Sell Cracked Google Pixels: Compare Today’s Cracked Screen Resale Values

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By Ash Turner
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| Updated on May 24, 2024
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  • Can you sell a Google Pixel with a cracked screen? Yes, if the phone screen, back or frame has physical damage such as cracks or shattered glass, you can sell it for up to $90.00. Compare Quotes Now.
  • Damage such as when the LCD has faults or needs repair, or improperly-working touch screens will classify it as broken/faulty.
  • We’ll help you determine whether buying a new phone or repairing the screen is the wiser option. Compare values below.

Best Place to Sell Broken Google Pixel Phones (Compare Quotes)

BankMyCell compares over 100,000+ quotes and customer reviews from 20+ trusted buyback stores every 15 minutes via our data feeds, making us America’s #1 time-saving trade-in supermarket.

Sell Cracked Google Pixels
Compare popular online, carrier & in-store trade-in offers
BankMyCell - Rated Excellent on
Google Pixel Trade-in Values (Repaired vs Cracked Screen)
Google Pixel 8 Pro$210.00$495.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 8$108.00$288.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 7a$60.00$155.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel Fold$300.00$640.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 7$95.00$190.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 7 Pro$90.00$250.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 6a$19.00$95.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 6 Pro$55.00$200.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 6$30.00$121.50Compare Deals
Google Pixel 5a 5G$15.00$60.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 5$19.00$73.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 4a 5G$13.00$64.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 4a$7.00$35.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 4 XL$16.00$60.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 4$11.00$56.00Compare Deals
Google Pixel 3a XL$6.00$28.00Compare Deals
* Best market prices updated July 19th 2024

Learn More About Cracked Google Pixel Quotes

Sell Cracked Google Pixel with these simple steps:
  1. Go to our dedicated Google Pixel page
  2. Find your device and select the “Cracked” status
  3. Compare quotes, ship for FREE & get paid.

Should You Repair Your Cracked Google Pixel Before Selling? Pros & Cons

Selling Cracked Google Pixel
Pro: Get paid fast, chance to get high pay, free shipping, save on phone repair costs, can use cash to replace your broken phone
Con: Can't keep your broken phone
Repairing Faulty Google Pixel Phones
Pro: Selling a repaired phone fetches a higher price than a damaged phone.
Con: Phone repairs tend to be expensive and requires additional effort. If repair costs are higher than the resale value between a cracked and good resale value, it may not be worth it.

If you have a broken Google Pixel, you can sell it for cash. Several online marketplaces buy used and broken cell phones by mail to refurbish and resell them.

Many cell phone providers, such as Sprint or AT&T, give the option of trading when you upgrade your cell phone. However, their buying prices are low. Instead, you can get the most cash by selling damaged Google Pixel smartphones to a third-party company or online marketplace customers.

Online buyback programs will accept trade-ins on cell phones that have more than cosmetic screen damage—you just won’t get paid the full amount with the purchase compared to selling a mint-condition phone. If your touch screen is no longer working, they will still buy your device but at a lower price. You can sell your old Google Pixel in virtually any working condition.

To sell your phone, you have to do some preparation like creating a backup and doing a factory data reset.

BankMyCell offers the best place for people to trade in a broken phone. We can give you an instant quote for trade-ins on your device. Check our site to get daily updates on the best price for your old Android phone, Apple products, or Google phone!

Google Pixel, 1-8, Fold & Pro Series (Premium Models)

Google announced the first generation of Pixel phones in 2016 as a follow-up to the popular Nexus line of devices. It’s one of the most popular Google-powered devices in the market and the main competitor of Galaxy Note devices.

The price for devices varies significantly; sometimes, you can get paid a better price by selling a broken phone than one in good condition, depending on which buyer you approach to appraise your device.

sell cracked damaged google pixel for cash
BEST Google Pixel Cracked Screen vs. Repaired Trade-in Values
Google Pixel 8 Pro$210.00$495.00Compare
Google Pixel 8$108.00$288.00Compare
Google Pixel Fold$300.00$640.00Compare
Google Pixel 7$95.00$190.00Compare
Google Pixel 7 Pro$90.00$250.00Compare
Google Pixel 6 Pro$55.00$200.00Compare
Google Pixel 6$30.00$121.50Compare
Google Pixel 5$19.00$73.00Compare
Google Pixel 4 XL$16.00$60.00Compare
Google Pixel 4$11.00$56.00Compare
Google Pixel 3 XL$8.00$38.00Compare
Google Pixel 3$3.00$30.60Compare
* Best market prices updated July 19th 2024

Can You Trade in a Google Pixel With a Cracked Screen?

