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Is Decluttr Legit? An Honest Review From an Industry Expert: Compare Customer Feedback, Prices, Service Pros & Cons

By Ash Turner
As CEO of and since 2009, Ash has been a pivotal figure in the mobile tech industry. With a background in managing Brightstar’s PhoneRecycleBank, he boasts extensive experience with global carriers and MVNOs like T-Mobile and O2, and leading manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung.

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| Updated on May 25, 2024
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Marlene Centeno
Marlene specializes in creating comprehensive guides for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches from leading brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google, demonstrating a deep understanding of these technologies.

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Kim Juanillo
Kim, an editor with a rich background in digital content management and developmental psychology, brings a unique blend of analytical and creative skills to BankMyCell. With her background in Psychology, Kim is adept at understanding complex concepts and transforming them into engaging, accessible content.

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The Bottom Line

Decluttr is one of the best options if you want to sell a mix of tech and nontech items in ONE GO, as they accept a wider range of items than the other stores. The best part about it, our industry research also shows that they offer some of the best prices among buyback stores. They also provide a FREE shipping box and label for your convenience. However, pay close attention to the damage conditions listed on their site; some customers mention that support is slow, so it is in your best interest to assess your device accurately. However, if a customer ends up unsatisfied with the final price, Decluttr returns the device at no cost to the client.

Ash Turner - BankMyCell CEO

Ash Turner

Buyback & Trade-in Market Expert Since 2009

Review Policy: How We Review Buyback/Trade-in Companies

Our team has specialized in the buyback/trade-in business since 2009. We ensure our reviews are 100% independent, drawing from a blend of consumer insights and our professional experience. We utilize pricing feeds for 500+ products, aggregate and analyze customer feedback, and employ a unique scoring system to offer accurate and precise comparisons based on service quality.


Up to 28 days lock-in price (above average)

FREE shipping label and package, and FREE returns

Accepts a wide range of tech and non-tech items

Price offers for devices are usually the best among other buyback stores


The company does not purchase devices that are locked, blacklisted, or with outstanding payments

A few customers experienced slow customer service

They have limited payment options

Review Contents

Ash Turner

2-Minute Decluttr Review Overview

Expert Opinion: What to Expect Selling With Decluttr

Finding a place to sell your cell phones, video games, CDs, DVDs, or Lego bricks that you once loved for extra money is challenging. There are many options, and you might be wondering if Decluttr going to be a good one. Is it legit? Is it worth the effort?

BankMyCell’s Senior Staff Writer and Tech Enthusiast Ash Turner and his team conducted in-depth reviews of several buyback stores and measured Decluttr’s performance compared to its competitors. We also tested Decluttr’s vital features and reviewed the pitfalls the consumers face to give you a comprehensive guide on selling with the company.

PROS: What We Liked!

Offers higher value: Decluttr usually offers some of the highest prices compared to other buyback stores. The store also sometimes releases promo codes that add 5-10% to your items' value.

User-friendly interface: The Decluttr website has a nice look and feel. It is simple to use because the menus and submenus are clearly labeled. Most importantly, they are clear and detailed about each condition they accept, and they will show you the quote on the right side quickly.

Accepts a wider range of tech and non-tech items: Decluttr accepts phones from different brands, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, books, tablets, Apple products, video games, and many more.

Long-price lock-in duration Decluttr gives you up to 28 days to lock in the instant price quote they offer, allowing you to secure the value while you decide whether to proceed with the transaction. Price offers change daily. So having this feature is advantageous, especially if you are still undecided about selling. You are less likely to worry about receiving a lower price even if you cannot sell your item just yet.

CONS: What We Disliked!

Limited payment options: You can only receive your payment via direct deposit or Paypal. This drawback is negligible if you prefer receiving payment via these platforms.
Accepts only a few conditions: Decluttr does not buy locked, blacklisted, or unpaid devices, limiting you to selling only those in broken to perfect condition.
Slow customer service: Some customers with order issues experienced slow response time.

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Decluttr Trade-in Program Review

1. Consumer Feedback Overview

Customer Opinion: Is Selling on Decluttr Legit?

Do you want to sell your old stuff to Decluttr for extra cash but want to know what customers have to say about them? Skimming through thousands of reviews can be exhausting. So went through comments in review platforms and put them together to share with you!

We spent a long time reviewing the customer experience feedback to determine whether Decluttr is a trustworthy company, if they are able to provide a good deal, and what certain complaints they receive from customers. Below are what users have to say about Decluttr!

