Best iPhone 8 Used Price: How Much is it Worth Now? (Sep 2023)

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Compare Your iPhone 8 Resale Values

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TODAY'S BEST iPhone Trade-in Values
iPhone 8 Plus$205.00$195.00$113.00Compare
iPhone 8$140.00$130.00$73.00Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

Apple is continually pushing the boundaries of technology’s abilities by innovating and creating new iPhone models. Finding the best resale value for your iPhone is what we do. 

The iPhone 8 became the second most popular iPhone in 2020, with a share of 8.83% of all iPhone web traffic. This means that 8.83% of people like you are leaving money on the table using carriers and stores for trade-ins.

  • Online buyback stores and marketplaces offer much more than in-store trade-ins and carriers.
  • They even beat Apple’s official trade-in deals.

How do we know?  We pull in new prices every day and compare them to find you the highest paying buyback stores online, that’s how 🙂

This is a massive advantage if you are looking to offset the costs of an upgrade or just get your money’s worth from an old device collecting dust at home.

How Much is an iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Worth?

Today's Used iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Market Value Breakdown:

The average value of a used iPhone 8 is between $52.00 and $140.00, while a used iPhone 8 Plus is worth anywhere between $96.00 and $205.00. How much your phone adds up to depends on several conditions:

Compare iPhone 8 ValuesCompare iPhone 8 Plus Values

iPhone 8 Used Price:

iPhone 8 Resale Market Prices
Gadget Traders$61.20$67.15$72.25Compare
The Whiz Cells$55.00$70.00Compare
Save Gadget$13.00$19.00Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

iPhone 8 Plus Used Price:

iPhone 8 Plus Resale Market Prices
The Whiz Cells$100.00$130.00Compare
Gadget Traders$98.09$111.01$121.55Compare
Save Gadget$22.00$27.00$34.00Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were both released in September of 2017, which means these phones still hold some value. If you’re thinking about selling your iPhone 8, it’s better to do it now before the features become too outdated. An iPhone’s value can depreciate rather quickly; they lose 43% of their value in just the first year.

  • Storage size: More storage means more money.
  • Condition: Whether your iPhone is in mint condition, good, cracked, or internally faulty, it can still be sold.
  • Carrier: If your phone is locked to a carrier’s network like Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint?
  • Payment: In-store trade-ins will usually leave you with a store credit. You can make more money with online cash offers.

You may think that your iPhone 8 is outdated, but it was actually the top-selling phone on some online buyback platforms in recent years.

Condition Quotes: Best Prices for a Used iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus$205.00$195.00$113.00$36.60Compare
iPhone 8$140.00$130.00$73.00$18.60Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

Considering that your iPhone 8’s trade-in value depends largely on storage size and condition, let’s take a look at some specific quotes.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus comes in capacity sizes of 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB. An iPhone 8 with a storage size of 256GB can be worth 19% more than a 64GB iPhone 8. However, a 64GB iPhone 8 can still earn you up to $126. Keep in mind these quotes are for unlocked phones. A locked, used iPhone 8 will be worth around $25.

Stores will buy your iPhone 8 under the following conditions:

What do the conditions mean?

  • Mint condition: The iPhone works like new.
  • Good condition: Works well, with a few minor scratches.
  • Cracked screen or case: The screen is broken, with no software issues.
  • Faulty: The iPhone doesn’t turn on or partially works (internal issues).

Even a faulty, used iPhone 8 can still make you $41, which can get used toward your new model.

Resale Market Comparison: Best iPhone 8 Trade-in Values

DeviceMax PriceMin PriceDifference
iPhone 8 Plus$205.00$4.00+$201Compare
iPhone 8$140.00$3.12+$136.88Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

This table shows how much money you may miss out on by picking the wrong quote.

The iPhone 8 holds a lot of value as compared with other 2017 phone models. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch LCD, fingerprint ID, voice-activated Siri, a sleek glass body, an upgraded high-resolution camera, wireless inductive charging (charging 50% in just 30 minutes), and a waterproof shell.

The iPhone 8 Plus went even further with features like a larger screen (at 5.5 inches) and a dual-lens camera system.

Buyback companies and stores will make you think your iPhone 8 is worth less than it really is. Here are some buyback companies that will lose you money:

  • AppleGameStopGazelleEcoATMBestBuyAmazon. These stores and sites only offer in-store or on-site credit. That’s kind of limiting.
  • Carriers like VerizonAT&TT-Mobile/Sprint will always pay you less. They try to sneak in trade-in bonuses on new flagship devices, which sounds great but means you end up spending more by going for the most expensive new phone.
  • Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. You never know who you’re meeting up with when you go through private sites like these.

