How Much is a Google Pixel Worth Now? Best Google Pixel Used Prices (Sep 2023)

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How Much Is a Used Google Pixel Worth?

TODAY'S BEST Google Pixel Trade-in Values
Google Pixel Fold$960.00$910.00$450.00Compare
Google Pixel 7a$235.00$215.00$80.00Compare
Google Pixel 7 Pro$375.00$360.00$200.00Compare
Google Pixel 7$280.00$245.00$110.00Compare
Google Pixel 6a$130.00$110.00$40.57Compare
Google Pixel 6 Pro$250.00$240.00$105.91Compare
Google Pixel 6$145.00$130.00$45.00Compare
Google Pixel 5a 5G$80.00$70.00$24.00Compare
Google Pixel 5$85.00$75.00$25.50Compare
Google Pixel 4a 5G$85.00$69.00$21.00Compare
Google Pixel 4a$44.76$36.00$14.86Compare
Google Pixel 4 XL$90.00$80.00$22.50Compare
Google Pixel 4$65.00$60.00$16.80Compare
Google Pixel 3a XL$23.00$23.00$4.00Compare
Google Pixel 3a$12.19$8.57$2.00Compare
Google Pixel 3 XL$40.00$30.00$4.57Compare
Google Pixel 3$36.00$31.00$10.00Compare
Google Pixel 2 XL$18.00$13.00$3.27Compare
Google Pixel 2$9.50$6.00$2.00Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

Today's Used Google Pixel Market Value Breakdown:

The Google Pixel 7 range is worth an average of $357.15 today, with the data showing the best buyback stores offering anywhere from $235.00 for the lowest Pixel 7a quote, to $375.00 for a Pixel 7 Pro model.

Compare Pixel Resale Prices

The Google Pixel is an impressive Google phone with many compelling features. Initially released in 2016, the Pixel made waves with its stunning screen resolution and intuitive interface.

Although a slightly dated option compared to modern cell phones, this phone launched a successful line of multiple phones leading to the release of the Pixel 6 in 2021.

If you want to sell your Google Pixel, comparing all the available options can help maximize your return.

  • Buyback websites typically offer the most cash for old Android phones and free shipping, outpacing carriers and other stores in trade-in prices by a significant margin.
  • In-store trade-ins are convenient and free but often limit you to a gift card or credit, less valuable than cash unless you plan an immediate upgrade to another cell phone.
  • Carriers offer a straightforward trading experience and sometimes hold special offers that can help you upgrade to a free new phone when you sell your old one.
  • Private marketplaces allow you to maximize your return for unused phones but require more effort than other options. Consider the fees and general management involved before choosing this route.

Google released the first phone of the Google Pixel series on October 20, 2016. It’s the first in a line of flagship smartphones competing with the iPhone for the leading technology brand.

As a phone model continues to age, owners may be wondering if they can still get a good rate of return for their old device. If you have a used Google Pixel, now is the best time to sell as prices will continue to drop as a new Google phone, or iPhone, hits the market. 

What Affects the Trade-In Price of Your Phone?

A few factors will impact devices’ prices, so consider the following before deciding.

Storage Size

The options you select when purchasing your cell phone will impact the price you can get for it. Google Pixels are available in:

  • 32 GB
  • 64 GB
  • 128 GB
  • 256 GB
  • 512 GB

You can get better prices for higher storage sizes. Make sure to precisely input how much data your device can store to get accurate pricing and secure the most cash.


The factor that will most significantly affect the price of your device is the condition. A phone free of damage with a perfect screen will receive top dollar, while Google Pixel value drops with a broken screen or battery life and software issues.


Your contract with your carrier also matters when determining the price of your used device. Unlocked devices fetch the highest prices, but carriers like AT&T or Verizon are also in high demand.

If your device is linked to Sprint or T-Mobile, you’ll still get offers but expect lower prices.


Depending on the selling platform and payment option you select, the price may differ. For instance, some trade-in options will provide higher value for store credit compared to cash when buying old phones.

Online buyback sites typically support direct deposit or debit transactions and offer a shipping kit.

Condition Quotes: Google Pixel Best Used Price

TODAY'S BEST Google Pixel Trade-in Values
Google Pixel Fold$960.00$910.00$450.00Compare
Google Pixel 7a$235.00$215.00$80.00Compare
Google Pixel 7 Pro$375.00$360.00$200.00Compare
Google Pixel 7$280.00$245.00$110.00Compare
Google Pixel 6a$130.00$110.00$40.57Compare
Google Pixel 6 Pro$250.00$240.00$105.91Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

Using the BankMyCell page, you can find the best price for your Google Pixel phones for free. However, your phone’s storage size will impact the offers you receive, with the 256GB model fetching the best resale prices.

The condition of your device will also affect the Google Pixel price used, so read the following section to find out how to determine your device’s condition.

What Do the Conditions Mean?

  • Mint: Devices in mint condition are used devices that function perfectly, free of marks or scratches on the screen.
  • Good: A phone in this category will show minor signs of wear or damage that do not impact functionality or use of the screen.
  • Cracked: If your old phone has a damaged screen but still functions well, you can still get remarkable offers from the buyback site.
  • Faulty: Faulty devices have power issues, problems after installing software updates, or don’t work. Buyers offer the least money for broken cellphones.