Customer Review Rating Distribution
decluttr trustpilot review breakdown
Excellent-Average Ratings
Bad-Poor Ratings

PROS: What Customers Liked

Fair quotes: Customers think that Decluttr offers reasonable prices for your devices.

Reliable tech price promise: Decluttr pays the total price they offer for your old phone or other tech as long as you give accurate details.

Ease of use: Many reviews were about how easy, fast, and transparent the selling experience with Decluttr is.

CONS: What Customers Disliked

Payment delays: Some customers expect a bit of delay compared to the store's 1-day payment promise. This usually happens when the quality assessment process is prolonged.
Slow customer service: Most customers complain about getting delayed responses from their busy customer service team.
Possible changes in price quotes: Around 3-5% of customers complained about lower final quotes compared to the initial price Decluttr offered. Such issues might stem from inaccurate reports of the device's condition.

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2. Decluttr VS. Alternatives

Compare Trade-in Quotes, Ratings & Services

Quite a number of companies or stores buy used stuff in exchange for money, giving you a more substantial range of options. For this reason, we compare prices, customer ratings, and features between Decluttr and other platforms to help you decide what’s best for you.

This Company

Decluttr Logo
icon review 4.5

4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot

  • Positive Customer Feedback.
  • Above average service rating, including 28 day lock-in prices and FREE shipping & returns.
  • Option to donate funds to charity. Or payments made via Direct Deposit or PayPal in 1 – 3 days.
  • Offers some of the best quotes compared to other Buyback store.

Best Rated

sell locked logo
icon review 5

5 out of 5 on Trustpilot

  • 99% of the customers rated the store 5 stars.
  • Fast payment – get paid within three days after the device is delivered.
  • Hassle-free and a great experience when trading in phones.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Limited products accepted.

Best Quotes

bankmycell logo
icon review 4.5

4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot

  • Provides the highest up-front quotes.
  • Ranked #1 for services offered:
  • Pay by Direct Deposit, PayPal, Check, and many more.
  • Shipping label and returns for FREE.
  • A 30-day price lock feature.
  • Wide range of devices accepted.

3. How Does Decluttr Trade-in Work?

FAQs: Payment, Shipping, Conditions, and More

How Selling With STORE Works

1 – Get a quote: Like other sites, you must get a quote first if you want to sell your device. Decluttr is very clear about the condition they accept, making it convenient as some other platforms keep it out of sight, confusing the sellers.

  • Go to their website and choose the category of the stuff you want to sell at the top.
  • Give the accurate details of your device, e.g., size or capacity, carrier, condition, etc.
  • You will see the amount Decluttr initially offered based on the specifics of your device on the right side.
decluttr iphone 13 quote

2 – Register your sale: Decluttr buys multiple devices at once, making it hassle-free for you if you have tons of other items you want to sell. Click + Add more tech to sell more.

  • Click Continue to check out.
  • Log in to your account or register as a new customer if you don’t have an account yet.
  • It will direct you to the registration page. Fill in the necessary details and continue.
decluttr payment options

3 – Complete your order: The following steps will be the payment and sending options, review order, and confirmation.

  • Choose the payment option you prefer.
    • PayPal – 1-day payment timescale
    • Direct deposit – 3 days payment timescale
    • Charity – send the money to charity – Atlanta – Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and Waste Aid
  • Click Continue after reading the details about Decluttr’s only shipping service, UPS.
  • Review your order. Check if all the details are correct before ticking the terms and conditions and clicking Complete Order.
deculttr order confirmation

4 – Ship your device: you can get paid quickly if you send the device as soon as possible.

Check out the packing steps, item list, and FREE shipping label in Welcome Package in your My Account > My Selling Orders > Pack and Send Guide > Download Welcome Pack.

Decluttr steps to sell

5 – Get paid: Decluttr will pay you via your preferred payment option right after they complete the quality assessment of your stuff. You can track your package in My Account > Track your items to see where it is and when you can expect Decluttr to receive it.

Service FAQs: Payment, Shipping, & Device Conditions



Direct Deposit

Check or eCheck

Store Credit

Gift Card





FREE Shipping Label

Shipping Kit Delivery

Courier Collection

FREE Returns










Seller Options: What can you sell on Decluttr?

You can sell a variety of devices at Decluttr. They accept the following tech devices:

Apple iPhones

Apple iPads

Apple Watches

Apple iPods


Apple MacBooks / Macs

Cell Phones


Smart Watches

Games Consoles

Smart Speakers

Go Pros

CDs, DVDs, games, and Blu-ray


Payment Terms: How long does Decluttr take to pay?

