung.

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| Updated on May 25, 2024
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Joey Bobiles
Joey is adept at creating comprehensive comparison guides and product reviews for devices from brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google. His expertise extends to thorough evaluations of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, MVNOs, and phone plans, all while simplifying intricate technical information into easily understandable content.

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The Bottom Line

We highly recommend The Whiz Cells if you want to sell your smartphones or tablets online, whether it runs on iOS or Android. Their procedure is simple and uncomplicated, allowing you to navigate their website effortlessly without confusing options or crowded design. The store also offers excellent customer service, so you can rely on its staff to assist you with any questions or concerns during the device-selling process.

When you sell your device on The Whiz Cells, you can expect a quick payout within as little as one day after evaluating your item. Furthermore, you have the advantage of locking in your initial offer for a generous 30-day period, ensuring you won’t encounter any surprises or price fluctuations when you decide to sell.

The Whiz Cells provides multiple payment options to cater to your preferences, which adds convenience and ensures a seamless transaction. You can choose from direct deposit, check, gift card, or PayPal.

Ash Turner - BankMyCell CEO

Ash Turner

Buyback & Trade-in Market Expert Since 2009

Review Policy: How We Review Buyback/Trade-in Companies

Our team has specialized in the buyback/trade-in business since 2009. We ensure our reviews are 100% independent, drawing from a blend of consumer insights and our professional experience. We utilize pricing feeds for 500+ products, aggregate and analyze customer feedback, and employ a unique scoring system to offer accurate and precise comparisons based on service quality.


Simple process

Multiple payment options

Excellent customer service


Accepts limited devices

Shipping kit restriction

No courier collection service

Review Contents

Ash Turner

2-Minute STORE Review Overview

Expert Opinion: What to Expect Selling With STORE

Are you wondering where to sell your old phone? With numerous buyback stores available out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

You might be concerned about discrepancies in device evaluations or receiving low offers. That’s where we can help.

In this review, we’ll look closer at The Whiz Cells, one of the buyback stores you can easily find online. Our Senior Staff Writer and Tech Enthusiast, Ash Turner, tried selling a device to The Whiz Cells and thoroughly examined its features, price points, and other aspects to help you determine if it’s the ideal buyback store for you.

PROS: What We Liked!

Simplified process: The Whiz Cells offers a straightforward and easy-to-understand process, while their website features a sleek and simple interface. The store's FAQs cover frequent questions that are useful for first-time sellers. What we love best is that they allow you to easily change your billing address on 'My Account' whenever necessary.

Flexible payment options: The Whiz Cells offers a variety of payment options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer to receive payment via PayPal, direct bank deposit, check, or gift card, they provide multiple ways for you to get paid in the most convenient manner.

Responsive customer service: The store provides excellent customer service, which ensures that your inquiries are addressed promptly. It is particularly beneficial for first-time sellers and anyone seeking clarification or assistance regarding their sale.

USPS pickup service: You can conveniently schedule a free pickup directly from the USPS website to send your items to The Whiz Cells. It's important to note that their packaging has no dollar limit.

CONS: What We Disliked!

Accepts limited devices: The store accepts a wide range of cell phones and tablets, which means you can sell your iOS and Android units. However, they do not accept other types of devices, such as laptops or speakers.
Shipping kit restriction: The Whiz Cells provides shipping materials, but they offer a shipping kit only for devices worth $100 or more. Remember that you can always use your own packaging.
No courier collection service: The Whiz Cells does not offer an option where someone comes to pick up your package from your home to their facility. This could be seen as a disadvantage for individuals who are busy and unable to go to the nearest USPS or those who prefer not to go out due to time constraints.

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The Whiz Cells Trade-in Program Review

1. Consumer Feedback Overview

Customer Opinion: Is Selling on The Whiz Cells Legit?

Because it has already served a number of sellers in the market, it is natural to find The Whiz Cells reviews from previous customers. We have extensively researched various platforms to assess how it is perceived by its customers.