Resale Market Comparison: Best Google Pixel Trade-in Values

DeviceMax PriceMin PriceDifference
Google Pixel Fold$960.00$190.00+$770Compare
Google Pixel 7a$235.00$20.00+$215Compare
Google Pixel 7 Pro$375.00$20.46+$354.54Compare
Google Pixel 7$280.00$13.80+$266.2Compare
Google Pixel 6a$130.00$4.78+$125.22Compare
Google Pixel 6 Pro$250.00$10.20+$239.8Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

Google Pixel owners can miss out on cash by choosing the wrong device trade-in option. The offers will vary depending on the storage options you paid for, with the 256GB option getting significantly higher offers than the 32GB model.

If you paid for the larger storage option from the Google Store, the trade-in value of the Google Pixel increases.

Another factor that impacts how much you’ll receive for your Google Pixel is the buyback store you choose.

  • Online Buyback Stores: They are the best overall option for owners trying to maximize a used Google Pixel price. These stores offer competitive offers and give users peace of mind when interacting with a trusted business. The process is easier than setting up a trade yourself, they offer free shipping with a shipping kit, and you can get much better offers than carriers or in-person trade-ins.
  • Physical Stores: While trade-in services like EcoATM or Amazon are free and offer a convenient trading experience, they provide much less money than competing options.
  • Carriers: Trading your phone into a carrier isn’t much better regarding price value but can help you upgrade to a new device if there’s a promotion.
  • Private Marketplaces: Owners can also opt to sell their Pixel phone or another old device directly to a new owner via sites like eBay or Swappa. These platforms enable you to maximize what buyers will pay for your cell phone by holding an auction or setting your desired price.

However, they require a lot of management and setup. These sites also charge shipping fees and take a percentage from the sale.

While choosing to sell your old phone on Craigslist or OfferUp is free and can allow you to dodge platform fees and shipping costs. However, there might be even more serious risks. It’s impossible to know who you’re selling to with these services, so you’re potentially exposed to scammers or worse when listing items in this way.

Carrier: How It Impacts Your Google Pixel Resale Value

Google Pixel Fold$960.00$915.00$910.00$900.00Compare
Google Pixel 7a$235.00$195.00$195.00Compare
Google Pixel 7 Pro$375.00$365.00$355.00$330.00Compare
Google Pixel 7$280.00$255.00$203.52$175.00Compare
Google Pixel 6a$130.00$120.00$110.00$60.00Compare
Google Pixel 6 Pro$250.00$225.00$200.00$180.00Compare
* Best market prices updated September 25th 2023

Your carrier makes a significant impact on the price of your Google smartphone trade-in. So, take it into account before selling your device.

If your device is unlocked, you can expect to receive the highest offers, with an increased demand for Verizon and AT&T phones. 

Carrier: How It Impacts Your Google Pixel Resale Value

  • Used or new Pixel phones linked to Sprint or T-Mobile still sell but will generally fetch a lower price.
  • If you have a payment plan for your phone, paying it off before the trade is a crucial step.
  • Trading a financed phone can be tricky, so the best option is to finish your payments before you accept a deal for your cell phone if you didn’t buy it outright.

How Quickly Your Android Phone Loses Value

If you’re selling your old Google Pixel, it’s crucial to consider how quickly prices drop in the technology space. Newer devices replace existing models yearly, so urgency is key if you want to maximize what you get paid for older devices.

The first of the Google Pixel phones was initially released in 2016 and sold for around $649, but offers are now below $100

This decrease illustrates just how quickly Pixel phones and other electronics lose price, making it vital to sell as soon as possible to maximize returns. By using the data we compiled on this page, you can earn the most money possible when trying to sell your phone.

Whenever a new feature drops, existing cell phone owners get paid less. If you find an offer you like on a buyback store, you can freeze the price for up to thirty days to protect yourself from these price drops. By taking advantage of this offer, you can keep an offer in reserve with no commitment to send the phone if you find a better price.

When you choose from trusted buyback stores, you can sell your device with complete confidence. Additionally, if a buyer needs to change an offer due to damage they detect on the device, they’ll send it back to you for free if that’s what you prefer.

Conclusion: How Much Is the Resell Price of Your Google Pixel Phone?

Go for carriers if you want to upgrade

You can sell used Google Pixel units to carriers. However, choose them only if they have buyback offers for boosters or if you want to upgrade your device.

Marketplaces are time-consuming and have sale fees

If you want an even better price, you might consider listing your phone online via auctions on eBay or Swappa.

Ensure that you factor in the fees for marketing on those platforms, which can reach up to 10% of the sale price. Rather than selling directly to a business, you can manage an auction to sell the Google Pixel to other consumers.

With sites like eBay and Swappa, users can sell their phones for the most cash without searching for trades.

Although this option is more intensive than buyback stores, it offers users a greater return than the others, but a factory reset is crucial. They also require you to post a listing on your own and communicate with potential buyers.

Online buyback stores are the best options

Overall, online buyback stores offer the best mix of convenience and increased Google Pixel selling price. With these sites, you can ship your device directly to them for a guaranteed payout in just a few steps, eliminating the stress of trying to sell your device.

If you want to sell your broken Google Pixel to an online buyback store, our service can help ensure you get the highest and best price for your device.

Compare prices at BankMyCell!

Now that you know the answer to “What is a Google Pixel worth?” we can help you maximize your return when trading your phone. When you no longer use an old Google Pixel, you can sell it to increase the money you can pay for an upgrade.

Comparing each instant quote for the Google Pixel on our price comparison site can find you the best prices for Google Pixel phones and other devices, so start comparing today!