How Much Is Your iPhone 7 Worth Now? (Sell or Trade-in)

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| Updated on May 24, 2024
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TODAY'S BEST iPhone Trade-in Values
iPhone 7$56.00$645.00$11.00Compare
iPhone 7 Plus$95.00$58.00$23.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

Selling your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus should be simple and rewarding. At BankMyCell, we’re committed to ensuring you don’t sell your device for less than its actual value.

Our service provides a direct comparison, analyzing over 100,000 quotes from more than 20 trusted buyback stores every 15 minutes. This approach ensures you receive the most accurate and highest possible offer for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

How Much Is an iPhone 7 Worth?

Today's Used iPhone 7 Market Value Breakdown:

The average resale or trade-in value of a used iPhone 7 is $37.80, with prices ranging between $12.00 and $56.00 from the best buyback stores.

Compare iPhone 7 Values
iPhone 7 Resale Market Prices
Sell Locked$10.00$30.00$645.00Compare
BuyBack Boss$43.00$49.00$56.00Compare
Tronics Pay$35.00$40.00$45.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

How Much Is an iPhone 7 Plus Worth?

Today's Used iPhone 7 Plus Market Value Breakdown:

While a used iPhone 7 Plus is worth anywhere between $30.00 and $95.00 in today’s resale market, giving it an average resale value of $65.60, the release date of the iPhone 7 was September 2016, and for its age, the phone still holds a reasonable value.

Compare iPhone 7 Plus Values
iPhone 7 Plus Resale Market Prices
BuyBack Boss$87.00$92.00$95.00Compare
Tronics Pay$42.00$51.00$60.00Compare
Sell Locked$15.00$20.00$30.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

Various factors can determine an iPhone 7/7 Plus value. How much storage the phone has, whether the phone is in good working and cosmetic condition, and whether or not the phone has a carrier lock are all considerations you need to make when calculating the trade-in value of the iPhone 7/7 Plus:

  • Storage size: Options include 32 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB.
  • Condition: The state of your phone, both functionally and cosmetically, impacts its trade-in value.
  • Carrier: Phones tied to a carrier usually sell for different amounts compared to unlocked phones.
  • Payment: Online companies might offer PayPal, direct deposit, or check payments, while in-store trade-ins often provide store credit, typically at a lower value than cash.

A comparison service like BankMyCell helps you navigate these variables efficiently, ensuring you get the best possible trade-in value for your iPhone 7/7 Plus without the hassle and risks of selling it alone. This service provides detailed information, helping you make a well-informed selling decision.

Condition Quotes: iPhone 7 Best Used Price

iPhone 7$56.00$645.00$11.00$11.00Compare
iPhone 7 Plus$95.00$58.00$23.00$17.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

Your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus’s storage capacity will play a significant role in how much money you will be able to make from your sale. Units with 256 GB capacity will sell for much more than those with only 32 GB of storage.

Additionally, the device’s wear and tear is another major determining factor when calculating the best iPhone 7/7 Plus selling price.

What do the conditions mean?

  • Mint condition: Devices with no cosmetic wear and fully-functioning software will fetch the highest trade-in price.
  • Good condition: The phone has some minor scratches or blemishes but no software issues.
  • Cracked screen or case: Broken iPhone 7 screen or casing of the phone, no problem!
  • Faulty condition: These have hardware damage, software issues, or both. You won’t get nearly as much for faulty or cracked phones, but you can still sell them.

Resale Market Comparison: Best iPhone 7 Trade-in Values

DeviceMax PriceMin PriceDifference
iPhone 7$645.00$1.00+$644Compare
iPhone 7 Plus$95.00$2.00+$93Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

With up to 256 GB of storage, the potential of your iPhone 7/7 Plus used price strikes the balance of a great deal for you and your buyer. However, you only get the best deal when you compare market prices with tools like our calculator.

  • In-Store:The Apple Store, GameStop, or Amazon offer less and only pay in store credit.
  • Carriers: Carriers often offer lower prices than independent buyback stores but may provide special store credit bonuses when you purchase new flagship phones.
  • Private Sale: This is more time-consuming as you need to create an ad, reply to people and meet or ship it to them – but you’ll get paid a good price.

Insider Tip: Be mindful of seller fees on platforms like eBay, which can reduce your profit. For lower fees, consider using Swappa.

