How Much is an iPhone 11 Worth Now (Sell or Trade-in)

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| Updated on May 24, 2024
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  • See the trade-in values of the iPhone 11 today.
  • Compare iPhone 11 trade-in values to avoid losing up to $78.00.
  • Find out where you can sell your iPhone 11 for the most money.

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Compare popular online, carrier & in-store trade-in offers
TODAY'S BEST iPhone Trade-in Values
iPhone 11 Pro$287.00$280.00$95.00Compare
iPhone 11 Pro Max$312.00$290.00$141.00Compare
iPhone 11$244.00$205.00$85.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

Knowing the iPhone 11 trade-in value will help you maximize it and make more money to purchase a new iPhone model. But how will you do it when there are a lot of trade-in programs to choose from?

Don’t worry! This article will help you compare the offerings of online buyback stores, retail stores, and carriers, ensuring you get only the best price for your used iPhone 11.

How Much is an iPhone 11 Worth?

iphone 11

Today's Used iPhone 11 Market Value Breakdown:

The average resale or trade-in value of a used iPhone 11 is $189.30, with prices ranging between $125.00 and $244.00 from the best buyback stores in this table.

Compare iPhone 11 Values
iPhone 11 Resale Market Prices
BuyBack Boss$188.00$226.00$244.00Compare
Save Gadget$167.00$191.00$212.00Compare
Cell Tech$165.00$185.00$205.00Compare
Gadget Trader$151.00$181.00$196.00Compare
The Whiz Cells$150.00$180.00$195.00Compare
Sell Locked$125.00$150.00$180.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024
iphone 11 pro

Today's Used iPhone 11 Pro Market Value Breakdown:

A used iPhone 11 Pro is worth between $145.00 and $287.00, with an average release market value of $226.82.

Compare iPhone 11 Pro Values
iPhone 11 Pro Resale Market Prices
Save Gadget$227.00$253.00$287.00Compare
Cell Tech$215.00$265.00$280.00Compare
The Whiz Cells$220.00$245.00$275.00Compare
BuyBack Boss$223.00$253.00$264.00Compare
Sell Locked$185.00$215.00$235.00Compare
Gadget Trader$192.91$216.00$228.26Compare
Tronics Pay$145.00$157.00$183.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024
iphone 11 pro max

Today's Used iPhone 11 Pro Max Market Value Breakdown:

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is worth $276.82 on average, with prices ranging between $271.00 and $312.00 from the best buyback stores.

Compare iPhone 11 Pro Max Values
iPhone 11 Pro Max Resale Market Prices
BuyBack Boss$271.00$300.00$312.00Compare
Save Gadget$257.00$278.00$297.00Compare
Sell Locked$240.00$275.00$295.00Compare
Cell Tech$245.00$275.00$290.00Compare
Gadget Trader$238.36$261.00$271.00Compare
The Whiz Cells$235.00$260.00$270.00Compare
Tronics Pay$191.00$212.00$234.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

Factors Affecting Your iPhone 11's Trade-in Value

The following factors will determine your iPhone 11 value:

  • Storage size: The iPhone 11 storage size varies from 64GB to 256GB, while the Pro models extend to 512GB. A larger capacity means a higher value.
  • Condition: Used iPhones in good condition get higher prices than those with damage like a cracked screen.
  • Carrier: Unlocked iPhones tend to get a higher offering than those locked in a specific carrier, such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
  • Locked status: You can sell your iPhone 11 even if it is blacklisted or still has an outstanding balance on the carrier. Just note that you can get more if it is clean, like you are the rightful owner, and there are no balances to settle.

How Much Is Your iPhone 11 Worth Based on Its Condition

iPhone 11 Pro$287.00$280.00$95.00$80.00Compare
iPhone 11 Pro Max$312.00$290.00$141.00$90.00Compare
iPhone 11$244.00$205.00$85.00$55.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

What do the conditions mean?

  • Mint condition: The iPhone has been used but still looks and functions as new. A mint condition will have no dents, marks, or scratches, which earns it the highest resale price.
  • Good condition: A used iPhone is in good condition if it functions well and has only minor dents and scratches. You can still get a good price out of it.
  • Cracked screen or case: If an iPhone has a broken screen or case but works well without software or hardware problems, you can still sell it. The value of this is only slightly lower.
  • Faulty: A malfunctioning iPhone that no longer operates sells at the lowest value. It might not have power on or has water damage.

How Much Is Your iPhone 11 Worth Based on Its Carrier

iPhone 11 Pro$287.00$287.00$280.00$242.00Compare
iPhone 11 Pro Max$312.00$312.00$294.00$243.00Compare
iPhone 11$244.00$238.00$226.00$207.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

If you bought your iPhone 11 from a carrier, you don’t have to resell it there. You can sell a locked phone to anyone, but the return is lower than that of iPhones not tied to a particular carrier.

