How to sell an iPhone post image

How to Sell an iPhone & Trade-in (Step by Step)

When selling your used iPhone, you will have to prepare it for sale by backing up your data, restoring the phone to factory settings, and identifying your iPhone model. Avoid losing money on your preowned device by determining the best time to make your sale. Find the best deal by comparing options from online outlets, brick-and-mortar stores, and your wireless carrier.

What is the GB storage capacity of my iPhone

How to Check Storage on Your iPhone

More and more iPhone users find it easier to set their data storage and forget it until their phones start to slow down because of low memory. By reading this guide, you’ll learn to check how much storage you have left, how to view the number of gigabytes your Apple device has remaining, and how to find out your iPhone’s data capacity without turning it on.

How to remove SIM cards

How to Remove a SIM Card From Your iPhone

How to Remove a SIM Card From Your iPhone By Ash Turner Ash Turner As CEO of and since 2009, Ash has been a pivotal figure in the mobile tech industry. With a background in managing Brightstar’s PhoneRecycleBank, he boasts extensive experience with global carriers and MVNOs like T-Mobile and O2, and leading…

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Smartphone Brand Loyalty During Trade-in 2019

BankMyCell is a cell phone trade-in website, since October 2018, we have accumulated data from resale savvy Americans to understand upgrade cycle trends. We collected the consumer’s current device branding as they went to trade-in or value their old smartphones, verifying it was the succeeding activation of their old device.