Did you know that the iPhone 8 features an advanced 12-megapixel wide-angle f/1.8 camera with a high-speed sensor that lets in 83 percent more light than previous models? Unique features of the iPhone 8 make even a faulty one worth something.

Carrier Quotes: Your Carrier & How It Impacts Your iPhone 8’s Resale Value

iPhone 8 Plus$205.00$205.00$200.00$180.00Compare
iPhone 8$140.00$140.00$140.00$115.00Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

If you bought your phone outright and it’s not locked to your carrier, your iPhone 8 will be worth more. The good news is you can still sell your iPhone 8 to anyone if it is locked to your carrier.

T-Mobile/Sprint and Verizon will automatically unlock their phones 60 days after purchase.

Today’s iPhone 8 Plus breakdown:

  • Carrier Unlocked trade-ins are worth $96.00 to $205.00 on average. The top deal you’ll get is $170.00 for 64GB, $139.00 for 128GB, and $205.00 for 256GB.
  • Verizon carrier lock trade-ins are worth $96.00 to $205.00 on average. The top deal you’ll get is $170.00 for 64GB, $139.00 for 128GB, and $205.00 for 256GB.
  • AT&T carrier lock trade-ins are worth $48.00 to $200.00 on average. The top deal you’ll get is $170.00 for 64GB, $128.00 for 128GB, and $200.00 for 256GB.
  • T-Mobile/Sprint carrier lock trade-ins are worth $60.00 to $180.00 on average. The top deal you’ll get is $140.00 for 64GB, $113.00 for 128GB, and $180.00 for 256GB.
Compare iPhone 8 ValuesCompare iPhone 8 Plus Values

It’s not too late to unlock your iPhone 8. Only your carrier can unlock your phone at your request.

How Quickly Your Used iPhone 8’s Price Drops

When the iPhone 8 was released in 2017, it sold for a whopping $699 for the base model and $799 for the 8 Plus. The question is:

How quickly does that price drop? 

While Apple phones hold their value for a long time, prices decline naturally as the newer models come out, usually every September. An iPhone can lose value big time within just three months following the latest iPhone announcement. We can help give you real-time prices for the best deal.

Quotes drop daily, so it’s best to sell your iPhone today.

The average iPhone lost 22.35% from 2020-2021. If you wait even 12 weeks after the new model’s announcement, your iPhone will depreciate by up to $218. The iPhone 8 is forecasted to have the highest annual depreciation rate of 26.67%.

The solution is to lock your price. Stores offer price locks once you place a trade-in order. This allows you to freeze the current price while you look around. For most stores, locks last between 7 to 31 days.

This is a reliable, risk-free option.

If you’re happy with the offer, shipping is free. They’ll even send you your phone back at no cost to you if there is any change in the rate offered after testing.

Sell a Financed, iCloud Locked, Blacklisted iPhone 8

Can you sell an iPhone 8 / 8 Plus if you still owe money?

Yes, you can. However, you still have to pay your monthly installments after selling the phone. The trick is to take the money from your sale and pay off the remaining balance. You still need to pay off what you owe, or else some carriers like Verizon will turn off the phone.

If you want to sell iPhone 8 / 8 Plus with money owed, get a quote here:

Can you sell an iCloud-locked iPhone 8 / 8 Plus if you forgot the password?

Yes, you can still sell an iCloud-locked iPhone, but you may want to request to reset your Apple ID to unlock it. You can also use websites such as doulCi to bypass security requirements to unlock the phone. After this, your SIM card will no longer work. The good news is that most buyback companies don’t care.

If you want to sell iCloud locked 8 / 8 Plus, get a quote here:

Can you sell a blacklisted iPhone 8 / 8 Plus with a bad ESN?

Yes, you can, even though it may be harder to find a buyer. You can still compare your options with us, and buyers can always unblock the iPhone or switch carriers after purchase.

If you want to sell a blacklisted or bad ESN iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, get a quote here:

Conclusion: Getting the Most Money for Your Old iPhone 8

Save time and earn up to double the amount when you compare trade-in prices with us. See how much your used iPhone 8 is worth by just selecting its appropriate capacity and condition. We do the rest for you.

Even if you’re looking to buy a brand new phone, it’s better to check carrier buyback offers for better deals.

If you create an ad or auction for your used iPhone 8 on eBay, watch out for hidden fees that can take your money. The fee on eBay is 10%, while Swappa’s is fair and reasonable. Let us help you get the best trade-in value for your used iPhone 8.

Don’t get sucked into selling your phone back to its carrier for a low-ball offer.