Best iPhone 13 Used Price: How Much is it Worth Now? (Oct 2023)

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Compare Your iPhone 13 Resale Values

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TODAY'S BEST iPhone Trade-in Values
iPhone 13 Pro$770.00$750.00$421.00Compare
iPhone 13 Pro Max$916.00$916.00$481.00Compare
iPhone 13 Mini$531.00$531.00$233.00Compare
iPhone 13$615.00$605.00$291.00Compare
* Best market prices updated October 2nd 2023

Every new iPhone model introduces new features, and Apple’s products keep getting better. When the iPhone 13 hit the scene in late 2021, users praised the longer battery life and improved ultra-wide camera. Plus, everyone could now take professional-quality videos thanks to cutting-edge technical aspects like Cinematic mode powered by an advanced A15 Bionic chip.

We even got a smaller notch on the display, with an estimated size reduction of 20%. And, of course, the iPhone 13 still has the classic flat edges and features like fast charging we’ve all come to expect. Apple has been on a yearly release cycle, so if you want to take advantage of the latest tech, it might be time for an upgrade. If you’re looking to get rid of your iPhone 13, skip the Apple store or your carrier. You’ll get a higher trade-in value by exploring the options we discuss here.

  • Did you know? Even though the Apple trade-in program is known for being relatively generous, you can get even more by selling your Apple iPhone 13 through an online buyback store.
  • There’s a ton of variation between iPhone buyback programs. We gather and update prices daily to ensure that you get the highest dollar value for your Apple iPhone 13.

How Much is an iPhone 13 Worth?

Today's Used iPhone 13 Market Value Breakdown:

The average resale market or trade-in value of a used iPhone 13 is $428.41, with prices ranging between $367.03 up to $510.00 from the best buyback stores.

Compare iPhone 13 Values
iPhone 13 Resale Market Prices
Save Gadget$416.00$453.00$496.00Compare
The Whiz Cells$385.00$435.00$475.00Compare
Gadget Traders$367.03$410.04$421.43Compare
* Best market prices updated October 2nd 2023

Today's Used iPhone 13 Pro Market Value Breakdown:

The average resale market or trade-in value of a used iPhone 13 Pro is $418.27, with prices ranging between $60.00 up to $661.00 from the best buyback stores.

Compare iPhone 13 Pro Values
iPhone 13 Pro Resale Market Prices
The Whiz Cells$495.00$570.00$610.00$650.00Compare
Save Gadget$528.00$608.00$628.00$648.00Compare
Gadget Traders$469.37$520.37$541.79$566.61Compare
* Best market prices updated October 2nd 2023

Today's Used iPhone 13 Pro Max Market Value Breakdown:

The average resale market or trade-in value of a used iPhone 13 Pro Max is $622.32, with prices ranging between $524.62 up to $746.00 from the best buyback stores.

Compare iPhone 13 Pro Max Values
iPhone 13 Pro Max Resale Market Prices
Save Gadget$605.00$655.00$695.00$725.00Compare
The Whiz Cells$555.00$635.00$685.00$715.00Compare
Gadget Traders$524.62$559.30$592.62$626.62Compare
* Best market prices updated October 2nd 2023

Today's Used iPhone 13 Mini Market Value Breakdown:

The average resale market or trade-in value of a used iPhone 13 Mini is $344.64, with prices ranging between $290.00 up to $525.00 from the best buyback stores.

Compare iPhone 13 Mini Values
iPhone 13 Mini Resale Market Prices
Save Gadget$327.00$361.00$391.00Compare
The Whiz Cells$305.00$350.00$390.00Compare
Gadget Traders$299.20$329.63$343.57Compare
* Best market prices updated October 2nd 2023

Despite Apple’s propensity to release a new phone annually (the iPhone 13 came out in late 2021), these devices do a remarkable job of holding their value. Whether your iPhone 13 is one year old or coming up on a four-year birthday, you could still cash in substantially if you take a moment to compare prices.

However, that being said, the older the iPhone 13 is, the more it will drop in value. There will come a point in time where eventually, a store won’t want it anymore, even if it’s in mint condition. If you’re reading this article, this is a telltale sign that you’re looking to sell, and today’s price is the highest you’re likely to see.

Several factors can affect the value of an Apple iPhone 13:

  • Storage size: The more storage capacity your iPhone 13 has, the higher the price it can command. The various iPhone 13 models have varying storage sizes ranging from 128GB to 1TB.
  • Condition: Though most buyback stores will purchase Apple iPhones in any condition, it goes without saying that the better the condition, the higher the price. You’ll have the option to specify whether your iPhone is in mint condition, good condition, or damaged with a broken screen or faulty hardware. Regardless of the condition, you can still sell it!
  • Carrier: The wireless carrier you’ve chosen can significantly affect the phone’s value. If your iPhone is unlocked, it can command more money. Some carriers will allow you to unlock your iPhone (whether it’s an iPhone mini or an iPhone Pro) on request.
  • Payment: If you want cash for your iPhone, then a buyback store is the way to go. You’re often able to specify whether you want direct deposit into your bank account, PayPal, or a paper check. If you opt for a store trade-in, you might be limited to receiving store credit only.