We will delve into the pros and cons of The Whiz Cells based on public feedback. This analysis will assist you in determining whether the store meets your specific requirements as a seller while showing how the store responded to reviews about them.

Customer Review Rating Distribution
thewhizcells trustpilot review breakdown
Excellent-Average Ratings
Bad-Poor Ratings

PROS: What Customers Liked

Easy process: Based on the reviews, sellers liked The Whiz Cells' easy and user-friendly process when selling a device. They could easily follow the instructions, complete the required processes, and ship their gadgets. Some people emphasized the ease of filling out an online form and receiving an offer within minutes.

Quick payout: Several sellers commended The Whiz Cells for their fast payment. They said they were paid via PayPal shortly after the store received and evaluated their devices.

Prompt communication: Many sellers said they received quick responses to their questions and were informed throughout the selling process.

CONS: What Customers Disliked

Compensation issue: A client said he had not received payment for the cell phones he sent to The Whiz Cells. However, the store can't locate the order and suspects it's one of the numerous fake reviews circulating on the internet.
Payment cancellation: A customer reported that the payment for their phone was initially made but later canceled by The Whiz Cells. The store clarified that PayPal reversed the payment due to possible fraudulent activities and eventually completed the payment after contacting the customer.
Low offer: A customer mentioned that the offered price from The Whiz Cells was considerably lower than their expectations. However, the store explained that the reduced offer was due to unreported flaws on the device, such as scratches on the screen.

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2. The Whiz Cells VS. Alternatives

Compare Trade-in Quotes, Ratings & Services

While The Whiz Cells is a great place to sell your smartphone, you may wonder where else you can sell it. When selling a gadget, you want to obtain the greatest price while ensuring an easy selling procedure, so we’ve made a list of your other options based on quotations, features, and customer feedback.

Using the information below, you can compare them to The Whiz Cells and decide where to sell your cell phones or tablets based on your requirements.

This Company

The Whiz Cells logo
icon review 4

4.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot

  • Ranked #2 for service rating against all other buyback stores.
  • FREE label & returns plus shipping kit delivery.
  • 30-day price lock timescale (above average).
  • Get paid within 1 day of device inspection.
  • Offer the 4 key payment options – PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check & Gift Card.

Best Rated

sell locked logo
icon review 5

5 out of 5 on Trustpilot

  • 99% of the customers rated the store 5 stars.
  • Fast payment – get paid within three days after the device is delivered.
  • Hassle-free and a great experience when trading in phones.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Limited products accepted.

Best Quotes

bankmycell logo
icon review 4.5

4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot

  • Provides the highest up-front quotes.
  • Ranked #1 for services offered:
  • Pay by Direct Deposit, PayPal, Check, and many more.
  • Shipping label and returns for FREE.
  • A 30-day price lock feature.
  • Wide range of devices accepted.

3. How Does The Whiz Cells Trade-in Work?

FAQs: Payment, Shipping, Conditions, and More

How Selling With The Whiz Cells Works

1. Get a quote:

  • Go to The Whiz Cells’ website and select your phone.
  • Enter the important details, including carrier, storage size, device condition, and ownership status > Click Proceed To Checkout.
get a quote - the whiz cells

2. Register your sale:

  • Before getting a cash offer, you must first answer a few quick questions, such as your name, address, and email address.
  • Check if the items in your cart are correct. Choose your shipping and label preference > Select how you want to get paid > Click Place Order.
register your sale the whiz cells

3. Ship your device:

  • Ship your smartphone with The Whiz Cells’ pre-paid label. Keep in mind that the sooner you send your product and have it inspected, the sooner you will be paid.
  • To track your package, visit the My Account section.
  • You also have the flexibility to update your billing address whenever needed. Go to My Account > Select Addresses > Make the necessary changes to your billing information.