You can use a free calculator to check the daily market value of your iPhone 7/7 Plus, ensuring you get a fair trade-in price without the risks and fees of private sales or online marketplaces. This approach simplifies the selling process, helping you get the most out of your old device.

Your Carrier & How It Impacts Your iPhone 7 Resale Value

iPhone 7$645.00$56.00$53.00$40.50Compare
iPhone 7 Plus$95.00$95.00$87.00$80.00Compare
* Best market prices updated June 19th 2024

The resale value of your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus varies significantly based on whether it’s unlocked or tied to a carrier like Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. Unlocked iPhones, free from carrier restrictions, generally fetch higher trade-in prices because they can be used on any network. If you’ve purchased your phone from a carrier, it’s worth noting that it’s automatically unlocked after 60 days from purchase.

Today’s used iPhone 7 Plus value breakdown:

  • Carrier Unlocked trade-ins are worth $30.00 to $95.00 on average. The top resale price you’ll get is $87.00 for 32GB, $92.00 for 128GB, and $95.00 for 256GB.
  • Verizon carrier lock trade-ins are worth $15.00 to $95.00 on average. The top resale price you’ll get is $87.00 for 32GB, $92.00 for 128GB, and $95.00 for 256GB.
  • AT&T carrier lock trade-ins are worth $15.00 to $87.00 on average. The top resale price you’ll get is $80.00 for 32GB, $84.00 for 128GB, and $87.00 for 256GB.
  • T-Mobile/Sprint carrier lock trade-ins are worth $12.00 to $80.00 on average. The top resale price you’ll get is $73.00 for 32GB, $77.00 for 128GB, and $80.00 for 256GB.
Compare iPhone 7 ValuesCompare iPhone 7 Plus Values

The market value of your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus can differ based on various factors, including storage capacity and carrier lock status. To determine the precise value of your device, consider using a comparison service that provides up-to-date market values.

How Quickly Your Used iPhone 7 Price Drops

The value of an iPhone 7 decreases over time, especially after new models are released. Initially priced at $649 for the base model and $769 for the 7 Plus, the iPhone 7’s value typically drops by 16.70% to 33.62% each year for the first four years.

On average, Apple devices follow this 4-year resale value drop:
  • Year 1 avg. resale value drop: 16.70%
  • Year 2 avg. resale value drop: 35.47%
  • Year 3 avg. resale value drop: 57.16%
  • Year 4 avg. resale value drop: 66.43%

However, some buyback stores offer a price lock feature when selling your device, securing your quoted trade-in price for up to 31 days. This allows you to seek better offers without rushing. Additionally, a comparison service for trade-ins is convenient and low-risk, has free shipping, and if the phone’s condition lowers its value, it’s returned at no extra cost.

Check out today’s offers from top-rated stores around the country:

Conclusion: Getting the Most Money for Your Old iPhone 7

To get the most money when you sell your old Apple device, you need to know how much it’s worth. Instead of dealing with the hassles of online auctions, which often come with extra fees or possibly unsafe in-person sales from classified ads, choose a safer and more efficient method.

Use a reputable comparison service with the most up-to-date market prices for your iPhone 7. This method saves you time and ensures you get the most money for your old phone without all the trouble and risk that come with other methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell an iPhone 7 if you still owe money?

Yes, you can trade in an iPhone 7 even if it’s not fully paid off, but you must continue making payments as per your credit agreement. The sale proceeds can be used to cover these payments or for other purposes like upgrading your phone.

If you want to sell iPhone 7 with money owed, get a quote here:

Can you sell iCloud-locked iPhone 7’s if you forgot the password?

Yes, you can sell an iCloud-locked iPhone 7. However, carriers, stores, or private buyers may not purchase it. It’s advisable to try recovering your credentials through Apple first. For your convenience, check out BankMyCell’s curated list of reputable online buyback sites. These trusted platforms offer competitive cash offers for iCloud-locked devices.

If you want to sell iCloud locked iPhone 7, get a quote here:

Can you sell blacklisted iPhone 7’s with bad ESN’s?

Yes, you can trade in blacklisted iPhone 7s with bad ESNs. While the market is limited, specialized stores purchase these devices, assuming you’re the rightful owner. For trusted buyers, refer to the list provided in the link below.

If you want to sell a blacklisted or bad ESN iPhone 7, get a quote here: