Best iPhone SE Used Price: How Much is an iPhone SE Worth Now? (Dec 2023)

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Compare Your iPhone SE Resale Values

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  • If you’re ready to upgrade, you might be wondering, ‘how much is a used iPhone SE worth?’ 
  • We compared multiple current trade-in prices and found you could lose out on $106.00.
  • Find out where to get the most money from buyback websites, in-store trade-ins, carrier deals, and private marketplaces.
TODAY'S BEST iPhone Trade-in Values
iPhone SE 3 (2022)$190.00$170.00$109.00Compare
iPhone SE 2 (2020)$146.00$112.00$59.00Compare
iPhone SE$15.00$15.00$14.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 3rd 2023

Many Apple enthusiasts wait patiently for the latest iPhone to drop every fall season to upgrade their current phone to the newest model. It’s no wonder why Apple customers seek the latest device each year – the brand specializes in delivering quality and innovative features that other companies can’t beat.

The iPhone SE is still one of the most popular devices in use, accounting for about 3% of iPhone web use. Don’t sell your device short like the 3% of people by leaving money on the counter during trade-ins at carriers and physical stores.

Depending on the one you choose, online buyback stores have a higher used iPhone SE resale value than traditional trade-in stores and carrier service providers.

The offers are better than Apple’s trade-in service.

We will make it simple to find an iPhone SE’s current value by pulling in daily prices for comparison. With our help, you will find the best paying buyback retailer online.

How Much is an iPhone SE 3 (2022) Worth?

Today's Used iPhone SE 3 2022 Market Value Breakdown:

Back in March 2022, Apple launched the third generation budget SE model, the iPhone SE 3 (2022). Below, the table shows today’s average value of a used iPhone SE 3 is between $55.00 and $190.00.

Compare iPhone SE 3 Values
iPhone SE 3 2022 Resale Market Prices
The Whiz Cells$145.00$160.00$170.00Compare
BuyBack Boss$142.00$152.00$162.00Compare
Quick Cash Phone$134.90$144.40$153.90Compare
Tronics Pay$123.00$140.00$153.00Compare
Gadget Traders$110.10$120.75$140.00Compare
Sell Locked$55.00$120.00$130.00Compare
GR8 Mobile$104.00$118.00$129.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 3rd 2023

How Much is an iPhone SE 2020 Worth?

Today's Used iPhone SE 2020 Market Value Breakdown:

Back in April 2020, Apple released the model’s second generation, the iPhone SE 2 (2020). Below, the table shows today’s average value of a used iPhone SE 2 is between $25.00 and $146.00.

Compare iPhone SE 2 Values
iPhone SE 2020 Resale Market Prices
BuyBack Boss$92.00$116.00$146.00Compare
Quick Cash Phone$87.40$110.20$138.70Compare
The Whiz Cells$70.00$95.00$120.00Compare
Tronics Pay$64.00$72.00$102.00Compare
Gadget Traders$61.95$77.85$97.20Compare
Cell Tech$50.00$80.00$90.00Compare
GR8 Mobile$70.00$74.00$79.00Compare
Sell Locked$25.00$35.00$40.00Compare
Save Gadget$31.00$33.00$35.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 3rd 2023

How Much is an iPhone SE Worth?

Today's Used iPhone SE Market Value Breakdown:

The iPhone SE debuted in the fall of 2016. It was one of the most affordable Apple phones available, filling the gap between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6S. It features an improved processor, better storage, and a higher quality camera. We can see the average value of an original but used iPhone SE is between $4.00 and $15.00.

Compare iPhone SE Values
iPhone SE Resale Market Prices
* Best market prices updated December 3rd 2023

Within the first year of a release, the device value is excellent, and it becomes fair after three years of use. Be warned, though, the SE and Mini range devices dubbed as ‘budget iPhones’ do lose value at a faster rate percentage-wise due to demand in the resale market.

Ideally, you should sell or trade-in your iPhone SE before the value dips too low and you have trouble finding a buyer or retailer who will take it.

Here are other factors that contribute to the iPhone SE resale value:

  • Storage Size: The device has several options for storage capacity.
  • Condition: Regardless of the shape your phone is in, you can still sell it.
  • Carrier: An unlocked phone you buy outright will yield a greater value than a locked one from a service carrier.
  • Payment: Common payment methods for selling or trading your iPhone are direct deposit, PayPal, check, or cash. In-store trade-ins can sometimes restrict you to store credit at a reduced value.

Condition Quotes: iPhone SE Best Used Price

Storage size plays a considerable role in determining a used iPhone SE resale price. The second iPhone SE 2020 was available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. For the Original SE model, storage falls into four categories: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB, the table below shows today’s top trade-in values for a used SE / SE 2:

iPhone SE 3 (2022)$190.00$170.00$109.00$70.00Compare
iPhone SE 2 (2020)$146.00$112.00$59.00$34.00Compare
iPhone SE$15.00$15.00$14.00$14.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 3rd 2023

If you want to maximize your savings and find the best offers, you also need to consider your phone’s shape or condition. Here are the most common conditions for iPhones and their meanings:

What do the conditions mean?

  • Mint Condition: The iPhone SE is like-new, with no visible scratches or markings. The software and hardware are fully functional.
  • Good Condition: The phone may have minor damage like small scratches from regular use, and it powers on with ease.
  • Damaged: The device may have broken glass, multiple scratches, or noticeable dents—however, the software and hardware work without a problem.
  • Faulty: In many cases, faulty devices have damage, along with software or hardware issues. They might freeze up, crash, or fail to charge.

All iPhone SEs have some value. Even if your device is old, barely functions, or has significant physical damage to its frame, screen, or ports, you can still sell it or trade it in for parts. You may not receive the best price, but you can get something you recycle, and your data gets professionally wiped from the device.

Resale Market Comparison: Best iPhone SE Trade-in Values

DeviceMax PriceMin PriceDifference
iPhone SE 3 (2022)$190.00$5.00+$185Compare
iPhone SE 2 (2020)$146.00$2.00+$144Compare
iPhone SE$15.00$1.00+$14Compare
* Best market prices updated December 3rd 2023

The iPhone SE has maintained a decent value over the years because of its lightweight frame, coveted 3.5mm jack for headphones, and reliable battery.

  • Now that you know why a used iPhone SE / SE 2020 price is still reasonable, you have to consider where you’ll conduct your trade-in or sale. You have the option of taking the phone back to Apple, but the company tends to pay MUCH less than others.
  • Best Buy is another trade-in retailer. Depending on the phone’s condition, the store will offer various low resale prices, but that’s not the problem. Like some other retailers, Best Buy only offers store credit, not cash, so you’ll be stuck with their merchandise if you sell your iPhone SE there.
  • Network carriers like Verizon and AT&T typically pay less than online buyback retailers. Selling your device to a carrier may not be a bad idea. Companies like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint may offer trade-in bonuses for new flagship devices. If you’re looking for the specific phone within their offer, it may be worth it to conduct your trade-in with them.
  • You do have the option to list your device online using a site like eBay (remember they charge 10% of the sale price). If you’re looking for a private listing-type site, Swappa is the best option for the lowest fees.

Your Carrier & How It Impacts Your iPhone SE Resale Value

iPhone SE 3 (2022)$190.00$190.00$170.00$155.00Compare
iPhone SE 2 (2020)$146.00$140.00$134.00$110.00Compare
iPhone SE$15.00$14.00$12.00$11.00Compare
* Best market prices updated December 3rd 2023

When checking a used iPhone SE resale or trade-in price, keep in mind unlocked devices tend to have the highest values.

You can still sell your phone if you got it from a carrier—there’s no obligation to sell it back to the service provider. You are free to trade or sell the device to anyone else.

If your phone has a lock to AT&T, you will likely receive a fair offer. You can also fetch a reasonable price with a T-Mobile or Verizon iPhone SE because their phones automatically unlock 60 days after purchase.

