How to unblacklist an iPad

How to Unblacklist an iPad and Sell It (Tips and Things You Should Know)

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  • Get need-to-know facts about blacklisted iPad, such as how to unblacklist iPad and more tips about iPad blacklist removal – Learn all the details.
  • Discover free and paid solutions to unblacklist your iPad in this article.
  • Find companies that buy blacklisted iPads, such as BankMyCell & SellLocked.

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  • Sell Bad ESN iPads: A blacklisted iPad may lose value over time, so selling it as soon as possible is best. Free and paid options exist for unblacklisting your iPad, or you can sell it to companies that buy such devices.
  • What ‘Blacklisted/Bad ESN’ means: iPads can be blacklisted by carriers if they are reported lost or stolen due to fraudulent activity or if the carrier account has an outstanding balance. These devices may lose functionality and lose resale value – find out exactly what it means here.
  • Removing blocks/blacklist: You can unlock your blacklisted iPad by contacting your mobile network, using a blacklist removal service, settling outstanding debts, or hiring a professional. Selling your iPad can earn you extra cash, help you upgrade to a new iPad, and clear clutter.
How Much is a Blacklisted iPad Worth?What Does Blacklisted Mean?How to Sell Blacklisted iPad?

How Much is Your Blacklisted iPad Worth?

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Is Your iPad a Blacklisted Device?

The first sign of having a blacklisted iPad is when you can’t call or send text messages using your SIM card, especially if there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the app or your device’s settings. When an iPad’s owner informs the original network that their connected Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile device has been stolen, the network blacklists it from cellular services.

Due to iPad theft reports, legal authorities can also contact wireless carriers for blacklisting. It is up to the customer’s discretion to request that the iPad be blacklisted if their device was lost. Like Android devices, any Apple device, like iPads, can be blacklisted. It should be noted that manufacturers of devices like Apple have no control over the blacklisting of iPads.

Find your status: Enter your device’s unique IMEI number by or

  • Going to Settings > General > About > IMEI
  • Dialing *#06# on your iPad

Why is my iPad on Blacklist Status?

There are numerous reasons why your iPad may become blacklisted. If you plan to sell your iPad device, for example, it’s important to know its true condition, as most buyback firms classify the devices they offer to buy as in good condition, malfunctioning, or blacklisted.

Here are the possible reasons for blacklisting, whether you happen to have the new or older iPad models:

  • Reported lost: If your iPad has been lost and reported to the mobile operator, it may be blacklisted. This means it can no longer connect to a mobile network. The device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is added to a blacklist, and any mobile network that checks the IMEI number will identify the device as lost or stolen.
  • Stolen: Reporting a stolen iPad as soon as possible is critical to prevent unauthorized use and other illegal activities. That’s why carriers blacklist stolen iPads.
  • Unpaid balance: If your carrier account is delinquent for an extended period, the network may blacklist the device’s IMEI. Your iPad cannot connect to mobile networks and will be blacklisted until the balance is cleared.

Risks of Keeping a Carrier Blacklisted iPad

While there may be times when a service provider can unlock an iPad’s blacklisted IMEI status (when the rightful owner of the iPad can verify ownership), blacklisting is often permanent.

Here is a list of some potential disadvantages if your iPad is on the blacklist:

  • Functionality loss: One of the most serious concerns of keeping a network-banned iPad is the loss of functionality. The iPad may be unable to connect to the carrier’s network, preventing you from making calls or accessing the internet via cellular data. Furthermore, several apps or features may not function properly without a cellular connection.
  • Potential security risks: The major security risk associated with using a blacklisted iPad is that it was obtained illegally, which could result in legal ramifications for the user. Furthermore, these devices may have weak security features, such as a deactivated iCloud lock, Apple ID, or Find My iPad feature, allowing a potential thief access to sensitive data saved on the iPad.
  • Depreciating value: Ultimately, iPads put on the blacklist by network operators lose a lot of value because it is basically unusable. A potential buyer will not want to purchase an iPad that cannot connect to a cellular network. As a result, you may end up with a device with no resale value.