Yes, you can sell your old cell phone, even with a broken display.

The typical price for a damaged Google Pixel 8 Pro device ranges from $34.00 to $210.00. Market value depends on storage size and the carrier account (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Unlocked).

Google Pixel A Series (Budget Models)

First introduced in May of 2019, the Pixel A series is the line’s budget model, with less storage and fewer features than the Pro line of Pixel phones. So, they typically have lower prices than the Pro series.

sell cracked damaged google pixel a for cash
BEST Google Pixel A Series Cracked Screen vs. Repaired Trade-in Values
Google Pixel 7a$60.00$155.00Compare
Google Pixel 6a$19.00$95.00Compare
Google Pixel 5a 5G$15.00$60.00Compare
Google Pixel 4a 5G$13.00$64.00Compare
Google Pixel 4a$7.00$35.00Compare
Google Pixel 3a XL$6.00$28.00Compare
Google Pixel 3a$2.00$15.00Compare
* Best market prices updated July 19th 2024

Can You Trade in a Damaged Google Pixel 3a-7a?

You can sell your broken Google Pixel A model phone with a smashed screen. For example, the resale value for a cracked Pixel 7a phone is typically between $6.00 and $60.00

Prices for your device vary due to storage size and data carrier services (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Unlocked).

PROS & CONS: Selling Pixel Phones with Broken Screens

Selling or repairing your old phone each has its own pros and cons. It’s important to weigh your options to get the most cash for your device. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect when you repair your device first versus trading it in immediately.

Selling your phone immediately



The best reason to sell your old device on an online buyback company is super simple: money. You can quickly turn your old device into cash.
You can find buyers who want to purchase your device for the best price. Stores can offer to pay cash or store credit and discounts.

Free Shipping

When you sell your used phone through BankMyCell, we’ll provide a prepaid shipping kit for free. Just reset your phone and place it in the box. We’ll then ship your device out and handle delivery costs.

No Repair Costs:

When you sell your damaged Google Pixel on an online buyback site, you won’t have to pay for repair costs.
Repairing a smartphone can be a headache if you go through the manufacturer. You can save time and frustration by selling your damaged phone online.

Put your Money Elsewhere:

You can also take that money and put it towards something else, like a smartphone payment. Most phone companies pay very little to purchase a used phone.
Therefore, you can get more money by selling to a third-party buyer or an online buyback company.


You Can’t Keep the Phone:

Many people like to hold onto old phones. Some can turn their old, broken phone into smart remotes or remote networking devices, but you can't do that if you sell them.

Buyers might pay lower:

Depending on your phone’s age and condition, it might be difficult to find buyers at the price you want.
Most people are probably not looking to purchase a three-generation old Google phone, so you may have to settle for lower prices than you want.

Repairing Google Pixel Phones


No Reset needed:

Maybe you’re used to your device, or it has pictures and videos you don’t want to lose. Repairing your phone lets you keep using it, so you avoid a new purchase or doing a reset.

Get a Better Screen:

In some cases, you can replace your damaged screen with a new, stronger one. You can also choose to get a sturdy case to protect your current device and fare better against scratches.

Less Time Without a Phone:

If you sell your old phone, you’ll have to spend some time without it as you look for a new one. With repairs, you won't have to be phone-free for long.
Depending on your seller, it can take a while for your new device to ship and arrive by mail.



Most of the time, the cost for fixing a broken device display is more than the trade-in value of the device. It can also be hard to find a certified repair center for a device like the Google Pixel.
Most of the time, you can get a better price if you trade in your broken phone and purchase a refurbished one online.


Can you trade in a broken Pixel phone?

Yes, you can trade your broken Google Pixel phone at BankMycell for a fair price. You can compare prices and check the stores that accept broken phones.

What do I do with a broken Google Pixel?

You have two options: repair or sell your broken Google Pixel.

  1. Repair your broken Pixel phone: Check if the repair costs of your Pixel phone are lower than the price when you sell it. If that is the case, you can go through with it. But remember its age and damage to see if it is worth it.
  2. Sell your broken Pixel phone: Selling your broken Pixel phone is ideal if you want convenience and need extra money to upgrade to a new phone. You can check out the current trade-in value of your Pixel phone here.