Here’s today’s iPhone SE 2020 breakdown:

  • Carrier Unlocked trade-ins are worth $25.00 to $146.00 on average. The max payout you’ll get is $92.00 for 64GB, $116.00 for 128GB, and $146.00 for 256GB.
  • Verizon carrier lock trade-ins are worth $10.00 to $140.00 on average. The max payout you’ll get is $92.00 for 64GB, $116.00 for 128GB, and $140.00 for 256GB.
  • AT&T carrier lock trade-ins are worth $15.00 to $134.00 on average. The max payout you’ll get is $74.00 for 64GB, $98.00 for 128GB, and $134.00 for 256GB.
  • T-Mobile/Sprint carrier lock trade-ins are worth $10.00 to $110.00 on average. The max payout you’ll get is $64.00 for 64GB, $80.00 for 128GB, and $110.00 for 256GB.
Compare iPhone SE 2 ValuesCompare iPhone SE Values

If you choose to use a carrier’s trade-in program to upgrade your iPhone SE for a new device, you won’t have much freedom with your sale. You must adhere to the company’s restrictions about value, device conditions, and payment method (typically store-credit ONLY).

How Quickly Your Used iPhone SE Price Drops

At the time of its release, the iPhone SE / SE 2 had a starting retail price of $399. If you’re ready to get the phone off your hands to acquire the latest model, you’ll have to act fast.

iPhones depreciate or lose value as soon as you take them out of the box. For about nine months leading up to the latest Apple release, iPhones will retain their value, even with depreciation. However, once the new device debuts, the older phones will immediately lose some of their worth over the next three months.

On average, the trade-in value for iPhones drops to about 17.64% compared to a 15.24% decline in the previous nine months. Each year afterward, the trade-in value will reduce another 14.24%.

Online retailers usually offer price locks when you submit a trade-in order because quotes fluctuate frequently. You can freeze today’s prices while you continue to look for the best value for your iPhone SE. Price freezes typically last between seven and 31 days with no obligation to sell your device.

When you ship your phone to an online retailer after checking quotes, you can do so for free. If the store conducts testing and uncovers a fault with the phone that will reduce the original price value, they will send the phone back to you, free of charge.

Even if you’re ready to trade your iPhone SE for a new model, the phone still has a thriving market. People looking for a stylish, high-quality Apple product at a low price with powerful performance capabilities consider the iPhone SE an excellent purchase.

Sell a Financed, iCloud Locked, Blacklisted iPhone SE

Can you sell an iPhone SE if you still owe money?

Absolutely. When you make monthly payments to your service provider for your iPhone SE, the installment plan is under an unsecured credit line. With this type of agreement, the carrier can’t take the phone back unless you sell it to them. However, you will still owe the remaining balance if you sell it to someone else.

If you want to sell iPhone SE with money owed, get a quote here:

Can you sell iCloud-locked iPhone SE’s if you forgot the password?

Yes, but locks will reduce the trade-in value of a used iPhone SE. Carrier locks mean the buyer can only use the phone with that carrier unless they modify the device. Though the sale is legal, buyers may be more apprehensive about purchasing a phone they can’t immediately use.

If you want to sell iCloud locked SE / SE 2, get a quote here:

Can you sell blacklisted iPhone SE’s with bad ESN’s?

Carriers tend to blacklist lost or stolen phones, resulting in a bad equipment serial number or ESN. Buyers may be reluctant to purchase a phone with a bad ESN, but they will buy it with a lower offer to use for parts unless you can switch the device to a new carrier before trading or selling.

If you want to sell a blacklisted or bad ESN iPhone SE / SE 2, get a quote here:

Conclusion: Getting the Most Money for Your Old iPhone SE

If you’re wondering, “what is an iPhone SE worth?” don’t rush to the nearest retailer to trade it in. Instead, use our charts to compare multiple trade-in prices in one convenient location.

You will save time, effort, and earn more money, sometimes up to double the amount you expect.

If you want to purchase a new phone in place of your older model, be sure to check carrier buyback programs. Service providers sometimes offer boosters as incentives for new phone purchases.

If you’re not in a rush to sell your iPhone SE, consider using a mobile marketplace like Swappa, Craigslist, or eBay. Keep in mind some platforms require fees, and there are no guarantees your device will sell, but marketplaces like Swappa are more reliable.