How Much is a Google Pixel Worth? (Sell or Trade-in)

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By Ash Turner
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| Updated on May 22, 2024
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Compare Your Google Pixel Resale Values

  • You can lose hundreds of dollars by not comparing the offers on this page. As a top price comparison site, we collected all the best offers for Google Pixels so you can get the best used Google Pixel price with no stress.
  • Selling your Google phone is an excellent choice whether you want to upgrade to a new cell phone or just want to get rid of an unused device. Know your best store options for used Google Pixels.
  • We can help you compare the trade-in value of a Google Pixel from buyback websites, in-store trade-ins, and private marketplaces.

How Much Is a Used Google Pixel Worth?

Compare 20+ Stores Quotes Here

BankMyCell compares over 100,000+ quotes and customer reviews from 20+ trusted buyback stores every 15 minutes via our data feeds, making us America’s #1 time-saving trade-in supermarket.

How much is my Google pixel worth
Compare popular online, carrier & in-store trade-in offers
TODAY'S BEST Google Pixel Trade-in Values
Google Pixel 8 Pro$572.00$495.00$210.00Compare
Google Pixel 8$345.00$288.00$108.00Compare
Google Pixel 7a$220.00$155.00$60.00Compare
Google Pixel Fold$691.00$640.00$300.00Compare
Google Pixel 7 Pro$315.00$250.00$90.00Compare
Google Pixel 7$220.00$190.00$95.00Compare
Google Pixel 6a$130.00$95.00$19.00Compare
Google Pixel 6 Pro$200.00$200.00$55.00Compare
Google Pixel 6$140.00$121.50$30.00Compare
Google Pixel 5a 5G$90.00$60.00$15.00Compare
Google Pixel 5$125.00$73.00$19.00Compare
Google Pixel 4a 5G$78.00$64.00$13.00Compare
Google Pixel 4a$65.00$35.00$7.00Compare
Google Pixel 4 XL$80.00$60.00$16.00Compare
Google Pixel 4$70.00$56.00$11.00Compare
Google Pixel 3a XL$65.00$28.00$6.00Compare
* Best market prices updated July 19th 2024

Today's Used Google Pixel Market Value Breakdown:

The Google Pixel 8’s best price is worth $305.44 today. Data also shows the best buyback prices offering $155.00 for the Pixel 7a and up to $560.00 for the Pixel 8 Pro model.

Selling your Google Pixel without knowing its true worth can lead to missed opportunities for better returns. BankMyCell solves this by quickly showing you the best price you can get. Whether you’re upgrading or simply clearing out old gadgets, understanding your Pixel’s value is crucial.

BankMyCell enables you to effortlessly compare over 100,000 quotes from more than 20 trusted buyback stores, ensuring you make an informed and profitable decision. Our platform makes selling your Google Pixel hassle-free, ensuring you get the maximum value for your device.

What Affects the Trade-In Price of Your Phone?

A few factors will impact devices’ prices, so consider the following before deciding:

Storage Size

  • Storage Size: Higher storage models fetch better prices. Available sizes for Google Pixels include 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Ensure accurate storage size entry for precise pricing.
  • Condition: The phone’s condition significantly influences its value. Mint condition phones command the highest prices, while value decreases for devices with screen damage, battery issues, or software problems.
  • Carrier: Unlocked phones have the highest demand and price. Devices tied to AT&T or Verizon are also valuable, but those linked to Sprint or T-Mobile typically receive lower offers.
  • Payment Options: The chosen selling platform and payment method can affect the final price. Trade-ins might offer more value in store credit than cash. Online buyback sites usually provide direct deposit or debit transactions and include a shipping kit for convenience.


The factor that will most significantly affect the price of your device is the condition. A phone free of damage with a perfect screen will receive top dollar, while Google Pixel value drops with a broken screen or battery life and software issues.


Your contract with your carrier also matters when determining the price of your used device. Unlocked devices fetch the highest prices, but carriers like AT&T or Verizon are also in high demand.

If your device is linked to Sprint or T-Mobile, you’ll still get offers but expect lower prices.


Depending on the selling platform and payment option you select, the price may differ. For instance, some trade-in options will provide higher value for store credit compared to cash when buying old phones.

Online buyback sites typically support direct deposit or debit transactions and offer a shipping kit.

Condition Quotes: Google Pixel Best Used Price

TODAY'S BEST Google Pixel Trade-in Values
Google Pixel 8 Pro$572.00$495.00$210.00Compare
Google Pixel 8$345.00$288.00$108.00Compare
Google Pixel 7a$220.00$155.00$60.00Compare
Google Pixel Fold$691.00$640.00$300.00Compare
Google Pixel 7 Pro$315.00$250.00$90.00Compare
Google Pixel 7$220.00$190.00$95.00Compare
* Best market prices updated July 19th 2024

Using the BankMyCell page, you can find the trade-in value for your Google Pixel phones for free. However, your phone’s storage size will impact the offers you receive, with the 256GB model fetching the best resale prices.

The condition of your device will also affect the Google Pixel trade-in value, so read the following section to find out how to determine your device’s condition.