How To Unlock a Blacklisted iPad (Free & Paid Options)

Free Options

  • Contact your carrier: The easiest and first free method to fix this is contacting your carrier and explaining the situation. If your device has been blacklisted due to an unpaid balance, inquire whether there is a way to settle the balance and have the blacklist removed. You must provide your iPad’s IMEI number to your carrier when you request.
  • Utilize a blacklist removal/unlock service: While some services claim free iPad IMEI blacklist and password removal, many sites are scams. However, some reputable services provide free trials or basic services that they hope may assist you in removing your name from the blacklist. Before using any service, do your research and read reviews.

Paid Options

  • Settle unpaid bills: If you’ve purchased an iPad with a data plan and have outstanding payments on your carrier bills, your iPad will be locked and put on the carrier’s block list. Contact your network to discuss and arrange a process for paying the bill for your device. Once your debts are settled, the carrier will unlock your device at no charge, and you can activate your data plan again.
  • Hire a professional: Some third-party providers can unlock blacklisted iPads and even remove iCloud activation lock. These unlock or blacklist removal services typically have a high success rate and can remotely unlock your device with online tools. Before using professional services to unlock your iPad, thoroughly investigate their reputation, experience, and pricing. If you’re not the original owner, it also helps to confirm with the previous owner the reason for the blacklist.

Benefits of Selling a Blacklisted iPad

Selling a blacklisted iPad may not appear to be a viable option at first, but several advantages must be considered, such as:

  • Earn extra cash: Even if your iPad has been blacklisted, it still has value. Buyers are interested in purchasing these iPads for parts or attempting to unlock them. You can earn some extra money by selling your blacklisted iPad.
  • Upgrade to a new device: Selling your blacklisted iPad to buyback stores can help offset the cost of upgrading to a new device. You can use the proceeds you receive from selling your iPad to purchase a new device.
  • Clear clutter: If your useless or blacklisted iPad takes up space in your home or office, selling it can help declutter it. It’s a fast and simple way to eliminate something you don’t need while making money.
  • Environmentally friendly: Keeping your blacklisted iPad out of landfills helps the world and the environment. Electronic waste harms the environment worldwide, and selling your device allows it to be repurposed and used by someone else.

How to Sell a Blacklisted iPad

Yes, highly trusted buyback companies will buy your blacklisted iPad for up to $850. You can get an upfront quote, free shipping, and payment by check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit.

Simply follow these steps to sell your iPad:

  1. Begin by searching or looking for your iPad model here.
  2. Enter ‘Blacklisted’ in the filters for a quick quote.
  3. Send it for free using the label provided by the buyback store.
  4. Get payment by cheque, PayPal, or direct deposit.
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FAQs: Unlock Your Blacklisted iPad

How can I check if my iPad has been blacklisted?

You can determine if your iPad has been blocked or blacklisted by checking its IMEI status on websites such as or Enter your device’s unique IMEI number to check its status by dialing *#06# on your iPad.

Can I still use Wi-Fi on my blacklisted devices like my iPad?

You can still use your wireless internet on a blacklisted iPad, but it’s cellular capabilities may be restricted or disabled. This in turn means you generally won’t be able to make calls or use mobile data services.

Is it legal to unblacklist an iPad in the USA?

An unlock service solution may be legal if you prove you own the device mentioned on the blacklist and address the original reason for blacklisting. It will be carried out by mobile networks instead of services offering illegal hardware replacement.

How can I unlock my iPad from the blacklist?

The process of unblacklisting and unlocking an iPad can differ based on the original carrier and the reason for the blacklisting. If it’s due to fraud or an outstanding payment, you must ensure you can pay off the debt to the carrier or the former owner.

If your iPad was lost or stolen, you can contact the carrier or authorities to confirm ownership and issue a request to unlock your iPad.

How can I avoid having my iPad blacklisted?

You can avoid the problem and worry of having your iPad blacklisted by purchasing an updated original or second hand iPad from a reliable seller, keeping your iPad safe, avoiding fraudulent acts, and making timely payments.