Keep in mind that, generally, the newer the model of your device, the higher the trade-in value. According to Fortune Magazine, you can expect to see a 43% loss in value after six months. Further, trade-in values tend to plummet after Apple announces a new model, so make sure you schedule your trade-in before Apple shares news of a release date.

Condition Quotes: iPhone 13 Best Used Price

iPhone 13 Pro$770.00$750.00$421.00$183.00Compare
iPhone 13 Pro Max$916.00$916.00$481.00$209.00Compare
iPhone 13 Mini$531.00$531.00$233.00$107.00Compare
iPhone 13$615.00$605.00$291.00$136.00Compare
* Best market prices updated October 2nd 2023

While the recency of an Apple iPhone’s release date can have the most impact on its value, an iPhone 13 selling price is also influenced by the device’s storage size and condition.

There are four storage size variations, depending on the model of the iPhone. Apple has released the iPhone 13 Mini with a 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB capacity. The iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max go up to a full terabyte.

What do the conditions mean?

  • Mint condition: The iPhone 13 looks new and functions perfectly, even though it is used.
  • Good condition: There might be a minor mark or scratch, but the phone functions and has no issues.
  • Cracked screen/case: Though the phone doesn’t have any software or hardware issues, there is major cosmetic damage such as a cracked screen or backing
  • Faulty: If the iPhone doesn’t work because it doesn’t power on, has a broken camera, or has a software or hardware issue, it is faulty but still sellable.

Wondering whether it’s worth replacing your iPhone’s screen before attempting a trade-in? The best way to find out is to compare these real-time prices based on model and condition. While a scratch can reduce the value of your Apple device by 23%, a cracked screen can cause the value to plummet.

Depending on how much a screen replacement or repair costs, it could be worth it to boost the iPhone 13 Pro price, used or not.

Resale Market Comparison: Best iPhone 13 Trade-in Values

DeviceMax PriceMin PriceDifference
iPhone 13 Pro$770.00$1.00+$769Compare
iPhone 13 Pro Max$916.00$1.00+$915Compare
iPhone 13 Mini$531.00$1.00+$530Compare
iPhone 13$615.00$1.00+$614Compare
* Best market prices updated October 2nd 2023

The table above gives you some perspective about much money you could miss out on by failing to compare quotes. Whether you have an iPhone 13 Mini or an iPhone 13 Pro (or even an Apple watch), you can still get a good deal on your eligible device compared to other brands, even as time passes.

Apple has always done an excellent job of providing features that users love (the camera and faster-charging capabilities are top favorites), allowing aging models to retain a higher percentage of their value.

The trade-in value of iPhone 13 models can vary based on how and where you decide to sell. More mainstream buyback companies tend to offer less (even for an iPhone 13 Pro) for a number of reasons, not to mention higher overhead costs and a lack of specialization.

  • Apple, Amazon, GameStop, Gazelle, and EcoATM: Though Gazelle and EcoATM specialize in device buybacks, their massive brand recognition means that people sell here based on convenience, resulting in lower prices. The other companies we’ve mentioned don’t make the bulk of their revenue on device buybacks, so they don’t bother trying to compete.
  • Carriers: You may be able to get bonuses and special deals by doing a trade-in with your carrier, but you can usually just expect store credit or a discount, not cold, hard cash.
  • eBay Auction: You can name your own price by selling through an eBay auction, and you may even get close to retail price, but this route is not without risk. You may not get the price you want, or you could end up selling to someone who ends up trying to return the device.
  • Private Sale: You can also turn to peer-to-peer marketplaces like Craigslist and Facebook to sell an iPhone 13 Pro or an Apple watch. The disadvantages here are that you limit the scope of where you can sell, it takes more time than selling to a buyback store, and you could end up face-to-face with a creeper. Swappa may be a less risky option, but it still requires some effort on your part.

Here’s a pro tip: To ensure that the money you get for your iPhone is consistent with what the buyback store quoted, do your best to provide accurate condition information. If you say your phone device is in good condition, but the screen is cracked, the iPhone 13 value will drop.

Your Carrier & How it Impacts Your iPhone 13 Resale Value

iPhone 13 Pro$770.00$770.00$760.00$760.00Compare
iPhone 13 Pro Max$916.00$850.00$790.00$795.00Compare
iPhone 13 Mini$525.00$525.00$525.00$531.00Compare
iPhone 13$615.00$600.00$600.00$600.00Compare
* Best market prices updated October 2nd 2023

You might be surprised to discover that where you bought your iPhone 13 Pro could influence how much it’s worth. If you purchased your iPhone from a retail outlet like Costco or BestBuy, it’s already unlocked. A status of unlocked yields maximum value.

However, even if you bought your iPhone from a carrier, you can still unlock it. We highly recommend unlocking your device whenever possible. Still, selling a device that’s “locked,” i.e., tied to a carrier, is still allowable, and it might affect the value minimally, if at all.

Not sure if your phone is unlocked? Phones purchased through AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are automatically unlocked 60 days from your purchase date.