If your carrier is AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, the phone automatically unlocks 60 days after purchase.

Today’s used iPhone 11 Pro value breakdown:

  • Carrier Unlocked trade-ins are worth $145.00 to $287.00 on average. You’ll get $223.00 for 64GB, $253.00 for 256GB, and $287.00 for 512GB.
  • Verizon carrier lock trade-ins are worth $145.00 to $287.00 on average. You’ll get $227.00 for 64GB, $265.00 for 256GB, and $287.00 for 512GB.
  • AT&T carrier lock trade-ins are worth $145.00 to $280.00 on average. You’ll get $218.00 for 64GB, $252.00 for 256GB, and $280.00 for 512GB.
  • T-Mobile/Sprint carrier lock trade-ins are worth $34.59 to $242.00 on average. You’ll get $191.00 for 64GB, $207.00 for 256GB, and $242.00 for 512GB.
iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro Max

Where to Sell Your iPhone 11

  • Online buyback stores (BankMyCell and GadgetPickup): You can get the most money for your iPhone when you sell it online. It’s also a quick process—compare offers here, ship for free, and get paid via check, PayPal, or any payment option.
  • Retail stores (Apple, BestBuy, and Amazon): Generally, these stores offer only store credit for your iPhone 11 and pay less than online buyback stores.
  • Carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon): Carrier’s trade-in programs also pay less. However, they occasionally offer customers bonuses if they want to upgrade to a new iPhone model.
  • Auction sites (eBay): Selling to auction sites like eBay takes time. But you can set a price for your old device. Just note that they ask for commissions and fees, reducing your profits.
  • Private listing sites (Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace): You will have to take photos and add details of your iPhone to post on these sites. Like eBay, you can set a price for it. But beware of scammers and dangerous people out there.

How Quickly Your Used iPhone 11 Price Drops

Apple phones depreciate slower than Android phones or any other smartphone brands, but the price of an iPhone still drops the longer you own it. The release price was $699 for the iPhone 11, $999 for the iPhone 11 Pro, and $1099 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

During the first four years after release, an iPhone 11 will lose between 16.70% and 33.62% of its trade-in value every 12 months (on average).

On average, Apple devices follow this 4-year resale value drop:
  • Year 1 avg. resale value drop: 16.70%
  • Year 2 avg. resale value drop: 35.47%
  • Year 3 avg. resale value drop: 57.16%
  • Year 4 avg. resale value drop: 66.43%

The time from the release is a critical factor in the iPhone 11’s resale value; the launch of newer models can tank the iPhone 11 resale value.

In the first three months following a new iPhone release, we can see monthly depreciation rates that are more than triple.

Sell a Financed, iCloud Locked, Blacklisted iPhone 11

Selling financed, iCloud locked or blacklisted iPhone 11

Even if you still need to finish your payment plan, you can sell your financed iPhone 11. The selling revenues can help you pay down the remaining balance with your carrier.

If you want to sell your iPhone with money owed, get a quote here:

Can you sell iCloud Locked iPhone 11 if you forget the password?

Forgot your password? Don’t worry! Some online buyback stores accept iCloud-locked iPhones.

Check it out here:

Can you sell blacklisted iPhone 11 with bad ESNs?

Selling a blacklisted iPhone with a bad ESN is possible, but expect that the offers might be lower.

Get a quote here:

Conclusion: Getting the Most Money for Your Old iPhone 11

Comparing trade-in prices for your iPhone 11 here will help you save time and earn up to twice the amount you would find at an electronics store or carrier.

If you need extra cash, selling to reputable online buyback companies will get you the most. If you plan to upgrade to a new iPhone model, carriers and retail stores like the Apple trade-in program offer generous trade-in terms.

If you have the time, you can create an advertisement or auction your phone, but watch out for host platform fees that quickly cut into profits.

Overall, it would be up to your specific needs on where to sell it to maximize its value.


How can I sell my iPhone 11 fast?

We recommend selling at BankMyCell for a quick process. You can easily compare the trade-in values of various online buyback stores, ship it for free, and get paid within a day.

How does the iPhone 11 compare to other models regarding resale value?

You can still get a decent price for a used iPhone 11, but the latest models usually have a higher resale value.

How do I protect my data before selling my iPhone 11?

  1. Back up your data.
  2. Reset your device.

Check out the complete step-by-step guide on protecting your data here.

Is it better to sell my iPhone 11 online or in-store?

Choosing the best place to sell your iPhone 11 depends on your preferences. We recommend selling online if you value convenience and higher prices. Opt for in-store if you want a store credit to upgrade to a new iPhone.