What Do the Conditions Mean?

  • Mint: Devices in mint condition are used devices that function perfectly, free of marks or scratches on the screen.
  • Good: A phone in this category will show minor signs of wear or damage that do not impact functionality or use of the screen.
  • Cracked: If your old phone has a damaged screen but still functions well, you can still get remarkable offers from the buyback site.
  • Faulty: Faulty devices have power issues, problems after installing software updates, or don’t work. Buyers offer the least money for broken cellphones.

Resale Market Comparison: Best Google Pixel Trade-in Values

DeviceMax PriceMin PriceDifference
Google Pixel 8 Pro$572.00$15.00+$557Compare
Google Pixel 8$345.00$15.00+$330Compare
Google Pixel 7a$220.00$2.00+$218Compare
Google Pixel Fold$691.00$15.00+$676Compare
Google Pixel 7 Pro$315.00$15.00+$300Compare
Google Pixel 7$220.00$1.00+$219Compare
* Best market prices updated July 19th 2024

Another factor that impacts how much you’ll receive for your Google Pixel is the buyback store you choose.

  • Online Buyback Stores: Offer the best value and convenience with competitive offers, free shipping, and a straightforward process.
  • Physical Stores: Services like EcoATM or Amazon provide convenience but typically offer lower payouts.
  • Carriers: Useful for upgrades during promotions, though generally not the best for value.
  • Private Marketplaces: Platforms like eBay or Swappa can yield higher returns but involve more effort, shipping fees, and potential risks from unknown buyers. Selling on Craigslist or OfferUp avoids fees but increases risk of scams.

However, they require a lot of management and setup. These sites also charge shipping fees and take a percentage from the sale.

While choosing to sell your old phone on Craigslist or OfferUp is free and can allow you to dodge platform fees and shipping costs. However, there might be even more serious risks. It’s impossible to know who you’re selling to with these services, so you’re potentially exposed to scammers or worse when listing items in this way.

Carrier: How It Impacts Your Google Pixel Resale Value

Google Pixel 8 Pro$572.00$498.00$495.00$495.00Compare
Google Pixel 8$345.00$330.00$330.00$290.00Compare
Google Pixel 7a$220.00$175.00$205.00$155.00Compare
Google Pixel Fold$691.00$646.00$641.00$631.00Compare
Google Pixel 7 Pro$315.00$310.00$305.00$275.00Compare
Google Pixel 7$220.00$210.00$210.00$180.00Compare
* Best market prices updated July 19th 2024

Your carrier significantly impacts the price of your Google smartphone trade-in. So, take it into account before selling your device or multiple phones.

If your device is unlocked, you can expect to receive the highest offers, with an increased demand for Verizon and AT&T phones.

  • Used or new Pixel phones linked to Sprint or T-Mobile still sell but will generally fetch a lower price.
  • If you have a payment plan for your phone, paying it off before the trade is a crucial step.
  • Trading a financed phone can be tricky, so the best option is to finish your payments before you accept a deal for your cell phone if you didn’t buy it outright.

How Quickly Your Android Phone Loses Value

Maximize your Google Pixel’s resale value by acting quickly; technology prices drop fast due to frequent new releases. For example, the Google Pixel launched in 2016 at $649 now fetches below $100.

Key points to remember:

  • The sooner you sell, the higher the return, as device values decrease rapidly.
  • Use buyback stores’ price lock options to freeze your quote for up to 30 days, safeguarding against sudden price drops.
  • Choose reputable stores for a secure selling process. If they adjust the offer after assessing your device for damage, they’ll return it at no cost if you decide not to sell.

Conclusion: How Much Is the Resell Price of Your Google Pixel Phone?

To sell your Google Pixel for a good price, think about where to sell it. Selling to phone carriers is easy, especially if you’re planning to get a new phone or they have special deals. But, you might get more money by selling on websites like eBay or Swappa. These sites take a bit of work, like making a listing and talking to buyers, and they take some fees, but you could end up with more cash.

The easiest way to sell your Google Pixel is through online buyback stores. They offer quick quotes and handle most of the selling process, including shipping. BankMyCell helps you find the best offer by comparing prices from different buyback stores. This way, you can ensure you’re getting the most money for your phone, whether it’s almost new or a broken Google Pixel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should I follow to prepare my Google Pixel for trade-in?

To prepare your Google Pixel for resale, perform a factory reset to erase personal data and clean the device to improve its appearance.

How do I choose the best buyback store for my Google Pixel?

Choosing the best buyback store for your Pixel device involves comparing offers and reviews. You can compare quotes from a diverse list of online buyback sites on BankMyCell, add your Google Pixel’s condition, storage size, and activation status, and compare the prices offered by highly-rated online buyback stores to determine the right one for you.

Why does the resale value of Google Pixels decrease over time?

The resale value of Google Pixel Android phones decreases over time due to the release of newer models and technological advancements. However, you can still receive high cash payments for your old Google Pixel by using BankMyCell, which accepts a wide range of conditions for your device and allows you to sell them to trusted stores conveniently.