Here's today's breakdown of current trade-in prices for the iPhone 13:

  • Verizon: iPhone 13 trade-ins on the Verizon network are worth $367.03 to $510.00 on average. You’ll get $541.00 for 128GB, $615.00 for 256GB, and $510.00 for 512GB
  • Unlocked: iPhone 13s are worth $367.03 to $510.00 on average. You can get $541.00 for 128GB, $600.00 for 256GB, and $510.00 for 512GB
  • AT&T: iPhone 13 models are worth $332.69 to $496.00 on average. You can expect approximately $535.00 for 128GB, $600.00 for 256GB, and $496.00 for 512GB
  • T-Mobile: iPhone 13 trade-ins are worth $270.00 to $448.00 on average. Average values are $480.00 for 128GB, $600.00 for 256GB, and $448.00 for 512GB
  • Sprint: Like T-Mobile-locked iPhones, may have less value, but it can still be a lot. These trade-ins are worth $260.44 to $423.00 on average. The average value is $480.00 for 128GB, $535.00 for 256GB, and $423.00 for 512GB
iPhone 13iPhone 13 MiniiPhone 13 ProiPhone 13 Pro Max

Carriers tend to lock their devices as a way to prevent theft and other types of fraudulent behavior when devices are the most vulnerable. The act of locking a device simply means that it can only work on that carrier’s network.

Want an instant snapshot of the iPhone 13 Pro models by carrier?

How Quickly Your Used iPhone 13 Price Drops

Four iPhone 13 models got released in late 2021. Prices started at $699 for the iPhone 13 Mini, $799 for the iPhone 13, $999 for the iPhone 13 Pro, and $1099 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

All Apple fans know, the next release is always right around the corner, so the trick to getting the most value for your device is to act fast. Though many buyback stores will honor a quote for a period of days, the best strategy is to get the quote as soon as possible to lock it in.

The most significant drop in an iPhone’s value occurs in the aftermath of a new release. Like a car once it’s been driven off the lot, your iPhone begins to decline in value as soon as you take ownership and it’s no longer new.

On average, Apple devices follow this 4-year resale value drop:
  • Year 1 avg. resale value drop: 16.70%
  • Year 2 avg. resale value drop: 35.47%
  • Year 3 avg. resale value drop: 57.16%
  • Year 4 avg. resale value drop: 66.43%

Because buyback stores offer a price lock once you agree to trade in your device, we recommend using this grace period to your advantage. You can shop around various outlets and carriers to find the best price on an upgraded model.

Keep in mind that just because you’ve locked in a quote does not mean you’re under any obligation to sell to them. Stores offer price locks once you place a trade-in order. What ends up happening is that you can freeze a lucrative offer, and that price will be good for anywhere from between 7 and 31 days, depending on the store.

It’s also worth noting that shipping your device to a buyback store is free. On the off chance that the final offer is less than what was agreed upon due to undisclosed damage, you still have the option to have the device sent back to you at no cost.

Sell a Financed, iCloud Locked, Blacklisted iPhone 13

Can you sell an iPhone 13 if you still owe money?

Yes, not a problem! It’s worth noting, however, that this situation can lower the selling price. You can pay someone a few bucks to unlock it, which will significantly up the value.

If you want to sell iPhone 12 with money owed, get a quote here:

Can you sell iCloud Locked iPhone 13's if you forgot the password?

Good news yet again. The answer to this question is yes, but we do recommend taking steps to remove the blacklisted status if possible. A device that has been reported stolen or an overdue balance can result in it being blacklisted, but these situations can be resolved with your carrier.

If you want to sell iCloud locked 13, get a quote here:

Can you sell blacklisted iPhone 13's with bad ESN's?

Good news yet again. The answer to this question is yes, but we do recommend taking steps to remove the blacklisted status if possible. A device that has been reported stolen or an overdue balance can result in it being blacklisted, but these situations can be resolved with your carrier.

If you want to sell a blacklisted or bad ESN iPhone 13, get a quote here:

Conclusion: Getting the Most Money for Your Old iPhone 13

Answering the question, “what is an iPhone 13 worth?” does not need to be a complicated task that requires a ton of research. You can view and compare trade-in prices all in one place, giving you the potential to earn up to double what you could get if you traded your Apple iPhone in with the first store you found. Plus, you’ll save tons of time!

Of course, you have other options besides selling your device to an online buyback store. If you’re trading in your device to buy a new iPhone, you may get a great deal by working with your carrier. But no matter what, we still recommend checking trade-in prices first!

And finally, if you’ve got extra time on your hands, you always have the option to sell your iPhone yourself. You can sell it on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Swappa, etc. While eBay has the largest audience, making it more probable that you’ll sell quickly and for a decent price, there are also listing and transaction fees that can eat into your profits.

If you’re thinking about selling your old Apple device, you’re not alone. According to the latest news from 9 to 5 Mac, nearly 10% of iPhone users sell, rather than trade-in, their old phones. While trading in is always an option, sometimes it feels great to have cold, hard cash in hand.