  • 1-3 Days Payment Timescale: If you choose PayPal as your payment method, it usually takes one day to receive the payment, whereas direct deposit takes three days. Remember that you will only be paid after Decluttr completes the quality assurance process.
    Expert Tip: Be aware sometimes this can take much longer if the inspection shows issues resulting in revised quotes you need to accept or reject.
  • 28 Days Price Lock Guarantee

Payment Options: How getting paid works & do Decluttr pay cash?

Decluttr’s payment process is easy. After they check your tech items, you could get paid in cash via PayPal, direct deposit, or charity, whichever you prefer, as soon as the next business day.

  • Direct Deposit: This option will send the cash directly to your bank account. It will take you three business days to receive the payment. The days’ count will start after Decluttr assesses your device.
  • PayPal: This option will only take one business day after Decluttr checks your tech item. It is the fastest payment method Decluttr offers but may incur additional service costs.
  • Charity: Decluttr offered charity as a payment option as well. At the time of writing, the only charities you can choose to donate the full amount of payment to are Atlanta-Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and Waste Aid.

Shipping: How to send your phone/gadget back to Decluttr for trade-in

Sending your tech devices to Decluttr is easy. You just need to go through the step-by-step process in the Decluttr app or website.

After your order transaction, you will see the FREE shipping label on the My Account tab. You can print the label and prepare your items to ship your items for free. You can go to any UPS store, customer center, authorized service provider, or access point.

  • FREE Shipping Label: Decluttr gives shipping labels for FREE. If you need to send multiple tech items, you must go for a separate box as UPS requires a maximum of 20lb per box weight limit. Don’t use the same shipping label for more than one parcel, as each one has a distinct barcode that is only usable once. Decluttr allows you to generate as many shipping labels as possible, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra.
  • FREE Returns:  In situations where you might change your mind about selling your tech items, Decluttr will allow you to cancel your order and return your stuff completely FREE OF CHARGE. This includes a scenario where you might want to decline a revised offer price after undergoing quality control.

Working Quotes: How to get the most money selling phones to Decluttr?

You can get better prices if you sell your stuff as soon as possible because its value decreases. If you are unsure yet, you can use the price lock-in feature, which can lock in the instant price for up to 28 days.

You can get the best price if you sell tech or media items in excellent condition. But you can still get a good price if Decluttr classifies your device in good condition. A device in good condition meets the following criteria:

  • It turns on and off and charges.
  • Everything is in working order.
  • All buttons function properly.
  • There is no significant damage like liquid damage, severe cracks, etc.
  • Acceptable minor wear and tear.

Damaged Quotes: Can you sell cracked, broken or faulty phones/gadgets to Decluttr?

YES! Decluttr accepts your device even if it is not working fine. But expect a lower offer, especially if your cell phone or other used stuff is broken.

Decluttr categorizes these conditions into two:

Poor Condition – Cracked/Damaged

  • It powers on and off, and charges
  • Fully functional
  • There is no significant damage like water damage, chips or cracks to the screen, etc.
  • Heavy wear and tear, such as scuffs, dents, and deep scratches
  • Any personalization, including engravings, is accepted.

Faulty Condition – Broken

  • The battery is included for applicable devices.
  • Not crushed or cut in half.
  • There are no missing parts or components.
  • All accounts (IOS, Samsung, and Google) have been deactivated for applicable devices.
  • All passcodes have been removed for applicable devices.
  • Broken screen, water damage, no power up, blank LCD, and other examples of faulty devices

Review Conclusion

Decluttr is no popup buyback store. They are a global company that has been around since 2007 and with over 25,000 reviews online, contributing to its legitimacy. If you want to get more value for old devices, Decluttr is definitely good to consider. They are one of the stores that offer more money for the things you might be selling. What’s unique about the company is that they are not exclusive to tech devices. They also buy items such as CDs and books.

Decluttr might have limited payment platforms, so make sure your preferred option is included. You may also want to be careful and accurate in reporting your device condition to avoid getting stuck waiting for customer service.

Overall, we highly recommend Decluttr. It is an easy, convenient, and transparent one-stop buyback store where you can sell and get paid the best value for various of old stuff (tech and non-tech) you want to sell.

This Company

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icon review 4.5

4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Best Rated

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icon review 5

5 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Best Quotes

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4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot

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