4. Get paid:

  • You will receive your payment within 24 hours once your device is evaluated and you agree with the final price.
  • Please note that your offer may be revised based on the device’s condition.
get paid the whiz cells

Service FAQs: Payment, Shipping, & Device Conditions



Direct Deposit

Check or eCheck

Gift Card

Store Credit





FREE Shipping Label

Shipping Kit Delivery

Courier Collection

Free Returns










Seller Options: What can you sell on The Whiz Cells?

You can sell smartphones or tablets online at The Whiz Cells and get a high cash offer.

Apple iPhones

Apple iPads

Cell Phones


Payment Terms: How long does The Whiz Cells take to pay?

  • 1-Day Payment Timescale: Once The Whiz Cell receives and evaluates your device to ensure it matches your description, you can expect to receive a payment within one business day.
  • 30-Day Price Lock Timescale: The Whiz Cells immediately provides a quoted price that you can lock in for up to 30 days. If you’re not ready to sell your item immediately, you can maintain its best price without worrying about getting a lower amount.

Payment Options: How does The Whiz Cells pay you and do they pay cash?

  • Gift Card: The Whiz Cells offers the option to receive instant payment through a gift card.
  • PayPal: You can choose to receive instant payment through your PayPal account, but note that the platform deducts a fee of around 3%.
  • Check: If you select this option, anticipate your check payment to be mailed out within 24-48 hours after processing your order. Note that this method may be slower compared to other payment options.
  • Direct Deposit: Once your order is processed, The Whiz Cells will send you an email containing a link to a payment processor site where you can provide your bank account information. Please ensure that you have a bank account with a Mastercard or Visa debit card to select this option.

Shipping: How to send your phone/gadget back to The Whiz Cells for trade-in

  • Shipping Label: The Whiz Cells offers a convenient pre-paid label for sending out your device. You have two options: receiving an email with the label to print yourself, affix it to your package, and drop it off at any USPS location, or receiving an email with a USPS Label Broker QR code, which you can present at a USPS location for them to handle the shipping process.
  • Shipping Pack: The store provides a pre-paid box for your device, but it is available only for devices purchased for over $100. If your device falls below this value, you can still use your own packaging.
  • Free Returns: If you decide not to proceed with the sale after the inspection, The Whiz Cells offers free return shipping for your device.

Working Quotes: How to get the most money selling phones to The Whiz Cells?

  • Excellent: A cell phone or tablet in this category is in excellent condition, fully functional, with battery health of over 85%. All parts are original and have never been modified, whether in terms of software or firmware.
  • Good: An old phone or tablet in this category closely matches the excellent condition, with the exception of a few light scratches that shouldn’t be noticeable by touch.

Damaged Quotes: Can you sell cracked, broken, or faulty phones/gadgets to The Whiz Cells?

  • Cracked: An old phone or tablet in this category should be fully functional with over 85% battery health, but has a cracked front or back glass. All other components, including the touch screen, should work properly except for the cracked glass.
  • Broken: A tablet or cell phone in this category may have non-functional features or physical damage. However, they can still turn on and do not have water damage.

Review Conclusion

We recommend The Whiz Cells because it makes selling your cell phone or tablet simple due to its easy processes and user-friendly website. All you have to do is find your device, answer a few quick questions about it, and get a cash offer. Expect to get paid in one business day after your device has been reviewed and through whatever payment method is most convenient for you, as they provide more than three options.

However, The Whiz Cells only accept phones and tablets. If what you’re selling falls into these categories, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. They accept a wide range of conditions for these devices, from great to good to cracked or broken phones and tablets. But, if you are trying to sell other devices, you might have to search for another buyback store. You can go to the BankMyCell website to easily check which stores offer the best payments and services for your device type.

This Company

The Whiz Cells logo
icon review 4

4.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Best Rated

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icon review 5

5 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Best Quotes

bankmycell logo
icon review 4.5

4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot

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